OMG I cried

I finished reading Sheldon's Rage of Angels last night.

And gas, I feel like an idiot for crying at the end.

Never mind that it was written über fantastically by Sidney Sheldon. Never mind that it has a tragic slash depressing slash super sad ending. Never mind that it was a drop-a-bucket-of-tears kind of sad.

Just think of this -- me crying over a story? Huwaaaaaahiii. As in, huwatta hilarious thought.

Unfortunately, the real thing is that I did. And if my mom saw me that very minute, I could definitely guess what she would say:
"Babasa-basa ka niyan tapos iiyak ka. Para kang sira diyan."
Mothers, don't you love them? =P


Looking on the bright side, since I had been up reading most of the night yesterday, it wasn't too hard for me to fall back to sleep.

Sure, no time to think about nothing. That's cool.