This. Post. Is. Two. Days. Late.

I'm not in the mood that's why. Things are so much blah-blah-blah at home and it's very much getting on my last nerve's last nerve.

For blahs sake, whoever is reading this crap, it's sembreak and it's the only time in a year when I could just sit in a corner, read a good book or surf the net. Please spare me from doing household chores.. just please.

Anyway, moving on...

Michi dearest accompanied me the other day (duh, you do the math) to get my classcards from my school, MDC.

Hehe. The moment I saw her I let out a high-pitched call to her name, "Chi!!!" It's been more than a year since I last saw her and we only keep in touch through YM.

So... off we go to my school.

Room-to-room, we proceed (it's per subject you know). Endured long lines. Waited for at least 2 effing hours just to get those class cards. That pissed us both to the nth power.

But before I continue, let me share my grades for this sem (I worked hard for this so might as well be proud of what I accomplished):

Grades for Second Year - 1st semester:
P.E. - 91
RLE - 92
English - 89
Computer - 91
Statistics - 90
Health Care - 91
Microbiology - 88
Health Ethics - 91
Politics & Governance - 93
After getting all my class cards, we went to the nearest mall, SM MOA.

Funny, and I'm grateful, how things change but some people do not. I love Chi! :))

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I dunno, but I hope the violet doesn't blind y'all that much.