Bo's 18th Birthday!

Venue was in Mango Grill Bar and Restaurant, Valenzuela City.

It was Bo's night. And of course, Miss Debutante was in the stage the whole time so we just made our own kodak moments at our table.

Btw, I was a part of Bo's 18 candles. And yuck. My message to Bona sucks. If my memory serves me right, I think it goes like this:
I wish you good health. And may you have many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday!
Syet! Huwahaha. It was lame. So very lame.

I would have said more if I didn't spend more time lighting the candle. Hassle kasi iyong hangin eh.

Exactly ten hours to go, it's noche buena time!! Merry Xmas everyone!


Ho ho ho!

Xmas is coming. And my week is full.

Now that's good news. My social life is back in the game. =)

I know this is already way too late, knowing that people have already bought gifts and just worrying when to wrap them all (waaah, kapal!!) but here it is...

So ok, here's my version.. my top 5 list:

1. Macbook

Duh. Who doesn't want a Macbook?

2. Any Nokia Nseries Phone

This isn't a matter of "want" anymore. I need a new phone right now. As in.

My current phone is sooooo a year ago. Besides, the #s 3,6 and 9 aren't working. And since that Typhoon Milenyo hit Manila, my Sun sim also didn't worked. It's like that phone is no longer for me. I just charged it everyday, and still it's useless. Its battery would be empty in less than a day. I bought new batteries to no avail.

My phone is so hopeless. So be generous ok.

3. Sony Cybershot DSC-T10

I'm in love. Oh well, any digicam with 7.2 megapixels is worth loving anyway.

4. iPod Video

I have a nano but a video is the ultimate ipod love next to macbook.

5. Books I Like

My Amazon.com Wish List


So this is it...

I didn't post anything for the past seven days since my good ol template is screwed up.

I don't know why but it was that crappy in other ISP and browsers. No background images, no banner image.. nothing, just plain text, flickr pic and some blog pics.

The thing that made me wonder the most though is the fact that it displayed fine on my pc and browsers, both FF and IE.

BFD I know. But you see, a screwy template (much more mine) is my greatest blogosphere pet peeve ever. As in grrrrrr talaga.

So here I am. With a brand new modified look. Yiiiiih! I soooo love change. =)

Anyway, Xmas is coming. Everything is happening so fast. I've got lots of things to do, and lots of things to pay. Now, isn't that exciting?

Minus the latter part ok. Feh.

Good news. January next year, I'll gonna wear my clinical uniform! As in like this:

...but not exactly like this!

Minus the nursing cap of course. We still haven't had our capping. That would be on my 3rd year. Goodluck to me.

Yes yes, I'm super excited and no, the pixels of your monitor couldn't display my excitement.

P.S.: Please tell me if this template doesn't load. It should look like this:

If it's still that crappy, I might as well shut down this blog for good. Better to stop blogging, than seeing the aesthetic part annoying the heck out of me.

Kidding =) slash not.

Seriously, will you do me a small favor? Please send me the screenshot if my blog looks screwy. Thanks!


What's with the silence?

I would have written about how I stupidly knocked my right knee on a chair leaving me with a really nice bruise this afternoon, but I chose not to.

And oh, I would have shared that I'm reading another Sheldon novel, "The Doomsday Conspiracy" which was really one big hokey sci-fi btw, but no... that would be a total yawnfest.

Man, blogging becomes so very humdrum that even I find it really boring by now.

Why! I'm beginning to sound like an emo here. Never mind.

Look, all I'm saying is, or I mean, all I just wanted to say is that I finished another Blogger template.

No, it's not for sale. It's totally free. As in, Blogger template up for grabs. Real 100% freebie. =P

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm terribly nice and generous like that. *guffaws*

So erm, now you know what takes up most of my time.

Sigh. I'm really quite addicted to designing. That didn't come out as a surprise, wasn't it? So here it is.

The Sound of Silence

Preview and download this in the freebies page of Damsels of Design

I felt a real sense of achievement when I finished this one. Geez, I conquered Blogger Beta. Soon would be Wordpress. Yeah, I wish. =)


OMG I cried

I finished reading Sheldon's Rage of Angels last night.

And gas, I feel like an idiot for crying at the end.

Never mind that it was written über fantastically by Sidney Sheldon. Never mind that it has a tragic slash depressing slash super sad ending. Never mind that it was a drop-a-bucket-of-tears kind of sad.

Just think of this -- me crying over a story? Huwaaaaaahiii. As in, huwatta hilarious thought.

Unfortunately, the real thing is that I did. And if my mom saw me that very minute, I could definitely guess what she would say:
"Babasa-basa ka niyan tapos iiyak ka. Para kang sira diyan."
Mothers, don't you love them? =P


Looking on the bright side, since I had been up reading most of the night yesterday, it wasn't too hard for me to fall back to sleep.

Sure, no time to think about nothing. That's cool.


Fill in the blanks

If you are a sane person, then you know that there is a big difference between the nice way of bragging and the obnoxious way of bragging.

And of course, you are familiar with the importance of subtlety.

Unfortunately, *one of my prof. hasn't realized that he's not sane enough when he entered our room.

Man, I swear to <insert the name of an omnipotent being here> that I really wanted to walk out 15 minutes after that nonstop "me, myself & I" mode. Oh well, actually it's not just me but most of the class too... Aaaaahh!! He's a certified egotistical.

Kudos to him! *note sarcasm ok*

Seriously though, I just hope he's generous in giving grades. That's in exchange for the minutes we've got to endure when he's talking. =P

*I would never tell the name of that prof, not even the subject he's teaching. It's a small cyberworld. If he reads this, my grades are so dead.


Noticed anything new?

Geeeeez... There's really something different around here...

And of course, there's still some empty links but I'll fix that up next time. I'm beat!

Hmmm.. wait a second, wow! I can't believe it's past midnight already! I'm really really sleepy. Zzzzzzz...

But before that...

Anyway, if you're an old visitor of this blog, then you're super duper insanely blind not to notice anything at this point.

But if you did, here comes the question: whatchuthink?


Umpteenth time

My first day at school yesterday started every way but the right way.

No worries. I won't bore you with the rest of the details.

It's just that I've stained my white school skirt twice. That's right, twice!

First was when my friends and I were at KFC to eat our lunch then I ended up eons in the ladies' room wiping my skirt with wet KFC tissues. Second time around, it was five minutes before the class of our last subject was dismissed.

Drat, drat, drat. I'm sooo tired of sporting red juice stain on my butt monthly. My sophomore blockmates are so used to having me around with stains on my back that sometimes it doesn't suprise them anymore.

Good thing 2 people (1st was Yda I think & 2nd was what's her face, that 2nd floor MDC janitress) took pity on me and told me something about agua oxinada removing blood stain.

I'm not really sure about it but it wouldn't hurt to try right? Maybe by next month, I'll be able to check that one out.

Hmmm... Gross enough?

Go on. Be disgusted. I would if I were you.

I've finished constructing Damsels of Design. It's finally up. Yahoo.

I'm not telling you to click, but if you want.. well, this is a free planet.

Waaaaahh.. I'm beginning to hate the all-white layout of this blog. Same old, same old!

I wanted to move. God nooo! But I just don't wanna stick with Blogger forever. Although, I must admit my full confidence is in Blogger cause I know I won't wake up 1 day looking at an empty page.

Still I want to experiment with new things. Change of template perhaps? Moving to a new domain?

Well I'm not yet sure but let's see..


Webby stuff

Contrary to what I've said before, I downloaded Firefox 2 awhile ago.

I'm sooo loving it. :P

Oh btw, I remembered Charles post about desktop customization.

Then later downloaded Longhorn Inspirat here for myself. Waaaah!! I dig those large desktop icons. Way too cool. *grins*

Mah uber cool desktop

Thanks Charles!

I was surfing through sites when I've read about the newest acquisition of Microsoft. It's none other than Firefox.

Even I myself was shocked you know. :P

Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional

The new award-winning browser from Microsoft is now faster, securer and quicker anything else on the market. Why use anything else?

MS Firefox 2007 delivers a dramatic boost in the download speeds of online pornography. By utilising a proprietary dynamic algorithm - anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster. Fun at the speed of light!

Download Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional

Just a warning though, it says that if you happen to visit sites like google.com, gmail.com, apple.com, itunes.com and yahoo.com... your computer will shut down unexpectedly.

Man, can you think of anything cooler than that?

And to think that they have a pending lawsuit from Adobe, not that it's true or whatever, but.. you just have to salute to the people behind this idea.

Such guts!

[EDIT - 11/06/06 9:02am]
I think some people got me wrong. *grins* Like what AskStudent said:

"This is obviously a major spoof mocking Microsoft and its latest browser IE7."


Just because

Unseal My Lips was completed just recently. Well, at first, I thought light pastel would suit Miss Shoshana perfectly. And I was not mistaken. *grins*

Miss Shoshana was very patient with me, so again thank you miss... I just hope that you'll like your new blog design for a long time to come.

Anyway, c'mon guys, go visit Unseal My Lips and tell Miss Shoshana what you think of her blog's new look.

[EDIT - 11/04/06 3:39pm]
It looks like Miss Shoshana is in the middle of resizing her blog template. :P

Unseal My Lips

Oh btw, believe it or not, I love her tagline - "I am a wife, mother of 5, and all things in between" - simple yet it has so many things to say.

Now, I wonder when my mom would start a blog? Hehe..

Me and the rest of my mother's side went to Lipa, Batangas last November 2. Of course, we went to my grandpa's grave.

Me & LenLen in a Batangas cemetery

And haven't I mention before that my late grandpa owned a piece of land? Well, we went there again and sort of did some nature tripping. :P Coolness.

Bring it on! Kuya LJ and Kuya Empoy for a wacky shot

Unfortunately, when grandpa died, the land was not maintained regularly. So when we went there, you can just imagine our fear that there might be lots of snakes.

But we've got three guys (one cousin, the other 2 were his friends) to keep us company.. so for two hours, we're like workers chopping down those tall hideous grasses.

It was one hella hot and stuffy afternoon. Sun was dancing on the top of our heads, making us feel like a, erm, like an 18-inch New York's finest pizza under a Yellow Cab's heat lamp.

*yum yum ~the first food that came to my mind~ yum yum*

L-R: Me, Lenlen & Ate Anna (taking a break from our voluntary grasswork)

It was like a super success story when we survived wading through long blades of grass, low lying branches and annoying weeds.

There was no snake, not even a shadow thank God, aaaarggh just those stupid ants.

Oh btw, we went to a pansol.. I dunno what it's called in English, maybe a shallow river? I really don't know. :P

L-R: Tita Mariz, me & Lenlen

Me & Lenlen (Us and nature, how's that sounds?)

Man, I'm so beat right now, my brain's not functioning well.

My mom accompanied me to school for my enrollment yesterday and guess what, I was the last one in line, literally. And to think that there's nothing more pathetic than being the last one to leave. Unfortunately, reality bites, we went there 2pm and finished at exactly 6:20pm.

Gotta go to bed. I can't believe it's already past midnight. Time flies for sure. Zzzzzsss..

P.S.: Last thing though, you might wanna check out Yahoo Time Capsule and contribute something, an image or a video perhaps. You'll never know, you might see it your contribution in the future being preserved for historical purposes.

Well, mine's here and here. Hmmp! Too bad, not all of my photos were approved though. :P :P

Yahoo Time Capsule Contribution is until November 8 only.


This. Post. Is. Two. Days. Late.

I'm not in the mood that's why. Things are so much blah-blah-blah at home and it's very much getting on my last nerve's last nerve.

For blahs sake, whoever is reading this crap, it's sembreak and it's the only time in a year when I could just sit in a corner, read a good book or surf the net. Please spare me from doing household chores.. just please.

Anyway, moving on...

Michi dearest accompanied me the other day (duh, you do the math) to get my classcards from my school, MDC.

Hehe. The moment I saw her I let out a high-pitched call to her name, "Chi!!!" It's been more than a year since I last saw her and we only keep in touch through YM.

So... off we go to my school.

Room-to-room, we proceed (it's per subject you know). Endured long lines. Waited for at least 2 effing hours just to get those class cards. That pissed us both to the nth power.

But before I continue, let me share my grades for this sem (I worked hard for this so might as well be proud of what I accomplished):

Grades for Second Year - 1st semester:
P.E. - 91
RLE - 92
English - 89
Computer - 91
Statistics - 90
Health Care - 91
Microbiology - 88
Health Ethics - 91
Politics & Governance - 93
After getting all my class cards, we went to the nearest mall, SM MOA.

Funny, and I'm grateful, how things change but some people do not. I love Chi! :))

[EDIT - 10/30/06]
Change the template for the holiday.
I dunno, but I hope the violet doesn't blind y'all that much.



Took a nap at 12nn w/o eating my lunch and woke up at 3pm. Obviously, my stomach grumbled so I ate my lunch.

Rice and green leafy vegetable dish. Even though I'm not into veggies, I still ate.

If the food in my plate is equivalent to a hundred percent, then I'm in my 30% of finishing my food when all of a sudden, I saw a little wiggly green worm in my spoon. Must have come from the lettuce.

And guess what? I just lost my sense and freaked out.

Total ewwwww... As in a big yuck! I immediately went into our kitchen sink and puked.

And since I thought I might have already ingested one, I shoved my hand down the back of my throat as far as it will go. Then again, I throw up.

After that, I felt soooo weak.

Dang! That scared me down to my esophagus.

I tried not to cry but I couldn't help it! Btw, thinking of calling me names? Why not add crybaby in the list?

So back to the topic.

Just thinking of that little worm makes me want to puke again. I even googled "green worm" and found an image that looks exactly on my spoon awhile ago:

*puke puke*

I'm not tripping. That's gotta be the most horrifying thing ever.


Am I making sense?

I attended just ONE subject today - from 8am to 10am.

Just one subject, would you believe that!!

It's mandatory that we attend College of Nursing aka CON subject/s before the day of the Final exam, and since we're just sophomore students, we've got only 1 CON subject and that's Health Care (w/c is the 4-units subject I'm telling you before).

The only thing needed was attendance and everyone can go.

So well, obviously, it seems that I just wasted my transport fare, time and energy for nothing.

And to compensate, our Prof. told us that she'll give two additional points to whatever score we'll have in our exam tomorrow.

Two points?! What the eff! Like somebody really gives a rat's turd.

No additional points less than 10 can amount to the effort I've exerted from waking up so early when sleep was in fact all over me. :-(

But anyway, past is past. Moving on...

My blog was reviewed by Mrs. Ribbit at Frog My Blog.

The template looks sort of like a typepad template but in Blogger. The header image has absolutely nothing to do with what she is writing about, and there's no title or tagline. How are you expecting people to know where they are? "Oh, yeah, I read the girl with the funny stick people header, too!" There's gotta' be a title in there somewhere. The background doesn't go with the header, but I do like it. It's not overwhelming and there's a nice white space for the posts. There aren't too many on the front page. The title you see above is from a meme type post, which was one of her first. And, while there are two sidebars, they are both nice and neat.

There's some foreign language thrown in (I have no idea what is spoken in the Phillipines, and I'm really too lazy to look), and I think you need to be able to read it in order to get the point of the post. So, I'm not getting it. There's no about me section, just a rehash of something on friendster (?). She is a fairly proficient writer for a 17 year old. The posts are pretty well thought out, and there are some meme's thrown in, again, from friendster, but overall it's not as painful as some other teenager's blogs with all the angst and the white writing on black backgrounds and red words and autoplay music. She's a cut above in that respect. But it's still a teenager's blog.

  • So ok, I do realized the need for a concrete title inside my template.

  • The language is Filipino, btw.

  • I've got an "about me" section... it's from the "Want more?" link just above the "Blogs I dig". Unfortunately, I haven't updated it for about 9 months. Useless right?

  • The last line made me think though. Just a question everyone... What's worse? A mommy blog or a teenage blog? You decide.
Thanks for the review Mrs. Ribbit!! Rock on!

Yesterday, after the 2nd day of our Final examination week, we went to Bluewave Macapagal (walking distance lang, one block away from school)..

We just ate dinner before going home. Haha.. I remembered, back when I was growing up, getting to eat away from home was a treat that was better than new toys and cool cartoon shows.


Can't shut my mouth...

I was so pissed off.

You see, my usual travel time from school to home is only 1 hour.

Just this afternoon, my urinary bladder was talking tongues already but because of the effing traffic, I have no choice but to wait for an added 30 minutes or so to get home.


Philippines is just so hopeless.

Anyway for those cyberpeople who actually care, I just wanted to share that I've already registered a .com somewhere.. hehe.. Guess where? Nvm.

My new baby is up; although, it's still under construction.

So this is it! I'm quite serious with my hobby here. Hehe.. ;)

Anyway, if you're curious, you can take a look: Damsels of Design.

Got starstruck!! Hehe..

We saw Paolo Bediones (of the defunct Extra Challenge) in SM Mall of Asia just this noon.

He was memorizing his script in Pinoy Meets World.

Actually, I wasn't pretty much excited when I saw him in person. He looks like just another tv guy, this time standing in flesh among the crowds.

But when we went closer, I changed my mind. He's actually handsome pala. Not to mention the fact that he's genuinely super duper nice and approachable.

Hehe.. He even acknowledged us.. almost like saying "Wag na kayong mahiya". In the end, we just asked him if we could have a snapshot with him.

He agreed.

L-R: Chelle, Ariel, Taj, Bona, PAOLO & me

It's not everyday that you get to meet a star.


Thin is in?

You know how when you were a kid or a teen and you visit your parent's province during a holiday, your relatives would comment about the same thing over and over again.

Like how tall you are now, how beautiful/handsome/cute you became, etc...

Duh. I suppose that's the only greeting they know about city human beings.

Well, mine is always about being thin. People say things like "you still haven't changed, you're still skinny", stuff like that. It appears to be really negative for me especially when I eat a lot and still not gain a pound. I hate it.

You see, contrary to what most people think, waif-like figure isn't really cool.

When I was on my pre-teen years, almost all of my classmates back in 1st year highschool have boobs and some curves. While me... well, I almost passed as a walking flagpole, but thanks to my short stature, I was the walking stick.

It's hard to choose clothes without appearing to be so flat-chested and hips-less, if there's such a term.

Hmmm... But looking at Nicole Richie's picture and mine makes me feel good about myself:

At least I'm not all bones and that's all that matters. :-)

Awwwww... Me missus much mah former blockmates!

Btw, I'm the third person from the right. The one who laughed first. Can't control it eh. Haha..

Finals exam next next week. Goodluck to all Madocians!!


Nonsense rant

Four days without electricity.

And I'm being welcomed by this fugly horizontal scroll bar!!

No, you don't have to comment.

I'll try to fix this. Wish me luck.

[edit - 10:25am]




Domain & meme-o-logy: whatchuthink?

I'm planning:

  • To change the name of our custom blog design site, BlogWear-Ever
    ~ still waiting for Michi's approval since we're design partners.. ;)

  • To buy a domain name for a cheap price
    ~ maybe less than PHP 500, any ideas where?

  • To remove some links in my right sidebar
    ~ those stupid referral links prove to be useless! Nobody's signing up under my referral link anyway so might as well delete them.. haha!

  • To give Firefox a try
    ~ esp. when I'm designing templates...
    ~ well, I changed my mind... coz unfortunately, this is not my PC, this is my dad's... my real PC is in my room, w/o internet connection and rotting in a corner. (Parallelism of words? no check.) Besides, no matter how much I deny it, I'm still an IE girl at heart. ;p

  • To catch some zzz's right now
    ~ but before I drift off to sleep, I'll just copy/paste a meme I found somewhere.. I forgot where I nicked it though.

  • Please answer them all, good ol cyberfriends! I'll post my reply in the comments area or if ever I found some interesting answers, maybe I'll blog about it.

    Haha.. Whatever! It's past midnight and I'm really really mega super sleepy!



    I want to know things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. I really don't.

    You are obviously on my list, so let me know with whom I am friends! (Post in comments)
    1. Your Middle Name:
    2. Age:
    3. Single or Taken:
    4. Favorite Movie:
    5. Favorite Song:
    6. Favorite Band/Artist:
    7. Favorite Book:
    8. Favorite Author:
    9. Dirty or Clean:
    0. Tattoos and/or Piercings:

    ... HERE COMES THE FUN ...

    1. Do we know each other outside of Blogspot?
    2. What's your philosophy on life?
    3. Would you have my back in a fight?
    4. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?
    5. What's your favorite memory of us?
    6. Would you give me a kidney?
    7. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
    8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
    9. Can we get together and make a cake?
    10. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?
    11. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?
    12. Do you think I'm a good person?
    13. Would you drive across country with me?
    14. Do you think I'm attractive?
    15. If you could change anything about me, would you?
    16. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
    17. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?

    ... THE END ...


    Yeah, big deal

    Last Friday night, I was busy arranging my bag when I realized that my kikay kit was gone.

    Actually, I spent at least five minutes (or less) thinking where I accidentally left it. And then it hit me. I left it in the girl's CR of our gym (after our P.E. class).

    Naturally, I hit my forehead with the base of my palm. Stupid me!

    Aaaahhhhh! I really can't believe this.

    I'm not a makeup junkie but I value the cosmetics I bought with my own allowance (esp. Body Shop's lip and cheek stain).

    The worst part is... when I went yesterday afternoon in The Body Shop, SM Sucat and asked the saleslady when will the next 50% sale of Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain... she told me that there'll be no more since they already change the packaging of the said makeup.

    Now if ever I'll buy that makeup this month, it will cost me 750Php. And that's just a single makeup, what about the others? (Gaaaaah.. and to think I wanted to save money.)

    Until now, positive thoughts have failed to lift me from the gloom that has descended around me.

    I know you noticed the exaggeration just before this sentence.. it's as plain as the nose on your face.

    Actually, I'm not sorry for being exaggerated because that's just me. ;p

    Now, I think that I just need to have athazagoraphobia so I'll be more careful of my things.

    Lawd haf mercy.

    Refer me to the right gods and may they help me find it tomorrow (because I still haven't talked to the janitress assigned on that CR).

    Btw, happy 42nd birthday to my dearest mom, Lourdes.

    Ma, I hope you'll have more and more birthdays to come! Thanks for being the best-est mom in the world! *hugs*


    Anything goes

    It's official.

    I do custom blog design at BlogWear-Ever (with Michi dearest, of course). :)

    Visit Where The Hell Am I? and tell Miss April what you think of her new blog template.

    Last Friday, we (me & my classmates and other 4 sections) attended a recollection in Makati City... to be specific, in San Carlos Seminary.

    Just a 15-minute trip and yet, the school rented four buses. I mean, duh. I wished they just let us commute. But anyway, past is past.

    Well, we did enjoy the recollection since the speaker/facilitator has a great sense of humor... and was able to touched us all with his heartwarming true-to-life experiences.

    No matter how I tried, I just can't help myself but shed a tear. I wished him goodluck of course.

    I think I flunked my return demonstration about "Bathing A Client" step-by-step procedure just this morning.

    Good thing my Clinical Instructor (aka C.I.) was nice enough to let me take a peek into the checklist.

    Awww... I hate flunking. That's my worst nightmare. Just the thought of it scares me down to my cuticles.


    What? Dead?!

    Yeah. This blog is so freaking dead.

    Maybe, I'll update next week. I dunno.

    Time isn't enough. At least for me. When in fact, the last time I checked, the day still consists of 24 hours.

    Usual alibi. Busy with studies right now that my usual sleeping time is at midnight. *frowns*

    And yes again, I only posted this to let you know that I'll be MIA for... whenever. ;p

    Thanks for those who are still keeping in touch. You know who you are guys.

    When I reclaim my sanity, I'll bloghop again and leave insighful opinions (?) on your humble abodes.

    Btw, before I click on Publish Post, goodluck to me and my group: Health Care presentation and Phil. Constitution report/play tomorrow.

    I mean, today... five more hours and hello to a brand new day. :p

    It's past midnight. Now I'll just catch some zzzzzzz's. Till next post. Bye.


    Autism, shout out and 3 smacks!

    Just finished a fight with my 13 y/o autistic brother.

    He didn't like a certain tv show and sort of freaked out... resulting to a small scratch on the back of my hand (and not to mention, redness on my arms).

    I was so pissed off that I hit him back.

    That started it all. But mostly, I'm in the defense while he's on the offense.

    *sighs* I know. You cannot for the life of you understand why I (a 17 y/o college girl) hit my younger brother back.

    But you can't blame me. When you're being physically abused by an autistic child (e.g. scratches, bites), your initial reaction is to defend yourself.

    And that's just what I did. I mean do everyday.

    Honestly, I think I'm too smart for this everyday insanity. Two years from now, I'll get my BS in Nursing from MDC. *crosses fingers*

    But I guess there are some things they just haven't teach me yet in college. Like how to cope with autism 24/7.

    Don't get me wrong though, I love my younger bro. But temper tantrums are just not worth it.

    My blog was nominated Filipino Blog of the Week at The Composed Gentleman.

    Since you've read this far, might as well click that link above and vote for me.

    That demanding huh! LOL.. At least, please indulge me.

    Thanks! ;)

    After eons of waiting, my blog was finally re-reviewed by Charles, the Asian Blog Consultant, at IT2M!

    Here's a real blast from the past - an IT2M blog review last December.

    And now, the re-review:

    Okay, I will be biased on this one. I like this blog so I don't give a shit if someone said that I had a lapsed of judgment.

    The template is clean and quite virginal but I have a slight problem with the sibebars. It is too busy for my standards. I kindly suggest that you find ways to clean it to match the template. In addition, the tagboard has to go since you have your comments' section and you really have to utilise it.

    I like her entries and she seems to be a really sweet girl with a sweet smile. Okay, enough said.
    Charles gave me 3 smacks!

    Three smacks, wow!! I could now point a pistol against my temple and be done with this blog! LOL

    Anyway, seriously, I highly appreciate the review but the sidebars will remain.. Still, thanks Charles! Big hug for you!


    Certain issues

    Well, what I'll gonna say is beyond my shallow self.

    I don't normally share issues that do not pertain to me (pretty narcissistic for a person who doesn't claim to be one, right?) ...but then i just wanted to say that:

    I hate unworthy policemen.

    And to think that I don't use the word hate too often. Hate isn't healthy.

    But... grrrr... if only a curse could give them a knock on the head, I'd be willing to swear the world out from here to eternity.

    I mean, seriously, some of them are just so unfair, unfair, unfair!

    Ever heard of their "palit-ulo" principle - "we'll keep the innocent until we get our man"?

    That's what the goodhearted son of my family's laundrywoman (of more than 10 years) have experienced.


    Just because they're poor.. it doesn't mean that they should be deprived of certain rights.

    I wish them goodluck. And somehow, may they attain justice.

    It really breaks my heart to see somebody crying so hard. :-(

    I downloaded the latest version of Yahoo Messenger last Thursday.

    Everything seem to be so cool until I saw that one of the categories in my YM list - the Friend's list (those people I know personally) - was near empty.

    Stupid YM!

    "Friends (0/1)"

    Tsk.. tsk... I was really so pissed that time. And when I say pissed, I mean really really pissed. My degree of pissitivity rose to its highest possible level. Honestly.

    But awhile ago, I opened my YM again and imagine my happiness when I saw that it's back. My friend's list is back! Woohoooooo!! LOL

    "Friends (4/48)"

    Just sharin'. ;p


    Happy 17th birthday to moi!

    Just got home.

    After our RLE class, we spent the rest of the afternoon in SM MOA.

    Actually, we just ate and then went to Timezone. Haha.. Since I'm the birthday girl, syempre, kailangan manlibre. ;p

    I'm short of money today but I still bought Timezone cards for each of us.

    Just for celebration's sake. *winks*

    Anyway, the highlight of the afternoon was when we did a sing-along in Studio 4 Karaoke chuvaness.

    We were rocking side to side and wailing out seriously off-key, foot-stomping version of different songs (e.g. Crazy For You, Chiksilog, Power of Two).

    Loved it!

    And when I reached home, I was surprised by my mom's hand-clapping version of Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday To You.

    Sweet! Wala lang... ;p

    Thanks to all who greeted me nga pala! Hehe... Love ya all! *hugs*

    Last Friday, I attended the 5th Honors Assembly of our school.

    And good news! I'm still in the President's List. ;p

    Actually, I'm really happy talaga to share that I was able to maintain my grades, despite of the stress my autistic brother is giving me both physically and emotionally these past few months.

    So happy..

    Have a nice day to all! *hugs*


    Do you feel grand?

    Well, I don't.

    Yesterday had been a pretty messed up day.

    I woke up at 5:30am (with my temples throbbing like nobody's business) and quickly (I mean, really really quickly) prepared for school because there's a long test in our first period, Stat.

    And whatdyuknow! The class started at 7am and I arrived almost 30 minutes late.

    I was really worried because some professors actually lock the door for the love of latecomers. Really worried...

    Only to fricking find out that the test was rescheduled (so ok, half of the night spent for studying was useless), and there's only individual recitation. Much to my relief.

    After Stat was our Homeroom period.

    Since it's no major subject (as if it's a "subject"! duh), we asked permission from our Homeroom adviser if we (me, Cydi and Yda) could skip class so we could go to Metropoint Mall in Pasay Rotonda (second nearest to us since SM MOA is not yet opened that time) and have our English report photocopied to an acetate paper.

    Well, since our report was not yet complete, we went to an internet café and surf the net for additional information.

    It's already 10am (the start of our English class), and we're still in Metropoint Mall, waiting for Copytrade to open. When the photocopying was finished, we went out of the building (apparently) and saw it was raining heavily.

    Gaaah... Since we're already half an hour late (again), we didn't waste any precious minutes waiting for the rain to stop. Instead, we braved the chilly rain and immediately rode a jeepney back to school!

    And the best part is... when we reach our classroom, the Prof. said that group reports are rescheduled, just a quiz for that day.

    The moment I heard those words, I wanted to drop dead face first on the floor.

    I mean, we already got soaked wet and then, she's indirectly telling us that our effort *gasp* was *gasp* useless.

    Useless, my foot!

    Seriously, with all the stress and exhaustion I've experienced since Day 1 of August, I am, it seems, officially ill.

    The day before yesterday: me feeling ok

    Now: me with fever

    You see, with a headache like mine, a temperature soaring and a body feeling like it had been through 12 rounds with Muhammad Ali (yeah, dream on!), it's downright hard to get out of bed this morning.

    Still can't relate? Think of jack-hammers in your head, I think that will suffice.

    Tsk... tsk...

    Honestly, I don't know what or who to blame. The rain, the misfortunes of the day or just me being a certified worrywart.

    Until now, I don't know if I should laugh, frown, scream, cry, or ask Almighty God where the reset button was so I could do that one over.



    I can't believe that I'm so effing selfish and insensitive.

    Just because of that thingamajig, I said some stupid things which caused you temporary ill-feelings.

    Ma, seriously, sorry po.


    Pque City is such a small place...

    ...you won't be just another face in my photo album.
    Yaaaaaaaaay. Familiar faces just kept popping up everywhere.

    This morning, I saw Michi dearest waiting for an FX taxi near PATTS.

    Hehehe... Actually, I would have waved at her but the FX taxi I'm riding was kinda fast. So, all I could do was comment on her blog and say, "Chi, I saw you kanina! Haha!" ;p

    Then, this afternoon... while going home, I saw a blooming Teri descend from an FX taxi (also).

    Hmmmm... Actually, she was with this guy that looks really familiar (most probably an AM student back in highschool). So, wanna share anything with us Teri? Hehe..

    Okay.. Okay..

    Seriously, I thought that when we went to different colleges, I'd never hear from them again. I mean, they'd fall back into their lives and I'd go on with mine.

    Yeah, we remember each other from time to time, reach for the cellie, but never get around to making that text message. Like c'mon, I'm a Sun subscriber and Chi's on Globe.. I rarely have a regLoad.

    One thing is for sure though: You guys won't be just another face in my highschool photo album.

    Miss ya guys! I hope we'll have a kita-kits soon.. together with Amay & Katy..

    Gaaaah. If only Hansy isn't so far?

    Got tagged by Rudy. The instructions:

    When you comment on this post, I will have to:

    1. Respond with something random about you.
    2. Challenge you to try something.
    3. Pick a color that I associate with you.
    4. Tell you something I like about you.
    5. Tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
    6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
    7. Ask you something I have always wanted to ask you.
    8. Pick a song that reminds me of you.

    After I have done the 8 tasks above, you will then have to post this same meme and my response on your blog.
    Here's what Rudy said when I commented on his blog (copy-pasted) and btw, my response is in italics:

    1. Respond with something random about you.
    >>u love statistics and mathematics!

    Wrong! Hehe.. Actually, I love Physics.

    2. Challenge you to try something.
    >>come to class on time for 7 straight days

    I tried, but I still came late today. Arrrrghh.. *frowns*

    3. Pick a color that I associate with you.
    >>white, kasi lagi kang naka white! (ang lalem syet)

    LOL... Well, I'm more of a "eskwela-bahay" kind of a girl so in the pics, you'll always see me wearing my white uniform unless it's Sunday! Hehe...

    4. Tell you something I like about you.
    >>u hav a beautiful smile (naks)

    *blushes* Thanks. Honestly, I just love smiling. If there's one thing I learned from CandyMag, it's this: always flash that smile! LOL!

    5. Tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
    >> u were listening to ur statistics prof lecture u and u understood him perfectly hehe

    Nope, wrong. I haven't understand perfectly what he's saying AT FIRST. Hmmmm... It seems that you didn't actually read the entire post. Hehe.. Huli ka!

    6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
    >>hmmm caT? meow?

    Weird! Just curious, bakit?

    7. Ask you something I have always wanted to ask you.
    >> ay kakahiya naman pero...sige na nga...just tell me honestly ha... can i put a link of ur blog into mine?(ampanget)

    LOL... That's funny! Anyway, sure.. sure..

    8. Pick a song that reminds me of you.
    >> luha by aegis

    Ferblogsakes! Of all songs... why naman? Haha!

    Want me to do the 8 tasks about you? Then kindly tell me in the comments area! Cheers! ;p


    Freakadelic... that's me!

    We have classes six days a week. (Hmmmm... so what?)

    Well, I always leave our house less than an hour before the first period. (So chances are pretty slim of going to school on time.)

    But whatdoyaknow!

    I'm always luck-aye (esp. in major subjects).

    LOL. Like yesterday, our first subject was Health Care I (a 4-units subject, mind you)... and I came exactly 35 minutes late.

    Gah. I hate being late but I can't help myself from being late. ;p

    Fortunately, our prof was not yet there... but the second after I enter the room, she also came in.

    Hihihihihihihi... All I could say is that God sprayed me tons of luckiness this sem.

    That's something I should include in my grateful list. *grins*


    Just awhile ago, I opened my Yahoo account and I was so ecstatic to see that I've received a lot of mails...

    Only to fricking find out that 99.9% of the new messages in my inbox was effing spam.

    Spam... of all things!

    Tsk... tsk... I think they were able to send me those through my Free Blogger Templates' Contact Me chuvaness. *frowns*

    Wtf is the matter with some people nowadays, huh?

    Dear spammers,

    I know how hard it is to promote one's site.
    But for crying out loud, one comment with a link is enough.
    Or better yet, do NOT comment.
    Puh-lease stop testing my patience by flooding my Yahoo mail.



    No catchy title here

    Stat... Stat... Stat...


    Just this morning, I had a fricking hard time understanding the lecture in Statistics. Yeah right.

    I dunno why, but I swear I'm NOT bad at Math. On the other foot, I'm also NOT great at it. Whatever.

    It's just that I'm not accustomed to the way our Stat Professor do her lectures.

    I mean, she just spoke, wrote the formulas, spoke again (real fast, you know), then wrote lots of numbers... which resulted to a scattered set of solutions.

    Goshie. I'm still catching up with my notes then the next thing I heard, "Next topic, class"...

    Honestly, all I could do was frown after saying "Grabeh!".

    Although she's very approachable when it comes on the things that seems unintelligible, she doesn't fall on my category of an effective lecturer.

    Most of her lectures requiring solutions seem vague to me. It's like she's talking more to herself than to us.

    Gah. I miss my Algebra Prof, Mr. Santana. He'll do great in teaching Stat. Too bad he's nowhere to be seen.

    As in, zilch. Nada. Zero. Nothing. Zip.



    I would've replied to the comments on my previous post, Totally Random; unfortunately, an effing scroll bar appeared at the bottom.

    At first, I can't figure out how the hell I could remove it.. it's just so fugly.

    But then I realized I did something before it appeared.. I posted a comment as a reply. *oh cripes, stupid me*

    So I just erased it. Pffff. Back to "17 watchuthink" below.


    Totally random

    Holy brocolli!

    I've studied Epi Info like a super real geek the day before the other day (yes, that's last Tuesday) and to my total surprise (and happiness), the placement exam was cancelled.

    You: Hip hip
    Me: ...hooray!


    Before, riding FX taxi going to Lawton (but actually sa Hyatt, after nong Baclaran, ako nababa) is just a snap.

    Now, it's not that easy anymore.

    Grrrrrr. I still need to walk 30 meters (more or less) just to increase my chances of riding FX.

    And if ever there's one, I really have to be quick (tulakan na toh! wahaha..) or else, I'll be just another face on the bunch of people who are not so fast enough, still standing and waiting for the next FX.

    Tsk... tsk...

    Anyway, has anybody experience that?

    I, whatever...

    I AM: blogging (what else?)
    I WANT: to sleep (geez.. my class tomorrow will start at 7am)
    I WISH: my life is different (awww... drama!)
    I HATE: nonsense people (especially ****)
    I MISS: my Papa.. and of course, my good old friends..
    I FEAR: flying roaches (ewww)
    I HEAR: creepy whispers (lol! just joking)
    I WONDER: so much
    I REGRET: losing some of my close friends
    I AM NOT: easily provoked
    I DANCE: rarely
    I SING: off-key most of the time
    I CRY: when I'm hurt (of course)
    I AM NOT ALWAYS: nice
    I WRITE: with my right hand
    I CONFUSE: my younger bro sometimes (hehe)
    I NEED: God
    I SHOULD: sleep early more often
    I START: rewriting my notes in Stat the other day
    I FINISH: everything I put my heart to
    I TAG: you! (just kidding! *chuckles*)

    Today's snapshot:

    Inside the library: Bona and me


    I'm going nuts

    In order to liven things up in this ultra pathetic place I call as my blog, I'm back again in my rant mode.

    [insert trillion eye rolls here]

    Anyway, I'm studying a new software program I've installed because of my Computer placement exam tomorrow. It's called Epi Info.

    Everything is going smoothly...

    ...until I've tried the analysis of data.

    Oh, hellwithit really!

    But still I can't stop myself from saying that for more than four freaking hours, I still can't find a way to make it appear.

    Huwatta exasperating thing!

    I'm über beat. I think I'm needing chips. :frowns:


    Content? What content?

    Before, whenever I face the PC.. words are overflowing.

    Now.. I don't know. Basta.. Ewan.. I just don't have anything to say.

    Just a minute ago, I realized I only blog pala whenever something really great/bad happened to me.

    Haaaaaay.... There will always come a time talaga when you'll just get fed up on something.

    Honestly, I miss those times na ako lang ang nagbabasa ng blog ko.




    Got a new iPod!

    Thanks Papa!  Happy Father's Day in advance! MWAH


    Template for grabs!

    I made another Blogger template -- Exposing Myself.

    Wanna download this?

    Visit my Free Blog Layouts page to download the zip file.

    Btw, I like to know what you think of it. ;p


    I'm loving...

    ...the company of these three people: Ate Rosie, Ate Kathee and Marlyn.

    They're so fun to be with. Seriously. ;p

    Actually, Gerard, my blockmate, was also with us awhile ago kaso he's very tahimik.. pero sige na nga.. Kasali na rin siya. Wahahaha.

    Distribution of class cards namin kanina. My grades for this summer sem?

    But before that.. dagdag info lang for those na first timer dito sa aking humble abode, summer sem ang tawag naming mga MDC sa summer na may pasok para i-take up ang ilang minor subjects dahil fully loaded na kami last sem. ;p

    Okay.. now, my final grades:

    ♥ Rizal - 93 (1.25)
    ♥ STS - 91 (1.50)
    ♥ Philippine Literature - hmp! I haven't received my class card yet.

    Kainis kasi si Ma'm Razon. Ayaw ibigay hanggang wala pang clearance. What time ba naayos iyong clearance ko? After lunch na. Eh 8 to 12 lang ang bigayan ng class card sa mga first year. Tuloy... baka sa enrollment ko na makuha..

    Speaking of enrollment, incoming college sophomore na ako! Wohoooooo...

    And because it's still early to go home, we decided to go to the mall.

    We prefer Glorietta than SM Mall of Asia even though the latter is closer to our school. Mas okay kasi. Hehe.. ;p

    1. Yellow Cab rocks. For me, it's better than Pizza Hut talaga.

    In fact, I ate two slices of Manhattan Meat Lovers. Si Ate Kathee, naka-3 slices. Ang takaw raw ni Ate Kathee kaso hindi tumataba.. Hehe.. Actually, may 2 slices pang natira, kaso hindi ko na kaya.. I'm not picky when it comes to food, pero mahina talaga ako kumain.

    2. The Body Shop also rocks.

    I bought The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain. 50% sale.. so 347.50pesos na lang siya.

    *grins* Who doesn't love 50% sale?

    3. I bought a book entitled Shadow of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann and Rae Lawrence.

    After I finish this post, I'll start reading it na. ;p

    I got tagged by Yuri dearest.. *smiles*

    Instructions: Name ten (10) of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten (10) people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.
    1. DVD Marathons.
    2. Malling.
    3. Surfing the net.
    4. McFloat.
    5. Sleeping.
    6. Reading mags.
    7. Hanging out with my barkada.
    8. Making blog templates.
    9. Editing videos.
    10. Corn Bits.

    No need to explain na, right? *grins*

    Here comes the most awaited part! (oh really.. hehe..)

    I'm tagging 10 people (grabe, dami yata?):
    Arvin, Lica, Terry, /iambrew, Magi, Athena, Mikmik, Mark, Kevin and Michi.


    I hate blogging


    Simply because I just don't have anything to say.

    "Eh what about this post?" you ask.

    Well, a while ago, I realized these three things:

    1. Nobody cares what my next section is...

    There was a re-shuffle of MDC Incoming Level II students, my section next semester is section 3.

    *sighs* I'll be missing my blockmates-turned-superfriends so much.

    2. Nobody gives a damn why I still haven't watched The Da Vinci Code...

    Actually, I was in Glorietta last Friday night after our Finals, bibili na sana ako ng ticket to watch the movie (hoping na kahit hindi pa ako 18 y/o ay makalusot sa mga guards), but when I saw na hanggang 10pm or 11pm yata ang tapos non, I called my Mom.. telling her na baka gabihin ako ng uwi. Unfortunately, ayaw nga niya ng ginagabi ako ng uwi especially dahil doon sa nangyari kay Alet. Kung iyon nga raw tanghali nangyari, eh what more pa raw kapag gabi??

    "Mas maraming gago pag gabi."

    So, kahit na andoon na ako at nakapila, I just followed what my Mom said. Mother knows best, remember? Saka hindi ko ugali na hindi sumunod. I was always the good girl. *frowns*

    So I have no choice but to wait until May 31 para panoorin iyang DVC na iyan. Sasamahan na lang raw ako ni Marlyn. Kainis kasi si Mama, ayaw akong samahan manood. Na-influence na rin ng CFC Group niya.

    An email she got na pinabasa sa akin:

    From Bro Frank Padilla please pass....

    Hello Brethren!

    We have sent out many emails regarding the Da vinci Code, and how this book now the movie, is blasphemous and an attack on the Catholic faith. Some say it should not affect the faith of those who are well grounded. But that is not the point. The point is that it is blasphemous and so we should reject it. This is not about an intellectual discussion on fact or fiction or on its value just as entertainment, but this is about the evil foces that are using all to destroy the work of God.

    So for our members in CFC, the BEST RESPONSE IS NOT TO SEE THE MOVIE.

    Do not contribute your money to funding the secular and liberal forces, especially in media, that seek to weaken or even destroy what we hold dear. As evangelizers, we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, and do not promote the lies and blasphemy against our God.

    God bless you all,

    Grabe! Until now, hindi pa rin tapos ang issue about DVC.

    Anyway, I don't have anything against the CFC people, pero sana naman huwag nilang bigyan ng malaking issue iyong movie. I mean, kaya nga tayo binigyan ng knowledge ni God to know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Hmp. Amen.

    3. Nobody understands that I have to hate blogging in order to love blogging.

    "Blogging: If minds had anuses, blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump."

    - Maddox
    Gosh. I super love The Best Page in the Universe.

    Click the link. You won't regret visiting it.


    Justice for Alet

    A good friend of mine passed away last May 10.

    Please pray for the soul of Miss Marielet "Alet" Asentado.

    She was raped and killed. According to Junil, her body was found in a creek somewhere in Alabang.

    Honestly, no amount of words can describe what I feel right now. Magde-debut pa naman sana siya ngayong May. Unfortunately, iyon nga ang nangyari. It's a really tragic loss for us.

    When I first learned about it, sobrang na-shocked talaga ako. My first reaction was like this: "Si Alet? Wala na?? Anong wala na?!"

    I really couldn't believe it.

    Grabe talaga. Whoever did that to her must rot in jail. Or kaya ma-death sentence sana siya. Lethal injection o bitay o kung ano man! Pero bago ang lahat, sana mahuli muna siya!

    We need JUSTICE! As in, hustisya!!

    So please, just please, don't just go to sleep tonight. Please include her in your prayers.

    That's all I ask from you. Thank you. Thank you talaga.

    I visited my Friendster account and read Jenel's bulletin post awhile ago.

    Sa lahat po ng taong gustong pmunta sa kanyang burol mgpunta po kau sa Sympathy Memorial Chapel.. Sa my Golden City, Cavite..

    Sya po ay ililibing sa Manila Memorial sa P'que.. Inaasahan po namen na mkapunta kau..

    Ipagdasal po nten na mahuli ang gumawa sa knya non.. Sana po mkapunta kau..
    Anyway, before I end this post, I wanted to greet the greatest mom in the world, my mom Lourdes.... a Super Happy Mother's Day!

    Pati na rin sa ibang mother, mahmu, inay, nanay, momsy, mother, mader, mommy... Happy Mother's Day!

    ...Pati na rin kay Alet, na ang tawag namin ay "Mami Let" kasi lagi siyang president ng class namin since 1st year highschool ako at saka dahil naging boyfriend niya ang aming "Dadi Vic"... Happy "Mami's" Day for you.. *smiles*

    Pag natapos na ang lahat, may you rest in peace.

    [EDIT ~ 05/17/06] Actually, her body was found on a creek in Daang-Hari, Cavite. Her death was televised thrice (once in Unang Hirit and twice in "24 Oras")..

    I only wish na if ever napanood nong mga suspek iyon o kahit hindi na.. sana makonsensiya na sila. [/EDIT]


    Someone I used to know

    ...change is good but does it have to happen so quickly?

    I know that there are a lot of things I should be doing right now instead of facing the PC all day but I can't help myself... I feel sad. Really.

    For the past five months Jecha and I have sat around, watched DVDs, took pics of our wacky selves, ranted and talked about everything from our ambitions, to the coolest guy in the MDC campus, to how our day went, to OPM songs, to whatever the hell was going on at the time...

    I almost considered her to be one of my BFF lifetime club.

    Unfortunately, there was a sudden change of heart. *sighs*

    I mean, I know change is good, but does it have to happen so quickly?

    I dunno but I think it all started in Chowking. While we were doing some barkada bonding.

    Big mistake.

    I should have kept on eating the leche flan in my halo-halo instead of opening the topic about the continuation of the barkada's "open forum". Then I would have avoided saying the wrong phrases. (For Thal, it's the phrase "ewan ko ba.. minsan ang plastic ko..." and for Jecha: "parang nag-iba ka.. basta!")

    I mean, I should have said those elaborately and not left things hanging. Unfortunately, I'm not great in friendship fixes.

    Honestly, that's one thing I hate about me.. whenever there's BFF-gone-awry, I feel immediately uncomfortable with that person. Yeah, maybe she's still the same Jecha and I'm still the same me but there's already distance. By distance, I mean we never had a fight but we just don't have that much in common right now. It's like the phrase "not close anymore" is seeping in its highest conscious level. Please, go figure.

    So now.. here I am. Nobody to latch on to whenever I need to feel better about myself. Just like the last time. *sighs again*

    Good thing, I learned another lesson:

    We can't all inhabit a perfect world, much as we'd like to.
    Whoever said that was definitely right.

    Now, I realized that I don't need a best friend just for the idea of "having a best friend". (Hehe.. Sounds familiar? You see, it's the very same idea about love, silly.)

    It's the quality of friendship naman that counts, right?

    Quote of the day:

    We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence.

    - Joseph Roux
    Btw, I saw my blog url in the Final Asian Blog Awards 2005 Nominee List through Sitemeter.

    Weird... I never visited Kineda before to even nominate myself. Maybe that was some good ol joke.

    Anyway, have a nice week to all!


    New look

    It's hot.

    So I decided na magpasama kay Marlyn kanina sa salon. Nagpa-rebond then nagpa-haircut na rin.

    The result:

    Btw, I just removed haloscan in this blog.

    Walang kwenta!

    Yesterday kasi, I looked at the comments way back October '05... (ah basta lahat ng comments last year, whatever).. and to my suprise, wala na.

    I mean, I know free lang ang haloscan pero diba, sana sinabi nila na iyong mga recent posts lang ang active pa rin ang comments. O kung ano man ang tawag don.

    Kaasar tuloy!

    Sayang naman iyong mga pinagsasabi niyo noon... Kakahinayang. Pero accept na lang. Tapos na eh.

    I'll stick to Blogger Comments na lang. ;p


    Guess what?

    Days ago, my college friends read something here in my blog that led to a misunderstanding. Sort of the way rugrats in school go at it. Pretty childish.

    Gah. I hate myself for being -- what's the right adjective? -- oh, never mind. Just count on me to type always the "wrong things". Go figure.

    Anyway, I learned my lesson. Now, I'll try to keep things light and not get too personal.




    Another template finished. This one is for Shannon.

    Just a simple red template.

    Zip file, details, etc.? Click here.

    Btw, you already know that we, the Nursing students of MDC, are required to take summer class.

    Actually, the first time I learned about it, talagang naasar ako. Iyong iba, enjoy to the max ang summer, tapos kami may pasok?! Sinong hindi maaasar don, right?

    Pero ngayon, I've already accepted the fate of being a BSN student. (Drama!) Kidding aside, at least kami naabutan namin na 4 years lang ang Nursing, eh iyong ibang incoming?

    I heard kasi from our STS Professor na 5 years na ang Nursing sa mga incoming freshmen students sa MDC. I dunno about the other colleges/universities. Pero diba?

    *insert sinister laugh here*

    Hehe.. Anyway, since we already have classes, I can't surf the net as much as I want to.

    So the finale?

    I'll be MIA. Hiatus. Whatever. ;p


    Speed issues anyone?

    My template yesterday & the day before yesterday

    Haha.. Just two days and I'm back to my old template. THIS template. Although I modified it a bit, still this is my old template. Grabe! I want a new one!!!

    Unfortunately, may pasok na the day after tomorrow.. So, hindi na muna ako makakapag-concentrate sa paggawa ng mga templates. *frowns*

    I just transferred the posts from my former blog.

    So if you'll just take a look on my archives, you'll noticed that six months have been added. Actually, iyong mga dinagdag ko, puro mga ka-shoongakz-an ko lang iyon as a senior highschool student.

    Anyway, don't bother reading those craps. You'll be bored to death. Trust me.

    Btw, my mom and I are still not yet talking. It's been four days.

    Great! Just great.

    myDSL is still shit.

    I called 172-001 (again) and waited almost 7 minutes before I finally spoke to another human being.

    Great! They keep on reminding me: "Your call is important to us. Blah blah blah." And still, I waited for almost seven minutes. How ironic.

    Well, I spent almost half an hour asking another human being why myDSL seems to be slower than the usual.

    Human being asked me to go to PLDTplay.com.

    After gazillion years, the page loaded. And I asked the human being, "What I'm going to do there? Play games with a prehistoric speed?"

    "No," the human being said. "Click 'resources' then 'bandwidth test'."

    I did. Then I told the human being: "Sorry, the 'page cannot be displayed'."

    Human being replied, "Ok. Punta ka sa GlobeQUEST Utilities. Click bandwidth meter and wait for at least twenty seconds."

    I waited. Again. After almost 10 seconds (I think), the result was shown. Where? Click here if you're curious.

    You're back? Pretty quick eh.

    So, you saw it? It's prehistoric speed, isn't it? And to think I'm using DSL. Duh.

    I told the human being the result. Human was surprised. I'm not. Gusto ko sanang sabihin, "I told you so."

    The human being told me to turn off my pc for two minutes. I did. Then human being asked me to go to GlobeQUEST Utilities again.

    Anyway, I told the human being again the result. "Improving, eh?" human said.

    "Yep, pero I'm not yet contented. Mabagal pa rin eh," I replied.

    The human being told me what to do: turn off the pc again. This time for a couple of minutes. I did. And guess what?

    The result? Click here. (Imageshack isn't resizing the images right, kaya di ko mapagkasya iyong ibang images dito sa blog. So link na lang muna. *frowns*)

    Hindi man umabot sa pinaka-maximum ek-ek niya.. at least it worked!! Hehe.. ;p

    Gotta turn off this pc na. It also needs rest. Have a nice day! *hugs*

    You! Yes you!

    The person who got no balls.. under the Yahoo ID ohh_hinde or ohh_hindi or something like that!

    Basta may 'hinde' yata un eh! Nabi-bwiset na kasi ako, hindi ko na nabasa! Nananahimik ako nagba-blog dito tapos pinupuno iyong screen ko ng mga IM window or kung ano man yon!

    You know what, you're a big shit!!!



    Balik sayo! Isa kang malaking bwiset kung sino ka man!

    I already turned you on iggy and yet, you can still send me messages?!! WTF is wrong with you? Hina-hack mo ba ako??!! Or wala ka lang magawa sa buhay mo!!?


    Maghanap ka ng ibang guguluhin!!


    The day I was diagnosed of terminal bitchiness


    I'm a freaking grouch these days. Figuratively speaking, I can't seem to open my mouth without sticking my foot in it. Really.

    Anyway, my period usually comes on the third week of the month so I guess this is just pre-PMS bitching.

    Or maybe not.

    Shet. You know what, whenever I'm at home, I'm like a troll lurking in my lair.

    And actually, hindi naman ako manhid! I also that know that whenever I shout at our maid (to prepare my meals, etc.), naiinis na rin iyon saken. Maybe, she's even cursing me... calling me names or throwing a dirty finger at my back for all I know.

    Ha! But the issue here is the real reason why I'm acting this way since.. *thinking* ..the other day? Or was it yesterday? Duh. I dunno.

    Curious? I know. But no, I won't tell.

    It's too.. superficial. Not to mention the fact that it's pretty embarrassing. Ayoko nga sabihin. Besides, you won't understand. Unless, you're vain. (A clue! Wattaslipofthetongue! Hehe..)

    Still, I'll leave another two clues in case you've knocked your head on the wall and suddenly realizes the fact that you actually give a damn about me (you see, reading this stupid post is a proof and.. ohmigod, I can't believe you've actually reached this far).

    So now, the 2 clues: About (1) broken promises and (2) girl stuff.

    ...On second thought, I changed my mind. Don't bother typing your guesses. That's just a waste of time and of course, energy.

    Gah. I think I need to move on to the real post. Actually, this should be about beach pics, not bitch fit.

    But hey, I'm entitled to one last whine: Shet talaga! I can't believe next week na ang start ng classes namin! Shet shet shet! Nakakainis.

    Why is it that nursing students are required to take summer classes? Bakeeeeet??

    "Breathe. Yes. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Count backwards. From 10 to 1," you say.

    No. Make it 100 to 1. I'm so fricking pissed. As in.

    But I will not think about it.

    Instead, I'll be positive and I'll just concentrate on my studies, wonderful friends (special mention: Jecha and Marlyn) and new mantra:

    "Life sucks through a straw; get over it."
    Seriously, next post please.

    The beauty of Iba, Zambales

    On the way...

    The infamous Lahar bridge

    Mount Samat on the right side


    Inside the beach resort in Iba:

    Just changed my template. Thanks to Rachel.

    I like this one! Unfortunately, I have one problem with it. Whenever I click on a single post, yeah, the page will load but the image 'framebg' won't continue up to the end. It's like the length of that image depends on the length of the single post. *frowns*

    Still, I will be trying this "on" until weekend.

    If I won't be able to make my OWN template by the end of the week, the freebie will stay.

    Btw, before I end this post.. I just wanna say:

    I know I don't have the right to bitch about free services because I'm using them. Yet, I can't help myself.

    Fuck NeoCounter for not loading that stupid little flag next to the name of each country!!

    Fuck MyShoutbox for not loading my tagboard!!!

    And the last but not the least, fuck Blogrolling for not loading my blogroll.

    *rolls eye*

    Right now, I don't have any choice but follow the old saying:



    Second thoughts...

    Well, I posted a new "review my blog" thread on BE forum.

    I dunno. Maybe I just like being reviewed? Whatever. (Haha.. Grabe. Either I've left my common sense somewhere or you don't share my sense of humor.) ;p

    Btw, back to the thread. jaynedArcy replied to me:

    You have a terrific layout with one problem; your content column (the center one) is running over the right hand column by about a third of the way. I'm viewing your blog on Firefox 1.5 at a 1024x768 resolution.
    Grabe talaga! Just awhile ago, I was actually looking for a decent css layout when Katy e-mailed me.

    Okay! Sorry about the wait! Here is your review:

    First Impression: The layout is nice and simple. It is easy to navagiate and the colours really match. The scrollbar colours are nice too :-) The header image is nice - not too fussy. Infact - just the title of your page is nice! There are no annoying squiggles on it. Very good idea!
    10/10. I liked it at first glance! Very nice!

    Updates: Regular and more than just "Sorry - nothing to say." There are no huge gaps that I can see. You seem to be very dedicated to your blog!
    10/10! Regular updates and dedication! Very good in a blog owner! There is nothing worse tha an empty blog!

    Topics/Content: You make things for people, you write a lot and it is all interesting! I wish I understood this language though! What is it? I don't even recognise it at all! A Cbox is a great idea - especially for a blog!
    17/20. Like it all. But it would help stupid people like me if you translated this language! :-)

    Grammer: The bits I can understand are perfect:-)

    3/5 : 1 for the graphic making, 1 for detail and one for the niceness of the blog!
    Overall: 45/50.
    Well done! This is a great blog and I'll keep coming! I love it loads!

    Hope you like it! I love your blog :-)
    The different browsers man! The different browsers! Aside from this reason, I dunno why other people love to download another browser. Ah ewan.

    Honestly speaking, right now, di ko talaga alam kung magpapalit ba ako ng template or what.

    I just watched Mission: Impossible II in DVD. Again. ;p

    Not that it's one of my fave movies but since PLDT MyDSL went shit....

    (that's right! nakakaasar na kasi sila paminsan, nang mag-connect ako kaninang 3pm, laging disconnected, sabi "connecting to WANN miniport".. puro ganon, so I called up 172-001, sabi there's a disturbance raw or whatever.. yeah right)..

    Ok, moving on... I've got nothing to do so I just watched tv.

    Ang guess what? Today, I heard/read this lines twice:

    "What do you think you're doing?" said the guy.

    "I wasn't thinking." replied the girl.
    It's no big deal btw. Coincidence lang siguro. I just read it from the book Loverboy (na akala ko ay maganda ang story kaya binili ko sa Booksale) and heard it from Tom Cruise.

    A crap, wasn't it? Hehe.. ;p

    Anyway, that's it and I'm offline. Still need to wake up early tomorrow. Kailangan pang mag-pack ng damit.

    Kaasar nga eh, sakit pa ng ulo ko!! Basahin mo ba naman ang isang nobela for just one & a half day.. Goodluck sayo! But I don't regret it naman. In fact, I absolutely love The Magic Bullet. Two reasons:

    One, it's a medical thriller so I can relate.
    Two, it's better than Loverboy. Much much better.

    Haaay... This time it's for real. Buh-bye. ;p


    Title goes here

    Yesterday, we went swimming. Just a spur of the moment thing.

    Sa isang hot spring resort lang somewhere in Laguna. Mainit raw kasi eh.. ;p

    Afterwards, we went to buy Espasol (my fave) and Buko Pie at D'Vinia's along Calamba highway. Masarap pala iyon noh?

    Anyway, I'll upload the pics next time. Sakit na ng mata ko sa kaka-internet! ;p

    Just wanna share that our real beach escapade will be on April 8. Somewhere in Iba, Zambales. Hehe.. Kasama namin ang mga relatives sa mother's side. Kayo saan?

    Btw, I just finished another blog template. This one is for Adry:

    All That I've Got

    The layout is such a mediocre. I know.

    I'm still new to Photoshop thingy. And I admit I'm not really that good. So that's it.

    Anyway, have a nice day to all! *hugs*


    Of being grade-conscious

    I was lying on the bed, channel-hopping with the remote control.

    Mom is out. She went to get my younger bro's card. It's Card Giving Day today. At least for my bro.

    Honestly speaking, I like school days better. Eversince the class ended, all I do here inside our house is this: watch tv, eat, sleep, eat, watch tv, surf the net, eat. Haaaay... Actually, not in that order.

    Anyway, there were some pesky dancers in two different noontime shows. Kakainis. Honestly speaking, I hate noontime shows. There are also a lot of music videos (na talagang nakakasawa na, as in).

    "But wait... there's MORE!!"

    Sounds familiar? Yes, you're soooo right. There are also a lot of advertisement channels (or whatever you may call it).

    Aaaaahhhh. Nothing on the box seemed to hold my attention for more than a couple of minutes.. so obviously, I turned off the tv.

    And tadaaa!!! Here I am. Blogging my heart out. (Is there such an idiom?) *grins*

    Anyway, I got my classcards the other day. But I wasn't in the mood to post a new entry so I wasn't able to share my grades. (As if you would care).

    This are my grades for the second semester (forgive me for the cute little hearts, but I can't help myself but feel girly right now.. hehe) :
    ♥ NSTP - 91 (1.50)
    ♥ English - 88 (1.75)
    ♥ Filipino - 90 (1.50)
    ♥ P.E. (swimming) - 92 (1.25)
    ♥ Philosophy of Man - 91 (1.50)
    ♥ Organic Chemistry - 90 (1.50)
    ♥ Sociology and Anthropology - 88 (1.75)
    ♥ Human Anatomy & Physiology - 89 (1.75)

    Unfortunately, my grade in Theology was "on hold". It's because of the MTV project. Medyo malabo raw. I-edit pa raw namin. Kaasar talaga. *frowns*

    But all in all, I know naman that I did well. But not really that well compared to my grades during the last semester. (If you actually clicked that link, well, the grades are typed under the letter R of the meme/tag/whatever.)

    Anyway, I worked hard for those grades so why should I be falsely modest? But that doesn't mean I have to brag or boast, right? Don't worry. I'm not doing it.

    I'm just another one of those grade-conscious freaks.

    "Yeah right," you say.

    And now having talked your ear off, and made a nuisance of myself, making speeches or whatever (hehe.. I love that word! Whatever!!)... I will now take myself off and eat lunch.

    Grabe! Sobrang gutom na ako!!!!

    Have a nice day to all! *hugs*

    And of course, before I click the "publish post".. advance HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!


    For trickyboy

    I just finished a blog template for Patrick. I hoped he will like it! Hehe.. The preview and the code is on my Free Blog Layouts site. ;p

    The Interlude

    ...Frankly, this isn't related with the post but I just can't help myself but share with you, dear blogger friends, that a while ago, when I typed my name, "airah", in Google's search box...

    Of "39 000 results", this blog's URL was the second one on the list.

    And in, Yahoo.. still 2nd of the "13 200 results". ;p

    Isn't that a good news? Well, for me, it is.

    Hehe.. Anyway, just sharing.. Have a nice day to all! *hugs*