Freakadelic... that's me!

We have classes six days a week. (Hmmmm... so what?)

Well, I always leave our house less than an hour before the first period. (So chances are pretty slim of going to school on time.)

But whatdoyaknow!

I'm always luck-aye (esp. in major subjects).

LOL. Like yesterday, our first subject was Health Care I (a 4-units subject, mind you)... and I came exactly 35 minutes late.

Gah. I hate being late but I can't help myself from being late. ;p

Fortunately, our prof was not yet there... but the second after I enter the room, she also came in.

Hihihihihihihi... All I could say is that God sprayed me tons of luckiness this sem.

That's something I should include in my grateful list. *grins*


Just awhile ago, I opened my Yahoo account and I was so ecstatic to see that I've received a lot of mails...

Only to fricking find out that 99.9% of the new messages in my inbox was effing spam.

Spam... of all things!

Tsk... tsk... I think they were able to send me those through my Free Blogger Templates' Contact Me chuvaness. *frowns*

Wtf is the matter with some people nowadays, huh?

Dear spammers,

I know how hard it is to promote one's site.
But for crying out loud, one comment with a link is enough.
Or better yet, do NOT comment.
Puh-lease stop testing my patience by flooding my Yahoo mail.