Can't shut my mouth...

I was so pissed off.

You see, my usual travel time from school to home is only 1 hour.

Just this afternoon, my urinary bladder was talking tongues already but because of the effing traffic, I have no choice but to wait for an added 30 minutes or so to get home.


Philippines is just so hopeless.

Anyway for those cyberpeople who actually care, I just wanted to share that I've already registered a .com somewhere.. hehe.. Guess where? Nvm.

My new baby is up; although, it's still under construction.

So this is it! I'm quite serious with my hobby here. Hehe.. ;)

Anyway, if you're curious, you can take a look: Damsels of Design.

Got starstruck!! Hehe..

We saw Paolo Bediones (of the defunct Extra Challenge) in SM Mall of Asia just this noon.

He was memorizing his script in Pinoy Meets World.

Actually, I wasn't pretty much excited when I saw him in person. He looks like just another tv guy, this time standing in flesh among the crowds.

But when we went closer, I changed my mind. He's actually handsome pala. Not to mention the fact that he's genuinely super duper nice and approachable.

Hehe.. He even acknowledged us.. almost like saying "Wag na kayong mahiya". In the end, we just asked him if we could have a snapshot with him.

He agreed.

L-R: Chelle, Ariel, Taj, Bona, PAOLO & me

It's not everyday that you get to meet a star.