Change is the only thing constant in this world

Yeah. The only thing indeed.


Anyway, meet Nini. Like what I've told you before, we've been friends for awhile.. to be specific, since the first day of the first semester. We've been through many ups & downs. Battled many ka-"shoongakzness" together. Etc.

Unfortunately, things change. And so do people. I just woke up one schoolday morning & realized that I'm alone. Literally. (But to clear one thing, we belong to the same barkada. But in every barkada, there will always "a pair". Two friends who are much closer to each other than anyone in the barkada. Geez. You know what I mean.) Actually, the "three is a crowd" (crap!) proved itself hard on my face when I was a 1st year highschool student. And unfortunately (again), until now.

You see, she's hanging out with another person. We're not as close as before anymore. So maybe, you're thinking about what's the point of blogging this when in fact, it's what life is all about. People come, people go.

My answer would be: Yeah. But some things are just so hard to let go. Especially if it touched a great part of your life.

For me, Nini is a nice friend. I admire her for many things. She knows what a good time management is. Schoolwork, house chores, boyfriend, etc. She knows how to deal with those.

Her father was paralyzed and just went back from the U.S. while her mother is a caregiver there. Life is hard, I know. But when she shares it with me, it became more complicated. But I know she can overcome her problems, coz she's a really smart person.

I even admire her doing all the washing of her clothes (uniform, etc) in the evening, and still getting high scores on the quizzes the next day. I mean, I can't even wash my undergarments (undergarments, my foot! Do you really have to type this and share this with the whole world wide web, self?).

Oh gawd.

Anyway, I'm happy to say I've found a new friend in the person of Yhel. But I'm not saying I'm losing Nini as a friend. She's still my friend. And she'll forever be. But in terms of hanging out aka "company ek-ek", I'll be spending more time with Yhel. (I think.) Since, we hang out more lately.

Hmmm.. It's been quite a long day. And I reckon it's already time for me to sleep.. I'm so tired that the only thing I could think of right now is to lie on my bed, dream of good things to come, wake up late the next day, etc.. Haha..

Seriously though, I really need to catch up my zzzzz's now so I'll have a great energy for the greater (i hope so) week ahead. ;-p

Sweet dreams to me. And goodnight guys!