Of being lazy-assed

Yep. I am a lazy-assed girl and I am definitely not proud of it.

Know what, if it is just possible for you to take a peek under my bed, I am pretty sure you will be sneezing your brains out after. My room is not a mile different from yours. You will see dusts. Lots of it. Scattered papers (since the first semester). I reckon I forgot to throw those in the trash bin (sheesh! Same old excuses. Cut the crap self). Oh! And there are scattered magazines all over the table. And of course, that oh-so-yucky-creepy-crawly creature living on the dark corners of my room since God knows when!!!

Geez. Would you believe I just had an encounter with the most spine-chilling creature I have ever seen in my whole life?? Well, for you it might sound a bit exaggerated, but honestly, I just can't stand seeing a cockroach crawling on MY floor.

That is why my initial reaction was a deep, deep.. really deep breath. You don't know how hard it is but I grabbed my cute red slipper anyway. The next thing I did? Well, I just showed off my oh-so-gut-wrenchingly move whenever I see any crawling specie that annoys me.

And poof!! **insert sinister laugh here**

The life of that poor creature was ended. Or in short, it stopped breathing. How the hell I knew?? Well, logically, if you kill a creature real hard, chances are.. oh well, breathing is stopped.

So, there. Laugh at me if you want. But I really fear roaches. Even if it is just a single tiny one.

Actually, it is the only insect I know which (sometimes) is not afraid to go after you even if you already "shoo" it away.

Arrgh. Don't you just hate the guts of a cockroach?

If you are the type of person who don't like "mushy" novels, then I'm advising you to skip this bit and go straight to the tag below this one. Thanks.
"For when you are always in the wedding.. but never carry the bouquet." Right now, I'm reading Sarah Webb's Always The Bridesmaid. Bought it from Booksale (SM Manila) for only P110. (Geeez.. Secondhand bookstores are the best.) The story begins with Amy O'Sullivan fetching her dear sister Suzi from the airport with her "Golden Delicious" Australian fiance in tow. Then, the next scenes was inside their parent's home. You know, the same old interrogation whenever a lady brings home a guy. I dunno what's the next since I'm only on chapter three. Haha... But then let me tell you the line that really amused me. "It's bad enough when your love life is going nowhere fast--it's worse when everyone else's soaring!" (A certain aunt comes to mind. Lol..)
ABC's from Jay

A - Age: 16 years breathing on this world
B - Band Listening To Right Now: None.
C - Career: Student
D - Drink or Smoke: Never tried smoking. And only drinks water, softdrinks, iced tea and juices, thankyou.
E - Easiest Friends To Talk To: Jecha
F - Favorite Song/s at the moment: Honestly? Well, it would be Dreaming of You by Selena. OMG! I love that song. Coz I am dreaming with you tonight. And tomorrow, I will be holding you tight.. (Hey! Don't tell me you actually sang it? Haha..) There is a story behind that song but I will only bore you to death so I won't tell.
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Worms. The real ones. *gross* Haha..
H - Have a Boyfriend: None.
I - In love: Still on vacation from that experience.
J - Junk Food You Like: I love Pringles. In fact, I could eat it in just one sitting.
K - Kids: None.
L - Longest Ride Ever: Geez. I dunno how long was it but I think it was our way to Quezon province last last summer, finding a good beach resort.
M - My Favorite Sports: I am actually not the type of person you will often see outside. I do not have what you call favorite sport since I am not a sporty girl. (I am a bore. With a bold and capital B!) But I like playing badminton. Ack. There. I guess I actually have one.
N - Names For Your Future Kids: Aliyah, Kirsten, Chloe
O - One Wish You Have Now: Money. Lots of money. Bills, not coins.
P - Phobias: dogs. Ever since my aunt's dog almost bit my shoulder, I now have this unusual fear when I see dogs. Like as if those dogs would actually run after me and bite me.. Good thing, scratches was the only thing I got from that cursed creature and not rabies! Haha..
Q - Favorite Quote: Never bend your head. Hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. by Hellen Keller
R - Reasons To Smile: Just got my class cards for the 1st semester. And it's not pretty bad as I actually imagined it would be. CWTS- 93 (1.25) ; P.E.- 93 (1.25) ; Chemistry- 87 (2.o) ; Filipino- 88 (1.75) ; Algebra- 96 (1.0) ; Logic- 91 (1.5) ; English- 91 (1.5) ; General Psychology- 97 (1.0).. So there. No reason for me to frown today. ;-p
S - Sleeping Hours: Irregular
T - Time You Woke Up: 8 am. Haha.. Pretty early for a sleepyhead, don't you think?
U - Unknown Fact About You: I have breast lumps. Take note, with 's'. (Only few close people know it.)
V - Vegetable You Hate: Ampalaya
W - Worst Habit: Checking up the same thing over and over again to know if it's in proper order. I'm a neat freak (room excluded).
X - X-rays You've Had: Chest
Y - Yummy Foods: Ginataang alimasag with rice!!!!
Z - Zodiac Sign: Leo

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P.S.: To all those people who commented on my previous post, thanks a lot!! You know who you are, guys!! I know I can overcome these obstacle. Pagsubok lang iyon!! I'm still young. Ajaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!