Am I making sense?

I attended just ONE subject today - from 8am to 10am.

Just one subject, would you believe that!!

It's mandatory that we attend College of Nursing aka CON subject/s before the day of the Final exam, and since we're just sophomore students, we've got only 1 CON subject and that's Health Care (w/c is the 4-units subject I'm telling you before).

The only thing needed was attendance and everyone can go.

So well, obviously, it seems that I just wasted my transport fare, time and energy for nothing.

And to compensate, our Prof. told us that she'll give two additional points to whatever score we'll have in our exam tomorrow.

Two points?! What the eff! Like somebody really gives a rat's turd.

No additional points less than 10 can amount to the effort I've exerted from waking up so early when sleep was in fact all over me. :-(

But anyway, past is past. Moving on...

My blog was reviewed by Mrs. Ribbit at Frog My Blog.

The template looks sort of like a typepad template but in Blogger. The header image has absolutely nothing to do with what she is writing about, and there's no title or tagline. How are you expecting people to know where they are? "Oh, yeah, I read the girl with the funny stick people header, too!" There's gotta' be a title in there somewhere. The background doesn't go with the header, but I do like it. It's not overwhelming and there's a nice white space for the posts. There aren't too many on the front page. The title you see above is from a meme type post, which was one of her first. And, while there are two sidebars, they are both nice and neat.

There's some foreign language thrown in (I have no idea what is spoken in the Phillipines, and I'm really too lazy to look), and I think you need to be able to read it in order to get the point of the post. So, I'm not getting it. There's no about me section, just a rehash of something on friendster (?). She is a fairly proficient writer for a 17 year old. The posts are pretty well thought out, and there are some meme's thrown in, again, from friendster, but overall it's not as painful as some other teenager's blogs with all the angst and the white writing on black backgrounds and red words and autoplay music. She's a cut above in that respect. But it's still a teenager's blog.

  • So ok, I do realized the need for a concrete title inside my template.

  • The language is Filipino, btw.

  • I've got an "about me" section... it's from the "Want more?" link just above the "Blogs I dig". Unfortunately, I haven't updated it for about 9 months. Useless right?

  • The last line made me think though. Just a question everyone... What's worse? A mommy blog or a teenage blog? You decide.
Thanks for the review Mrs. Ribbit!! Rock on!

Yesterday, after the 2nd day of our Final examination week, we went to Bluewave Macapagal (walking distance lang, one block away from school)..

We just ate dinner before going home. Haha.. I remembered, back when I was growing up, getting to eat away from home was a treat that was better than new toys and cool cartoon shows.