Random thoughts again

Since I am too lazy to drag myself from bed that early, my mom was the one who enrolled me for second semester the day before the other day. (Awww.. My mom is the best.)

Anyway, below are the subjects (for the 2nd sem) and their corresponding units:

Theology 2 --- 3 units
English 1: Communication Skills 1 --- 3 units
Filipino 2: Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba't Ibang Disiplina --- 3 units
Hum. 2: Philosophy of Man --- 3 units
Social Science 2: Sociology and Anthropology ---3 units
Natural Science 2: Organic Chemistry ---5 units
Related Course 1: Human Anatomy & Physiology --- 5 units
P.E. 2: Rhythmic and Aquatic --- 2 units
Civic Welfare and Training Service --- 3 units

Oh cripes! Come on. Look, look again. I know they are nothing compared to Hermione's. But hey! Fiction are called such because it's a product of the author's imagination so quit it self.

Sheesh. But you know what is worst? As in the worst??

**drum rolls**

It is the schedule man!! The freaking schedule. Arrrgggh. I have whole day classes from Monday to Saturday (Wednesday excluded, thank God). And the earliest time I could go home would be 4 in the afternoon, that is Monday. And the rest would either be 7 or 7:30 pm. Arrrgggh again.

Pfft. Why the heck are you complaining self..?? It was you (and only you) who chose this course and now you are complaining as if it was push into your face. Why can't you just shoot yourself and get it over with anyway?

Yes. Yes. Bloody brilliant. But I am not that mad. Oh well, at least not yet. Oh God, I really really must stop talking to myself or this will become a habit.

Anyway, back to normal me.

We will have swimming as our P.E. subject. And yes of course, we will all wear proper uniform on the pool (swimsuit for girls and trunks for boys).. But honestly, I'm quite uneasy just by thinking I will be wearing a one-piece swimsuit in front of my classmates.

Though I assure you I have already accepted myself for who I am (i.e., small-breasted and skinny aka "bones and everything bones"). Besides.. let me just quote something from Call Waiting by Michelle Cunnah: "After all, bigger boobs would only make me front-heavy, which is a bad thing because (apart from possibility of curvature of spine problem, or implants exploding on airplane due to air pressure problem) bigger boobs would only make me prone to falling on my face. Or not exactly on my face on account of surgically enhanced boobs breaking my fall--image of me bouncing along sidewalk on stiff implants is not attractive.."

Lol. Anyway, the only thing that makes me uneasy with the thought of the Swimsuit and I thing is that ahm.. You see, in our annual family outings on the beach, I never wear a swimsuit (well, childhood excluded). Not that I have scars on my legs or something but because of the sole reason of me being a skinny one.. I think a swimsuit just won't look good on me..

Darn. Surely, there's still an existing part of me wanting some curves. *sighs*

I have good news (for myself). I won't be having any operation in the near future. For those who can't relate with what I'm saying, maybe you should read my Wonder Who She Is? post. Hmm... So, we got our 3rd opinion, and this time to no other than Doctor Eufemio, the president of Philippine Cancer Society (third person from the left, wearing white barong).. The second I entered, he immediately said (while reading my ultrasound result): "Wag kang mag-alala (Don't worry). Your lumps are due to hormones. It's not cancerous. " The moment I heard him said that, I sighed with so much relief. It was like I've never heard a real good news for six months. I'm so thankful. You might wonder why my mom and I believed him? It's because he said it with so much honesty that I felt it came from his heart. He's not like the other doctors who say: "Kailangan ng operahin iyan para malaman kung malignant or benign. (It's a must for you to undergo a surgery to know if those lumps are malignant or benign)"


Haha.. Isn't it cool? I customized the pic. Want yours? Well, check out Hetemeel for yourself. Four pictures are waiting for you to be customized. I like this (Einsten) and the dictionary pic. Cool.

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I am sick


Since the other day, my trusty hankies (and thin towels) are my constant companions. I have been blowing my nose like hell a hundred times an hour. Gross. Oh and not to mention the fact that my nose feels like hell already. Bloody hell from too much blowing. Ugh.

And what made things even worst? I have this my-head-is-being-squeezed-like-a-grape kind of pain. Feck. Good thing, I still could see the letters I type on the screen. I really feel dizzy right now.

I consulted The A-Z of First Aid and Family Health awhile ago. It said I have a sinus headache. Not that the book really talked to me as I opened it, but you know what I mean.

"This type of headache is a symptom of a larger ailment-sinusitis. Its causes-sinus infection, blocked nasal passages and a deviated septum-are better treated by a doctor. "

All understood except the last one. I had not a single clue what septum was (and to think I am taking up Nursing) so I opened Mr. Webster.

"Septum - a partition separating two cavities (e.g. the nostrils) or masses of tissue (e.g. in fruits)"

As Hugh Grant would say: "F*ck, f*ckity, f*ck." Fercrapssakes.. Pa, if you are reading this, before any violent reactions on my comment box (me *sniff* grinning from *sniff* ear to ear), let me stand corrected. That could even mean "fick, fickity, fick" for all you know. *winks*

Anyway, almost everything has been said crystal clear. (?!).. I think I should move on now. This is just a flu. (Yeah right. Who the hell are you kidding with self? Right now, you got your worst runny nose for ages!!)

Oh gawd. Maybe you will be hearing from me again after four days.. Or a week perhaps. I dunno. But by that time, I only wish I am already in my "sanity". And my nose will feel much much better.

But before I end this, I just wanted to say something really nice.

In honor of not having anything to blog about aside from my usual run-of-the-mill ramblings, I think this is the right time to share with the whole World Wide Web my deep and supah sincere gratitude to the person who gave me this [freakin] cold virus.

[sincere gratitude]
Whoever you are, thanks a bunch. You will be the reason why I will get many "get-well-soons" in the future. Without you and your (freakin) cold virus, I would not be saying "I feel soooo grand, thanks" to any people who asks me "Hi. How are you?".. And the last but definitely not the least.. without you and your (freakin) cold virus, I won't be having this post. Thankyousomuch.
[/sincere gratitude]

So there.

But I reckon I am still lucky I don't have a bird flu.. Oh well, at least that is something I could really be thankful for.

Anyway, thanks for wasting your precious time reading this crap. (And sorry for the foul words. I really feel so freaky today. Arrgggggh.)

Since I have this habit of lengthening my post until it reaches the end stuffs of my two sidebar (but to my dismay, it won't be coz I don't have anything else to say aside from what I'll tell you below, so I'll just put 2 posts on my homepage just to reach or "surpass" the stuffs on my sidebar).. I just added something that you might want to try.
Got the link from Nikki's latest post. Due to my curiousity, I tried it. There's nothing really wrong in trying, you know. Anyway, the result? "Your website is ranked #9,031 out of 53,322 SiteScores!" and "Your website is ranked 29 in the world. This is excellent and shows you have an exceptionally popular website." (Haha.. The last one is exaggerated though.)

"Marketing (how well marketed, and popular the website is) --> 6.5
Design (how well designed and built the website is) --> 9.5
Accessibility (how accessible the website is, particularly to those with disabilities) --> 10.0
Experience (how satisfying the website is likely to be) --> 7.3
Overall summary score for this website --> 7.5

Not bad for someone who is just starting to be unique on the blogosphere, right? Anyway, if you want to try it. Just click here. You will be given tips on how to improve your site, etc.. Very useful.

P.S.: Oh, I added a navigation thing just above my date header in case you haven't noticed. Tell me if it is just alright. Lots of thankies guys!


Of being lazy-assed

Yep. I am a lazy-assed girl and I am definitely not proud of it.

Know what, if it is just possible for you to take a peek under my bed, I am pretty sure you will be sneezing your brains out after. My room is not a mile different from yours. You will see dusts. Lots of it. Scattered papers (since the first semester). I reckon I forgot to throw those in the trash bin (sheesh! Same old excuses. Cut the crap self). Oh! And there are scattered magazines all over the table. And of course, that oh-so-yucky-creepy-crawly creature living on the dark corners of my room since God knows when!!!

Geez. Would you believe I just had an encounter with the most spine-chilling creature I have ever seen in my whole life?? Well, for you it might sound a bit exaggerated, but honestly, I just can't stand seeing a cockroach crawling on MY floor.

That is why my initial reaction was a deep, deep.. really deep breath. You don't know how hard it is but I grabbed my cute red slipper anyway. The next thing I did? Well, I just showed off my oh-so-gut-wrenchingly move whenever I see any crawling specie that annoys me.

And poof!! **insert sinister laugh here**

The life of that poor creature was ended. Or in short, it stopped breathing. How the hell I knew?? Well, logically, if you kill a creature real hard, chances are.. oh well, breathing is stopped.

So, there. Laugh at me if you want. But I really fear roaches. Even if it is just a single tiny one.

Actually, it is the only insect I know which (sometimes) is not afraid to go after you even if you already "shoo" it away.

Arrgh. Don't you just hate the guts of a cockroach?

If you are the type of person who don't like "mushy" novels, then I'm advising you to skip this bit and go straight to the tag below this one. Thanks.
"For when you are always in the wedding.. but never carry the bouquet." Right now, I'm reading Sarah Webb's Always The Bridesmaid. Bought it from Booksale (SM Manila) for only P110. (Geeez.. Secondhand bookstores are the best.) The story begins with Amy O'Sullivan fetching her dear sister Suzi from the airport with her "Golden Delicious" Australian fiance in tow. Then, the next scenes was inside their parent's home. You know, the same old interrogation whenever a lady brings home a guy. I dunno what's the next since I'm only on chapter three. Haha... But then let me tell you the line that really amused me. "It's bad enough when your love life is going nowhere fast--it's worse when everyone else's soaring!" (A certain aunt comes to mind. Lol..)
ABC's from Jay

A - Age: 16 years breathing on this world
B - Band Listening To Right Now: None.
C - Career: Student
D - Drink or Smoke: Never tried smoking. And only drinks water, softdrinks, iced tea and juices, thankyou.
E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Jecha
F - Favorite Song/s at the moment: Honestly? Well, it would be Dreaming of You by Selena. OMG! I love that song. Coz I am dreaming with you tonight. And tomorrow, I will be holding you tight.. (Hey! Don't tell me you actually sang it? Haha..) There is a story behind that song but I will only bore you to death so I won't tell.
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Worms. The real ones. *gross* Haha..
H - Have a Boyfriend: None.
I - In love: Still on vacation from that experience.
J - Junk Food You Like: I love Pringles. In fact, I could eat it in just one sitting.
K - Kids: None.
L - Longest Ride Ever: Geez. I dunno how long was it but I think it was our way to Quezon province last last summer, finding a good beach resort.
M - My Favorite Sports: I am actually not the type of person you will often see outside. I do not have what you call favorite sport since I am not a sporty girl. (I am a bore. With a bold and capital B!) But I like playing badminton. Ack. There. I guess I actually have one.
N - Names For Your Future Kids: Aliyah, Kirsten, Chloe
O - One Wish You Have Now: Money. Lots of money. Bills, not coins.
P - Phobias: dogs. Ever since my aunt's dog almost bit my shoulder, I now have this unusual fear when I see dogs. Like as if those dogs would actually run after me and bite me.. Good thing, scratches was the only thing I got from that cursed creature and not rabies! Haha..
Q - Favorite Quote: Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. by Hellen Keller
R - Reasons To Smile: Just got my class cards for the 1st semester. And it's not pretty bad as I actually imagined it would be. CWTS- 93 (1.25) ; P.E.- 93 (1.25) ; Chemistry- 87 (2.o) ; Filipino- 88 (1.75) ; Algebra- 96 (1.0) ; Logic- 91 (1.5) ; English- 91 (1.5) ; General Psychology- 97 (1.0).. So there. No reason for me to frown today. ;-p
S - Sleeping Hours: Irregular
T - Time You Woke Up: 8 am. Haha.. Pretty early for a sleepyhead, don't you think?
U - Unknown Fact About You: I have breast lumps. Take note, with 's'. (Only few close people know it.)
V - Vegetable You Hate: Ampalaya
W - Worst Habit: Checking up the same thing over and over again to know if it's in proper order. I'm a neat freak (room excluded).
X - X-rays You've Had: Chest
Y - Yummy Foods: Ginataang alimasag with rice!!!!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Leo

5 people I'm tagging: Patrick , Bulitas , Ezinewriter , The Phoenix , Lica


My blog was reviewed by the ever humorous Teh Blog Father.

"Mama mia santa mariaa! Ladieeeees and gentlemen, I present to you our youngest entrant hailing all the way from the Philippines, you better recognise! I was in the Philippines once (strictly maphia business). It's the only place where every lady you "accidentally" bump into looks like Miss Dayuuuuum! Airah "Tha Thug Princess" Blaze demands respect and gives respect. You lookin' for a damsel in distress? Better look elsewhere. A credit card [ab]using, quote loving, casual dressing, blog hopping Ms. Congeniality incarnate, you better show her some-o-dat blogadelic looooove!"

Want your blog be reviewed by him? Click here.

P.S.: To all those people who commented on my previous post, thanks a lot!! You know who you are, guys!! I know I can overcome these obstacle. Pagsubok lang iyon!! I'm still young. Ajaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!


Wonder who she is? Read on.

When she was four years old, her mom gave birth to a baby boy. That girl was so pleased that she thought things could not get any worse.

But she was wrong.

Every childhood has its special imprints, memories that float in one's mind like ghosts waiting to be recalled. That girl's memory consist mainly of things peculiar to an autistic boy for a brother..

When people found out that her younger brother still could not talk at the age of three, they call him abnormal. But to her family, he is simply special.

At age five, he was brought to a school for special children. There he was taught how to write, read, talk and feed himself. Basic things a normal child should have known by now.

Years passed by and that boy proved that he is not capable of being productive. And he still can not talk. Every now and then, he has tantrums (worse than tantrums of any other kids that girl knows). A person who never experience being with a special child would really be shocked to see his tantrums.

He would bang his head on the wall so many times that the girl often wonders why that boy never got brain tumor. When he is on his worst disposition, he would actually even throw anything he sees across his path. Be it expensive or not. He never cared.

He would bit, hit or scratch anyone he likes.

She actually thinks he is a hopeless case. Even the family is almost ready to give up any hopes they have for him.

He is like a wild animal on a habitat screaming for serenity. The only person he feared is their father.

Anyway, let us go to the story of the girl. But before that, let me tell you a thing or two about her.

She was besotted once. Big time. During that experience, it was as if she was wearing her feelings on her sleeve.. that she actually had a huge sign plastered on her forehead that said: So Totally Bonkers for M***! Unfortunately, she realized one must wake up in every daydream. So it only ended up with her saying: Holy heartbreak, Batman!

Oh gawd. Just to make the introduction short, she is your typical girl. She dreams of happily-ever-afters.. Loves the things easy life could bring.. Wants to be a successful person someday..

But all that hopes became distorted.. She suddenly realized that her life will never be a bed of roses.. That life, itself, will never be perfect.

How could she forget that on March 28 (two days before her graduation), while she was actually ready to call it a night, she accidentally felt a lump on her left breast.

She immediately went to her dear mom and let her feel the lump. Due to ignorance of certain lumps, she cried silently.. thinking that all those time she had a breast cancer.

More than a week later, April 8, she had her very first ultrasound. The result?

"Solid masses, both breast."

She took a mental note of the term masses. Holy shit! Plural form. Which means it is not only one. The largest is on the left breast which is 2.6 cm at 11 o clock position.

She could not believe it. How long had those started? Were that lumps inherited? If they were, from whom did she inherited those? Or is it because of the not-so-rare times she was hit by her brother?

Questions. Lots of questions. But in reality, she does not want to know the answers. She might have develop a certain loatheness against her dear brother if the answer would be the latter.

She might be becoming selfish but this time, she is talking about her life.. her future.. The real issue is not about other people anymore. It is about her.

October 18.. More than six months have passed and her mom decided to accompany her to a clinic for her next ultrasound.

The result was still the same: "Solid masses, bilateral, as described. "

Unfortunately, the hypoechoic masses became larger. The largest one (in the 11 o clock position) became 3.1 cm.

Her parents were still thinking if they would let her undergo a surgery. They were actually having second thoughts since her loving grandmother said: "Hindi magandang galawin ang mga bukol na iyan. Baka kapag inoperahan ay tumubo pa uli, at maging malignant pa. Subukan ninyong gumamit ng mga dahon-dahon o tapal-tapal. Baka mabisa. (It is not good to touch those lumps. It may grow again once removed and this time it could be malignant. Try some traditional means. Maybe it will be effective.)"

But the oncologist said: "In my many years of experience, I never, not even once, did I encounter a drug that could really cure breast lumps. However, some people said that traditional methods are effective. I do not know. Honestly, I am not saying traditional methods are not good. Though sometimes, it leads you to false hopes. When in reality, it just prolongs the agony. And if you are wondering if breast lumps could still grow back after surgery. Yes, they do sometimes. Unfortunately, the medicine world has yet discovered the real cure to lumps. All I could do for you is to remove the largest one if you do not like to remove them all. Then, we will do some biopsy to know if those lumps are benign or not."

Christmas is coming and that girl has so many wishes she wanted to come true. But all she wished right now is that those breast lumps were just benign. She is still young and full of life.

Please include her on your prayers everyday. That is all I ask from you.

Thanks a lot.

Oh. Before I forgot, the girl I am talking about is me.

I was tagged by Lica

Yes. You read it right.

Got my very first tag.

So, here it goes...

1. Go to your archives.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Post the fifth sentence or closest to it.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same thing.

And the fifth sentence is...
Maybe you were thinking it was because I was kinda tense.

I'm tagging:
1. Thal
2. Kit
3. Patty
4. Savannah
5. Dude


Gmail Invites

Since PureMood sent me a Gmail invite, I thought about other people who have none. There are still a majority out there who does not have a Gmail account. Not that it would really matter because Yahoo, in my opinion, is still the best.

Anyway, if you want or need a free Gmail (Google Email) invite, do not hesitate to leave me a message on my comment box located just below this post. Oh. And do not forget to put your valid e-mail address on the message box.

Note: Please, just please.. Do NOT put your e-mail address on the e-mail box since I like less hassles. I do not want to open my HaloScan account just to see the e-mail addresses, guys.

Or if you want, just send me an e-mail on my Yahoo account. I'll send you the invite as soon as I have the time.

Thank you.

[edited 04-03-06] NOTE: Only 14 invites left


This is my idea of a long post

Oh well. This is already a long post for me. And I can't think of anything much longer than this in the very near future. (Since sembreak means I'll be staying in our house more often.)

But then you will really never know, you know.

I just remembered that I must thank the person who made the Hello Garci tape.

Got curious for my sudden appreciation for the sound clip?

Oh gawd. Ahm. People (especially the pro-GMA ones), before any violent reactions. Let me just clear one thing. This is not a post regarding the very essence of any political stuff. Period.

You see, I have a great difficulty on waking up early. Blame it on the soft bed, nice dreams, super tiring yesterday. Or in short: Blame it on the great atmosphere which a new day brings.

The night before last night, I decided to change my clock alarm tone in my cellphone. I am not using a real alarm clock since it can not wake me up (honestly). I dunno, maybe it is because the sound is really not that persistent. So I opt for my phone instead. But just the same..

Yeah alright. It could wake me up. But then, the sound just passes my left ear then out to my right.

So a new idea came to my mind. All I need is a sound clip that is very much "alive". As in very much maingay.

Fortunately, as I browse my collection of sound clips, I saw my Hello Garci wav tone. Funny, I reckon I only saved it because I only wanted to show the clip to my father (if there is one thing he can not live without.. it would be news! On the television while he is surfing the net.. on the radio while he is in the comfort room.. on his car while he is driving into his office or back home. Name it. He is really into news. Super.).

Geez. Back to the controversial sound clip. Actually, I never thought it would stay on my gallery for so long. It was been four months already right?

But I am quite happy I did not delete it. Believe it or not, I am now using it as my alarm clock tone. And you are wondering what is my first experience of using it?

I woke up at the right time yesterday morning. I set my alarm clock at 6 am since I should be at school before 8 am. We had a culminating activity for CWTS yesterday. But as usual, I was late. Maybe I woke up early, but old habits never die hard.. I left our house thirty minutes before 8 in the morning.

Would you fuckingly believe it? Trip to school usually last an hour kapag nagko-commute. Or 40 minutes if may car. Wahaha..

Always late.

Another BE Moderator:

Hmm.. some of my thoughts:

Some of that text is just too small... I can read it, but it is hard on the eyes. I think you do OK on your English especially for one who says they aren't that comfy in using it... so don't worry so much about what others think. IMO, a typo here and there in a post is OK because no one is perfect... I know I have typos just because I'm too lazy to spell check and even spell check isn't always correct.

The header image... I'd either:
A) make it smaller
B) compress it so it loads faster or;
C) have it be more than one image so it loads faster

And one more, I'd make less posts appear on the main page so it isn't so long...

I got my blog reviewed by PM, one of the moderators on BlogExplosion. Her constructive tips about improving my blog were great. Honestly, I did what she adviced (the last one). I changed the how many entries you want to appear on your blog? from 12 posts to 10 posts. Hehe..

The header image? I am still finding that extra time so that I could make a new one. My friend said that the header image is like a summary of what kind of blog you have. I only wished my next one is better from what I have right now. (I also suck at graphics. You are not alone, Patrick!) At the very top, you could see my favorite motto. It can be read (I know!) but not that clearly.

You see, I am still in the process of knowing the right look for my blog. Waaaah. I am not using the term perfect again, aight? Because.. Sheesh.

Come on guys! Let us hear it.. *drum rolls*

Nobody is blah blah blah..

Other reviews about my blog from BE people...

I viewed your blog and it's ok, however the text is too small. And like OHB implied, if you want to put up a video clip, make sure the readers can click the play button first before it plays.
I, on the other hand, followed your advice and tried redesigning my blog with a new template. Although it looked good on the preview, it tends to mix up when i type the website manually. So i stuck with the default template, which is all right with me.


This is an urban ledgend. Splitting a picture into multiple pictures will not make it load faster. It might look that way though... because instead of waiting for an entire picture to load before displaying... the browser will show the parts of the picture that have loaded so far.

As a matter of fact, splitting the image will actually increase the bandwidth and time needed to completely load the full picture. This is because each image will have to have headers that define things like size and pallete and compression, etc. Having one picture means the headers don't have to be duplicated.

For you... since this picture can't really be made smaller without losing necessary detail... the best idea would be to get rid of it altogether and make a replacement that's no taller than say 400 or 500 pixels high. If I was doing it, I'd have your blog title and that cool-looking motto, on top of a background image that's slightly faded as to not interrupt the title or motto. But, that's just me.

Those are really great tips. Too many great tips (which I am in dire need) that I am actually thinking of what to do next after I post this. First things first. I know. I know. But it is like I can not organize my thoughts right now.

So if you are a regular visitor of this page (I wished!), you could only notice small changes as days pass by since I can NOT do all those things in just a single day. I also need to eat, sleep and do my other net itineraries. I can not blog all day.

Hehe. But I can go online for the whole day. Did that many times. I am just hoping against hope my mom would not see our electricity bill for this month. She would surely scream at my face. (Oh well. That is an exaggeration.)

I just received a SMS message from Iam, a classmate:
"Classmates: attention! We are all requested 2 come to school on Wednesday (Oct. 19).. 9:00 am. That is according to Ms. Parafina. See ya there! Pakikalat na lang ah!"

Oh. There was a time-saving U with an umlaut after her message.

Wtf! Still, it does not make a difference. I am not excited. Not that I would not be missing my dear classmates (but we are blockmates for geeeez sake!! We have been together for one whole semester.. I need a break.) Yes. You read it right. I need a break. We all need a break. So why is it necessary to go to school on Wednesday?

Our grade in General Psychology is not yet complete. We still need to create a blog and post our draft in there. But (I'm asking myself) how the hell could we do that? We still have not made our draft. The complete draft for the answers in all the questions each of us wrote on a piece of paper during our very first meeting on her subject. Btw, mine was written on a one-fourth sheet of yellow paper (lol. Just taking up some extra space).

My question was: Why boys are afraid to cry in public?
The question I picked was: Why are old ladies so ill-mannered? Is it because of menopausal stage?

So now, you have an idea what the questions were like. Those are questions often known to be easy when taken from one's own opinions but when based on different pyschological theories, those questions become so difficult to answer.

I dunno who picked my question. But the would-be answer is quite easy, dont you agree?

Sembreak will officially start tomorrow.

Cool. And sooooo fuckedy-shet. Why? Because.. I would not be enjoying my very first taste of my very first day of my very first semestral break!!!!! Need I say more?

While all the other college teens will start enjoying it, I still need to go to school at seven tomorrow morning. As in morning. Morning?! Yes. Morning, dear.

Geez. Can it not be after lunch?? Do I still need to emphasize the term difficult? As in it is soooo really very much supah difficult to get oneself off from bed so early in the morning.


But then, Nini texted me. There will be a meeting for all the members of the MDC organizations (e.g. Bailadores, Teatrika, etc.). And she even said that Ate Jannica, MDC Theater's Artists' Guild president, called her. The message of the call? Attendance is a MUST! But honestly speaking, I'm actually having second thoughts of going. Bahala na!!


Regular blogger wannabe

Since Sunday, whenever I visit my blog, I could feel the emptiness. You know, iyong feeling na parang may kulang talaga.

And I am not that stupid for not to realize what could that be. It was been four days since I last posted. Four days in which I could have shared my superficial side.

Well, albeit this is my blog (a phrase in my vocabulary which screams wtf-I-would-post-again-whenever-I-feel-like-doing-it). I felt rather compelled to post. (Suspect? Inner self, who else!)

Actually, I am already contented on adding new stuffs on my blog every now and then. (Obviously, you could see the results.) But do not worry, some of the nuisances will be removed.
Just like what the people of BlogExplosion said:
BE Member: An awful lot going on there with text and graphics. You should measure the eye candy with care.
BE Moderator: Yowch...auto-starting video = not cool = instant click on Back.

Yeah. I only realized that when I went to blogs of other people and became irritated with auto-play sounds. I know you also feel that. Especially when you wanted to ponder on some profound ideas being shared by another blogger, then all of a sudden a song which you least wanted to hear is being played on that page. Shit. Really annoying.

Anyway, I just wanted to hear your comments regarding the stuffs right here on my blog. Things that you like and things that you do not. Comment your worst, guys! They are all welcome on my comments page. Just avoid lots of swearing. It is kinda offensive.

So. Anyway, where am I?

Geez. Back to the real issue.

Honestly, I want to be a regular blogger. Like a one who shares his/her life frequently with the rest of the blogosphere. Not only because I get feedback upon doing so (admit it, we all want lots of sincere feedback the second we clicked publish post). But also because I want to reread the posts the moment my blog turned on its first year or even many years to come. Like for example, I wanted to know what happened to me that very same day. The only difference is the year. OMG. Is not that something to look forward to?

The only thing that stops me from being a regular blogger is the fear of being misunderstood. Honestly, I am not comfortable in using the English language. Hey, before you react, I just wanted to clear something up. I have English subject since I was on my kindergarten years, thankyouverymuch. And in fact, I love English. But then, I am just an ordinary person. In my day-to-day life, I only use the Taglish language. (For those who do not know, it is Tagalog and English rolled into one language.)

So, back from being uncomfortable, well I can not share all the ideas on my mind. Because I find it hard to put all those into writing since I need to translate it in English. FYI: Some readers do not know how to read Filipino.

I admit I am not great on sentence structures. That is why you could see lots of grammatical errors. (Hey, if you are kind and patient enough. Please care to tell me my serious boo-boo. Gosh. Thanks. I owe you two. First is the main blog comment and the second one is my grammatical errors.)

But then, I am not trying to be perfect. (The cliche nobody is perfect is in your head right now. I know.)


Since I am not required to go to school today, you are now reading an entry. (Come again??)

LOL. I told you on my last post that I got exempted on Algebra right? That is the reason why I am relaxing here in my room while facing the computer for hours already.

Update about my last post:
About Nikko? Well... Pumapasok naman siya para mag-take ng Finals kaso I don't know if he'll be able to answer all of it. I'm not underestimating him or something pero more than two weeks siyang absent. So, ayun...

Yesterday, I was late. Holy heavens! For the second time of this (Finals) week, I was late. Unfortunately, that time, our proctor, the high and mighty na medyo mataray ang dating na si Mr. Serrano, did not let us in.

Five of us came late. Five of us... Dia, Nelba, Angelica, Ryan and yours truly, stayed outside the room. Regretting why we didn't left our dear homes early.

I immediately called Ms. Parafina's mobile number. She's our adviser and she's also the MDC Gen. Psych. coordinator. Funny thing is the moment she answered my call, Ryan told me she's outside the class, I think in 205-B. Just four rooms away from us.

I cancelled the call. If there's one thing I despise reading, it would be "check operator services". I don't have regular load on my Sun number that's why I still need to change sim to be able to use my Globe.

We approached Ms. Parafina quickly. While hoping that the proctor inside the room 209-B would still let us in if we would just let her talk to him. She's our Gen. Psych. coordinator for crying out loud. Maybe, Mr. Serrano would be considerate enough. (We wished!)

But Ms. Parafina was firm in saying she couldn't let us take the exam since the proctor did not let us get inside. It's the management's rule. And that a rule will always be a rule.

But then, when a door closes, another is opened. She also said I got exempted on General Psychology since I got a flat one midterm grade on her subject. Cool. At least, there will be no worry of paying a hundred and fifty just to take a special exam next Monday. But she quickly added, she still need to meet the other four in front of CAS to know who else was exempted.

Anyway, after we finished the exam on Theology, me and Jecha went to SM Sucat. I still have to tutor her on Algebra. (Geez. I just wished Jecha will do great.) Their exam for Algebra is today. 11:30 to 1 pm.

We ate our lunch in McDonald's. There, in between eating my Savory Beef Rice, I explained to her the basics of ratio and proportion... the conversion of units from minims to fluid ounces, fluid drams to pints, etc.

Then, after the tutoring session, we went window shopping. There's this thrill I get whenever I'm going from a boutique to another even without buying a thing. But when I saw a pair of doll shoes displayed on its holy glory, I instantly forgot the shitness of the term "save" since the price really screamed SALE on the top of its tag. It only costs three hundred bucks. And it's not just a pair of black doll shoes. It's flat (normally), and Jecha even said it's a great match to my uniform: white long-sleeved blouse and white pencil cut skirt (or was the style really pencil cut? Geez. I don't know how to describe the skirt. But if you happen to know some MDC girls who are wearing it, then you have an idea).

Maybe.. Right now, my wallet is short of 300 freakin pesos. But I'm definitely not disappointed. At least, I have my third leather shoes for this semester. *winks*


Quizzy... Here I come!! *winks*

Geez. Not bad for a 16 y/o:
You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?
Wow... This is true:
Your Ideal Relationship is Serious Dating

You're not ready to go walking down the aisle.
But you may be ready in a couple of years.
You prefer to date one on one, with a commitment.
And while chemistry is important, so is compatibility.


Geez. Nikko has been absent for many weeks. I dunno pero baka nga natuloy iyong operation niya. Almoranas raw.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nikko's drawing on the whiteboard (taken one schoolday afternoon)

I wonder if he would still attend the Finals. Hindi naman sa pag-aano pero syempre concern rin kami sa kalagayan niya. Kung pagiging practical ang pag-uusapan... sayang naman iyong ibinayad niya for the whole sem.

Anyway, aral na ako guys! Monday na start ng Finals Week namin. Geez. Good luck sakin! (Good thing, exempted ako sa Algebra. Hehe. Hindi na ako papasok this Wednesday. I have more time to study for the subjects na itetest for Thursday and Friday... and more time to surf the net.) LOL...


WARNING: This is gruesome!

I received this pics through e-mail.

OMG! You could just see my shock when I saw this pics. Maunlad nga ang Japan pero grabe naman.

I don't know if this is true or what. Baka may gamit na photoshop or something. Pero imposible. Waaaah.. Basta kayo na lang ang humusga, guys.

Don sa mga kasalukuyang kumakain. Excuse muna.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Very inhuman. So gruesome. Really.

Tsk. Tsk. I only wished this pics were fake.

"It's Japan's hottest food. In Japan, dead babies or fetuses could be bought at 10 000 to 20 000 Yen. It is a thing against human race. Please forward this to many people as you can. So that it can be seen by the world and someone could take action about it."


Two down... *grins*

Iyong una is no'ng Monday. Graded recitation namin sa Filipino. Either monologue, extemporaneous speeech or declamation.

I chose monologue. Hindi pala declamation piece. Magkaiba pala iyon.

Wahaha... *chuckles*

Mine is "Kaninong Anak Ito?" by Teo S. Baylen. I got a grade of 90%. Cool. Buti na lang iyong nafi-feel kong kaba ay nakatulong sa akin. (Waaaaah.. Drama non ah) This is the part na parang akong isang nauupos na kandila... (Hehe.. Lalim talaga! Sheeet. Di ako sanay..)

"Ngayong ako'y bilanggo na'y siya mo pang inaapi!"

Hehe.. Do'n talaga sa line na iyon ko na-feel iyong emotion na kailangan kong ma-feel para mas convincing iyong dating sa audience.

Then iyong pangalawa is iyong aerobic dancing namin.

Dalawa lang ang naka-90% sa amin. The rest 80% pataas na. Ewan ko kung sino iyong isa. Pero binanggit ni Ms. Aquino na si Nini ay isa sa naka-line of 9.

Pero ako sure akong hindi ako naka-line of 9. Kasi marami akong nafo-forget na steps. Kaya napapatingin ako sa ibang ka-dancemates ko. *winks*

Hirap talaga kapag pinanganak kang kaliwa ang mga paa. Haaaaay naku! *frowns* Pero hanggang don lang talaga nakaya ko eh. Basta I did my best na mamemorize ung pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga steps. Kaso talagang ganon.

Tsk. Tsk. Lalim ko talaga ngayon. Yuck talaga! Di ako sanay. Hehe..

1. God won't ask what kind of car you drove.
- He'll ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.

2. God won't ask the square footage of your house.
- He'll ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

3. God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet.
- He'll ask how many you helped to clothe.

4. God won't ask what your highest salary was.
- He'll ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

5. God won't ask what your job title was.
- He'll ask if you performed your job to the best of our ability.

6. God won't ask how many friends you had.
- He'll ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

7. God won't ask in what neighborhood you lived.
- He'll ask how you treated your neighbors.

8. God won't ask about the color of your skin.
- He'll ask about the content of your character.

9. God won't ask why it took you so long to seek Salvation.
- He'll lovingly take you to your mansion in heaven, and not to the gates of Hell.

10. God won't ask how many people you shared this with.
- He'll ask if you were ashamed to post this in your blog.

(Would He really care if you won't post this on your blog? I don't think so. What He really wants from us is to believe in Him always. And I already did.)


Geez. Too many things to do...

We practiced aerobic dancing the whole day in Nini's house. Grabe! Kapagod.

Then, tomorrow we still need to buy costume for the dance. Kasama rin kasi sa pagbabasehan ang costume namin for Finals sa P.E.

Actually, I'm still confused with some of the steps. Nakakalito talaga promise. Gumawa kasi uli kami ng bago. If you read my post ( i dunno when i posted it), you will know that Ms. Aquino, our P.E. instructress, gave us so many negative comments that we decided to create another dance steps.

Ang song na ginamit namin ngayon is Smooth Criminal. Pero no'ng una Pon de Replay. Frankly, I enjoyed the steps in Smooth Criminal than the latter. Pero mahirap i-execute pag sinabay na sa music. Aaaaahh.. *frowns*

Then, I still need to memorize my chosen declamation piece. Ngekz. How could I do that? Eh ngayon pa lang ako magre-research for a good piece.

Baka mga tomorrow na lang. Ngayon na lang ako gagawa ng assignment for Logic, mag-aaral for our quizzes sa Chem Lab and Algebra, gagawa ng reviewer sa Chem Lec and Gen Psych. (lapit na Finals namin, guys), gagawa ng reflection paper about sexual harassment for CWTS...

Aaaaaaahhhhhh... tomorrow na lang iyong iba. Sobrang dami ng gagawin, tinatamad na akong i-type iyong ibang activities for this whole week. Good luck na lang sakin.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Goodnight guys! **hugs**