Speed issues anyone?

My template yesterday & the day before yesterday

Haha.. Just two days and I'm back to my old template. THIS template. Although I modified it a bit, still this is my old template. Grabe! I want a new one!!!

Unfortunately, may pasok na the day after tomorrow.. So, hindi na muna ako makakapag-concentrate sa paggawa ng mga templates. *frowns*

I just transferred the posts from my former blog.

So if you'll just take a look on my archives, you'll noticed that six months have been added. Actually, iyong mga dinagdag ko, puro mga ka-shoongakz-an ko lang iyon as a senior highschool student.

Anyway, don't bother reading those craps. You'll be bored to death. Trust me.

Btw, my mom and I are still not yet talking. It's been four days.

Great! Just great.

myDSL is still shit.

I called 172-001 (again) and waited almost 7 minutes before I finally spoke to another human being.

Great! They keep on reminding me: "Your call is important to us. Blah blah blah." And still, I waited for almost seven minutes. How ironic.

Well, I spent almost half an hour asking another human being why myDSL seems to be slower than the usual.

Human being asked me to go to PLDTplay.com.

After gazillion years, the page loaded. And I asked the human being, "What I'm going to do there? Play games with a prehistoric speed?"

"No," the human being said. "Click 'resources' then 'bandwidth test'."

I did. Then I told the human being: "Sorry, the 'page cannot be displayed'."

Human being replied, "Ok. Punta ka sa GlobeQUEST Utilities. Click bandwidth meter and wait for at least twenty seconds."

I waited. Again. After almost 10 seconds (I think), the result was shown. Where? Click here if you're curious.

You're back? Pretty quick eh.

So, you saw it? It's prehistoric speed, isn't it? And to think I'm using DSL. Duh.

I told the human being the result. Human was surprised. I'm not. Gusto ko sanang sabihin, "I told you so."

The human being told me to turn off my pc for two minutes. I did. Then human being asked me to go to GlobeQUEST Utilities again.

Anyway, I told the human being again the result. "Improving, eh?" human said.

"Yep, pero I'm not yet contented. Mabagal pa rin eh," I replied.

The human being told me what to do: turn off the pc again. This time for a couple of minutes. I did. And guess what?

The result? Click here. (Imageshack isn't resizing the images right, kaya di ko mapagkasya iyong ibang images dito sa blog. So link na lang muna. *frowns*)

Hindi man umabot sa pinaka-maximum ek-ek niya.. at least it worked!! Hehe.. ;p

Gotta turn off this pc na. It also needs rest. Have a nice day! *hugs*