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Yesterday, we went swimming. Just a spur of the moment thing.

Sa isang hot spring resort lang somewhere in Laguna. Mainit raw kasi eh.. ;p

Afterwards, we went to buy Espasol (my fave) and Buko Pie at D'Vinia's along Calamba highway. Masarap pala iyon noh?

Anyway, I'll upload the pics next time. Sakit na ng mata ko sa kaka-internet! ;p

Just wanna share that our real beach escapade will be on April 8. Somewhere in Iba, Zambales. Hehe.. Kasama namin ang mga relatives sa mother's side. Kayo saan?

Btw, I just finished another blog template. This one is for Adry:

All That I've Got

The layout is such a mediocre. I know.

I'm still new to Photoshop thingy. And I admit I'm not really that good. So that's it.

Anyway, have a nice day to all! *hugs*