About Airah

Hello everyone!
I'm Airah from the Philippines, and welcome to my blog!

This was my personal outlet years ago... but as of December 2012, this has been officially turned into my very own book blog.

I'm an obsessive reader. I've been addicted to reading since I was ten. I read everywhere -- in the bathroom, during the commute ride going home, and even while eating. My parents actually used to scold me for the latter.

I didn't stop reading fiction books but only lay low during college.  Then I discovered Goodreads mid-2012 when I was searching about the Fifty Shades trilogy. I've come to enjoy the said social platform for bookworms and actually relied on some favorites list known as Listopia for my next reads.

I don't fancy strict reading challenges because I only read for enjoyment.  By that, I choose what I want to read, and I'm also a very picky reader. I would read anything fiction as long as it has romance in it.

Well, that was before.  Because now, I'm bending my only reading rule.

I prefer to read books from the genre Young Adult or New Adult. Those books could be contemporary, paranormal or even fantasy. Though I still read historical novels, chick lits or any other bestseller books depending on my mood.

So you see, reading is my first love. But nursing is my passion.

My real job: I'm a nurse! Used to be a pediatric nurse.  Then just recently, I'm rotated to adult care. I'm just grateful I still have time reading even after those crazy hospital shifts.


★★★★★ - Instant favorite of mine. Highly recommended!

★★★★ - An enjoyable read. Liked it so much, flaws and all!

★★★ - Has major flaws but totally readable. Mediocre at best!

★★ - Reserved for books wherein the bad outweighs the good!

★ - Bored me to death. Couldn't finish. Waste of my time!

You can find all the books I've read HERE.