Second thoughts...

Well, I posted a new "review my blog" thread on BE forum.

I dunno. Maybe I just like being reviewed? Whatever. (Haha.. Grabe. Either I've left my common sense somewhere or you don't share my sense of humor.) ;p

Btw, back to the thread. jaynedArcy replied to me:

You have a terrific layout with one problem; your content column (the center one) is running over the right hand column by about a third of the way. I'm viewing your blog on Firefox 1.5 at a 1024x768 resolution.
Grabe talaga! Just awhile ago, I was actually looking for a decent css layout when Katy e-mailed me.

Okay! Sorry about the wait! Here is your review:

First Impression: The layout is nice and simple. It is easy to navagiate and the colours really match. The scrollbar colours are nice too :-) The header image is nice - not too fussy. Infact - just the title of your page is nice! There are no annoying squiggles on it. Very good idea!
10/10. I liked it at first glance! Very nice!

Updates: Regular and more than just "Sorry - nothing to say." There are no huge gaps that I can see. You seem to be very dedicated to your blog!
10/10! Regular updates and dedication! Very good in a blog owner! There is nothing worse tha an empty blog!

Topics/Content: You make things for people, you write a lot and it is all interesting! I wish I understood this language though! What is it? I don't even recognise it at all! A Cbox is a great idea - especially for a blog!
17/20. Like it all. But it would help stupid people like me if you translated this language! :-)

Grammer: The bits I can understand are perfect:-)

3/5 : 1 for the graphic making, 1 for detail and one for the niceness of the blog!
Overall: 45/50.
Well done! This is a great blog and I'll keep coming! I love it loads!

Hope you like it! I love your blog :-)
The different browsers man! The different browsers! Aside from this reason, I dunno why other people love to download another browser. Ah ewan.

Honestly speaking, right now, di ko talaga alam kung magpapalit ba ako ng template or what.

I just watched Mission: Impossible II in DVD. Again. ;p

Not that it's one of my fave movies but since PLDT MyDSL went shit....

(that's right! nakakaasar na kasi sila paminsan, nang mag-connect ako kaninang 3pm, laging disconnected, sabi "connecting to WANN miniport".. puro ganon, so I called up 172-001, sabi there's a disturbance raw or whatever.. yeah right)..

Ok, moving on... I've got nothing to do so I just watched tv.

Ang guess what? Today, I heard/read this lines twice:

"What do you think you're doing?" said the guy.

"I wasn't thinking." replied the girl.
It's no big deal btw. Coincidence lang siguro. I just read it from the book Loverboy (na akala ko ay maganda ang story kaya binili ko sa Booksale) and heard it from Tom Cruise.

A crap, wasn't it? Hehe.. ;p

Anyway, that's it and I'm offline. Still need to wake up early tomorrow. Kailangan pang mag-pack ng damit.

Kaasar nga eh, sakit pa ng ulo ko!! Basahin mo ba naman ang isang nobela for just one & a half day.. Goodluck sayo! But I don't regret it naman. In fact, I absolutely love The Magic Bullet. Two reasons:

One, it's a medical thriller so I can relate.
Two, it's better than Loverboy. Much much better.

Haaay... This time it's for real. Buh-bye. ;p