New look

It's hot.

So I decided na magpasama kay Marlyn kanina sa salon. Nagpa-rebond then nagpa-haircut na rin.

The result:

Btw, I just removed haloscan in this blog.

Walang kwenta!

Yesterday kasi, I looked at the comments way back October '05... (ah basta lahat ng comments last year, whatever).. and to my suprise, wala na.

I mean, I know free lang ang haloscan pero diba, sana sinabi nila na iyong mga recent posts lang ang active pa rin ang comments. O kung ano man ang tawag don.

Kaasar tuloy!

Sayang naman iyong mga pinagsasabi niyo noon... Kakahinayang. Pero accept na lang. Tapos na eh.

I'll stick to Blogger Comments na lang. ;p


Guess what?

Days ago, my college friends read something here in my blog that led to a misunderstanding. Sort of the way rugrats in school go at it. Pretty childish.

Gah. I hate myself for being -- what's the right adjective? -- oh, never mind. Just count on me to type always the "wrong things". Go figure.

Anyway, I learned my lesson. Now, I'll try to keep things light and not get too personal.




Another template finished. This one is for Shannon.

Just a simple red template.

Zip file, details, etc.? Click here.

Btw, you already know that we, the Nursing students of MDC, are required to take summer class.

Actually, the first time I learned about it, talagang naasar ako. Iyong iba, enjoy to the max ang summer, tapos kami may pasok?! Sinong hindi maaasar don, right?

Pero ngayon, I've already accepted the fate of being a BSN student. (Drama!) Kidding aside, at least kami naabutan namin na 4 years lang ang Nursing, eh iyong ibang incoming?

I heard kasi from our STS Professor na 5 years na ang Nursing sa mga incoming freshmen students sa MDC. I dunno about the other colleges/universities. Pero diba?

*insert sinister laugh here*

Hehe.. Anyway, since we already have classes, I can't surf the net as much as I want to.

So the finale?

I'll be MIA. Hiatus. Whatever. ;p


Speed issues anyone?

My template yesterday & the day before yesterday

Haha.. Just two days and I'm back to my old template. THIS template. Although I modified it a bit, still this is my old template. Grabe! I want a new one!!!

Unfortunately, may pasok na the day after tomorrow.. So, hindi na muna ako makakapag-concentrate sa paggawa ng mga templates. *frowns*

I just transferred the posts from my former blog.

So if you'll just take a look on my archives, you'll noticed that six months have been added. Actually, iyong mga dinagdag ko, puro mga ka-shoongakz-an ko lang iyon as a senior highschool student.

Anyway, don't bother reading those craps. You'll be bored to death. Trust me.

Btw, my mom and I are still not yet talking. It's been four days.

Great! Just great.

myDSL is still shit.

I called 172-001 (again) and waited almost 7 minutes before I finally spoke to another human being.

Great! They keep on reminding me: "Your call is important to us. Blah blah blah." And still, I waited for almost seven minutes. How ironic.

Well, I spent almost half an hour asking another human being why myDSL seems to be slower than the usual.

Human being asked me to go to PLDTplay.com.

After gazillion years, the page loaded. And I asked the human being, "What I'm going to do there? Play games with a prehistoric speed?"

"No," the human being said. "Click 'resources' then 'bandwidth test'."

I did. Then I told the human being: "Sorry, the 'page cannot be displayed'."

Human being replied, "Ok. Punta ka sa GlobeQUEST Utilities. Click bandwidth meter and wait for at least twenty seconds."

I waited. Again. After almost 10 seconds (I think), the result was shown. Where? Click here if you're curious.

You're back? Pretty quick eh.

So, you saw it? It's prehistoric speed, isn't it? And to think I'm using DSL. Duh.

I told the human being the result. Human was surprised. I'm not. Gusto ko sanang sabihin, "I told you so."

The human being told me to turn off my pc for two minutes. I did. Then human being asked me to go to GlobeQUEST Utilities again.

Anyway, I told the human being again the result. "Improving, eh?" human said.

"Yep, pero I'm not yet contented. Mabagal pa rin eh," I replied.

The human being told me what to do: turn off the pc again. This time for a couple of minutes. I did. And guess what?

The result? Click here. (Imageshack isn't resizing the images right, kaya di ko mapagkasya iyong ibang images dito sa blog. So link na lang muna. *frowns*)

Hindi man umabot sa pinaka-maximum ek-ek niya.. at least it worked!! Hehe.. ;p

Gotta turn off this pc na. It also needs rest. Have a nice day! *hugs*

You! Yes you!

The person who got no balls.. under the Yahoo ID ohh_hinde or ohh_hindi or something like that!

Basta may 'hinde' yata un eh! Nabi-bwiset na kasi ako, hindi ko na nabasa! Nananahimik ako nagba-blog dito tapos pinupuno iyong screen ko ng mga IM window or kung ano man yon!

You know what, you're a big shit!!!



Balik sayo! Isa kang malaking bwiset kung sino ka man!

I already turned you on iggy and yet, you can still send me messages?!! WTF is wrong with you? Hina-hack mo ba ako??!! Or wala ka lang magawa sa buhay mo!!?


Maghanap ka ng ibang guguluhin!!


The day I was diagnosed of terminal bitchiness


I'm a freaking grouch these days. Figuratively speaking, I can't seem to open my mouth without sticking my foot in it. Really.

Anyway, my period usually comes on the third week of the month so I guess this is just pre-PMS bitching.

Or maybe not.

Shet. You know what, whenever I'm at home, I'm like a troll lurking in my lair.

And actually, hindi naman ako manhid! I also that know that whenever I shout at our maid (to prepare my meals, etc.), naiinis na rin iyon saken. Maybe, she's even cursing me... calling me names or throwing a dirty finger at my back for all I know.

Ha! But the issue here is the real reason why I'm acting this way since.. *thinking* ..the other day? Or was it yesterday? Duh. I dunno.

Curious? I know. But no, I won't tell.

It's too.. superficial. Not to mention the fact that it's pretty embarrassing. Ayoko nga sabihin. Besides, you won't understand. Unless, you're vain. (A clue! Wattaslipofthetongue! Hehe..)

Still, I'll leave another two clues in case you've knocked your head on the wall and suddenly realizes the fact that you actually give a damn about me (you see, reading this stupid post is a proof and.. ohmigod, I can't believe you've actually reached this far).

So now, the 2 clues: About (1) broken promises and (2) girl stuff.

...On second thought, I changed my mind. Don't bother typing your guesses. That's just a waste of time and of course, energy.

Gah. I think I need to move on to the real post. Actually, this should be about beach pics, not bitch fit.

But hey, I'm entitled to one last whine: Shet talaga! I can't believe next week na ang start ng classes namin! Shet shet shet! Nakakainis.

Why is it that nursing students are required to take summer classes? Bakeeeeet??

"Breathe. Yes. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Count backwards. From 10 to 1," you say.

No. Make it 100 to 1. I'm so fricking pissed. As in.

But I will not think about it.

Instead, I'll be positive and I'll just concentrate on my studies, wonderful friends (special mention: Jecha and Marlyn) and new mantra:

"Life sucks through a straw; get over it."
Seriously, next post please.

The beauty of Iba, Zambales

On the way...

The infamous Lahar bridge

Mount Samat on the right side


Inside the beach resort in Iba:

Just changed my template. Thanks to Rachel.

I like this one! Unfortunately, I have one problem with it. Whenever I click on a single post, yeah, the page will load but the image 'framebg' won't continue up to the end. It's like the length of that image depends on the length of the single post. *frowns*

Still, I will be trying this "on" until weekend.

If I won't be able to make my OWN template by the end of the week, the freebie will stay.

Btw, before I end this post.. I just wanna say:

I know I don't have the right to bitch about free services because I'm using them. Yet, I can't help myself.

Fuck NeoCounter for not loading that stupid little flag next to the name of each country!!

Fuck MyShoutbox for not loading my tagboard!!!

And the last but not the least, fuck Blogrolling for not loading my blogroll.

*rolls eye*

Right now, I don't have any choice but follow the old saying:



Second thoughts...

Well, I posted a new "review my blog" thread on BE forum.

I dunno. Maybe I just like being reviewed? Whatever. (Haha.. Grabe. Either I've left my common sense somewhere or you don't share my sense of humor.) ;p

Btw, back to the thread. jaynedArcy replied to me:

You have a terrific layout with one problem; your content column (the center one) is running over the right hand column by about a third of the way. I'm viewing your blog on Firefox 1.5 at a 1024x768 resolution.
Grabe talaga! Just awhile ago, I was actually looking for a decent css layout when Katy e-mailed me.

Okay! Sorry about the wait! Here is your review:

First Impression: The layout is nice and simple. It is easy to navagiate and the colours really match. The scrollbar colours are nice too :-) The header image is nice - not too fussy. Infact - just the title of your page is nice! There are no annoying squiggles on it. Very good idea!
10/10. I liked it at first glance! Very nice!

Updates: Regular and more than just "Sorry - nothing to say." There are no huge gaps that I can see. You seem to be very dedicated to your blog!
10/10! Regular updates and dedication! Very good in a blog owner! There is nothing worse tha an empty blog!

Topics/Content: You make things for people, you write a lot and it is all interesting! I wish I understood this language though! What is it? I don't even recognise it at all! A Cbox is a great idea - especially for a blog!
17/20. Like it all. But it would help stupid people like me if you translated this language! :-)

Grammer: The bits I can understand are perfect:-)

3/5 : 1 for the graphic making, 1 for detail and one for the niceness of the blog!
Overall: 45/50.
Well done! This is a great blog and I'll keep coming! I love it loads!

Hope you like it! I love your blog :-)
The different browsers man! The different browsers! Aside from this reason, I dunno why other people love to download another browser. Ah ewan.

Honestly speaking, right now, di ko talaga alam kung magpapalit ba ako ng template or what.

I just watched Mission: Impossible II in DVD. Again. ;p

Not that it's one of my fave movies but since PLDT MyDSL went shit....

(that's right! nakakaasar na kasi sila paminsan, nang mag-connect ako kaninang 3pm, laging disconnected, sabi "connecting to WANN miniport".. puro ganon, so I called up 172-001, sabi there's a disturbance raw or whatever.. yeah right)..

Ok, moving on... I've got nothing to do so I just watched tv.

Ang guess what? Today, I heard/read this lines twice:

"What do you think you're doing?" said the guy.

"I wasn't thinking." replied the girl.
It's no big deal btw. Coincidence lang siguro. I just read it from the book Loverboy (na akala ko ay maganda ang story kaya binili ko sa Booksale) and heard it from Tom Cruise.

A crap, wasn't it? Hehe.. ;p

Anyway, that's it and I'm offline. Still need to wake up early tomorrow. Kailangan pang mag-pack ng damit.

Kaasar nga eh, sakit pa ng ulo ko!! Basahin mo ba naman ang isang nobela for just one & a half day.. Goodluck sayo! But I don't regret it naman. In fact, I absolutely love The Magic Bullet. Two reasons:

One, it's a medical thriller so I can relate.
Two, it's better than Loverboy. Much much better.

Haaay... This time it's for real. Buh-bye. ;p


Title goes here

Yesterday, we went swimming. Just a spur of the moment thing.

Sa isang hot spring resort lang somewhere in Laguna. Mainit raw kasi eh.. ;p

Afterwards, we went to buy Espasol (my fave) and Buko Pie at D'Vinia's along Calamba highway. Masarap pala iyon noh?

Anyway, I'll upload the pics next time. Sakit na ng mata ko sa kaka-internet! ;p

Just wanna share that our real beach escapade will be on April 8. Somewhere in Iba, Zambales. Hehe.. Kasama namin ang mga relatives sa mother's side. Kayo saan?

Btw, I just finished another blog template. This one is for Adry:

All That I've Got

The layout is such a mediocre. I know.

I'm still new to Photoshop thingy. And I admit I'm not really that good. So that's it.

Anyway, have a nice day to all! *hugs*