I'll be busy for the next few days...

Yep. You read it right.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, PAASCU representatives will visit our school, Manila Doctor's College. (so??)

Kasi naman hassle, masyadong maraming pinagagawa (e.g. activities) porke't may mga visitors ang school. *frowns*

Another thing, gagawa uli kami ng mga new steps for our aerobic dancing since ang comment ni Ms. Aquino, our P.E. teacher, ay: "This is aerobics, hindi modern dance." (Pero diba dance rin naman ang aerobics??)

Arrggh. Tuloy, instead of focusing na lang sa pagbili ng costume namin this coming saturday, magpa-practice pa uli kami. We still need to add some more vigorous steps, at eto pa... kailangan warm-up exercises ang intro. San kpa??

Shoongakz noh?

Wow! Sembreak is coming. Yipeeeeeeeee...

I can't wait. Hehe.. :)

Anyway, magkakaroon kami ng declamation sa room this Monday. Graded recitation na namin for Finals. As usual, with costume.

Ahm... favor? Could you suggest a good declamation piece? Since for our Filipino class iyon, kailangan Tagalog. Ano ba maganda?

Pwedeng pae-mail na lang sa akin? Puh-leaze.



Nobody's business!!

I just realized I wanted to be myself.

Bakit ako magpapakahirap mag-isip minsan ng mga terms in English when in fact, pwede ko namang sabihin iyon in Tagalog?

To all those people na makikitid ang utak: I just wanted to clear some things...

This blog is mine. Kung mali ang mga grammar ko, problema ko na iyon. Kung mali pati spelling, katangahan ko. Ganon lang iyon. Kung ayaw nila ng mga entries ko... Kung ayaw nila ng layout... Kung ayaw nila ng color purple... Kung ayaw nila ng mga pics na ibinabandera ko raw (their vocabulary) dito sa blog... Kung ayaw nila sakin (as simple as that)...

Then malaya silang pindutin ang [x] which is located in the upper right corner of this screen. Geez. Can you feel the hate?
Why are there so many people who complain about the entries of another person? If anyone wants to comment, then feel free to comment.

Pero sana before commenting, makiramdam naman. Think of what that person could feel after reading that comment. Minsan kasi "ouch" na ang dating.

Anyway, siguro nga sa mga pinagsasabi ko kanina. Only four words could explain it:
I'm not yet prepared.

Siguro nga hindi pa talaga ako handa sa mga taong nakikibisita lang sa blog ng may blog ay puro paninira na ang ginagawa.

They would just, you know, judge the person first without knowing who that person really is. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Bakit kaya hindi muna nila kilalanin ang isa tao di ba?


5 latest updates about me...

1. I found a new friend online. One who wouldn't just IM you for five minutes of satisfaction (from his vocabulary). He's Nick from California. The only guy who could make me laugh big time. LOL!!

2. Sir Santana, our Algeb Prof., chose me & Nini for the quiz bee. (Couldn't believe it! I'm not really that good at Math. Good luck to me.)

3. I'm loving calamansi juice right now because I have singaw. Feck. I really need to have lots of Vitamin C.

4. I'm a self-confessed loner every midterm/finals week. And since Finals is coming, i gotta hibernate. I think it's two weeks from now. Gerdammit, really.

5. I'm so happy coz old friends are showing up. Be it on mail, friendster or YM. Oh. Missed them all so much.

Hey, I really need to end this post right now. It's already 8:35 here & my class starts at 10 am. I'm still not prepared.


Just wanted to post this...

I don't know about you. But I was pretty amused when I read it on friendster. So I decided to just post it in here.

lol... ;)

(nicked from
thal's testimonial)

*apple of my eye
*mango of my pie
*palaman of my tinapay
*keso of my monay
*teeth of my suklay
*fingers on my kamay
*blood in my atay
*bubbles of my laway
*sala of my bahay
*seeds of my palay
*clothes in my ukay- ukay
*calcium in my kalansay
*calamansi on my siomai
*inay of my tatay
*knot on my tie
*toyo on my kuchay
*vitamins in my gulay
*airplane of my Cathay
*stars of my sky
*hammer of my panday
*sand of my Boracay
*sultan of my Brunei
*highlands of my Tagaytay
*MOLE on my Ate Guy
*voice of my Inday Garutay
*spinach of my Popeye
*sizzle when I fry
*wind when I paypay
*tungkod when I'm pilay
*feeling when I'm high
*shoulder when I cry
*wings when I fly
*prize when I vie
*cure to my "ARAY!"
*answer to my "WHY?"
*foundation of my tulay
*truth behind the lie
*the life after I die...

Got nothing else to share right now.

I'm too lazy to type. Again. Till next time! *hugs*


All I wanna do right now is to sleep...

And I assure you that the minute I finished posting this... I'm off to bed.

Lol... ;)

It's been a tiring day.

Woke up at 5:30 am. (And to think I slept for more than 3 hours only.) Ate breakfast. Brushed my teeth. Prepared my uniform. Took a bath. Got dressed. Kissed my mom goodbye. Then, I'm out at 6:20 am. Pretty quick, isn't it?

Geez. The same old routine every Monday and Wednesday morning. Feck.

I studied activity 15 & 16 inside the FX coz we have a short quiz on Chem Lab. Good thing, I managed to memorize the activity series quickly. (Being in rush is sometimes better).

But then, I think I'm not in the mood to share my day today... wahaha... ;)

Maybe next time. Goodnight!



Inside the bus: (Left to right) Front: Thal, Jecha, me and Jan Mike. Back: Rob, Angel and Nikki.

Whew! I missed the company of my friends.


Random thoughts of the day

Right at this very moment, I should be on my way home, commuting.

Instead, here I am. Believe it or not, I 'm in front of the monitor for almost twelve hours straight. I got annoyed. And annoyed. And annoyed. And haven't I told you I got annoyed??

And it's all because of a collage I wanted to upload on my template. Arrrgggh. I resized it. And it remained the same. I resized again and again. Still the same. Resized it so many times until it became so small, I couldn't even see the text.

How pathetic. I'm so freakin' pissed. Really.

Oh. Change topic. Anyway, before you think of things which has a connection with the term lazy. As in L-A-Z-Y...

FYI, there was flood near SM Sucat. (so?) Gerdammit.

As I was having second thoughts of going to school... (Actually, I never wanted to go to school during a bad weather but the additional points I could get in the Finals exam for our Algebra class keeps me thinking! Feck.) The president of our class sent me an SMS (thank God). Here it goes:

"Classmates, ds is d offcial announcmnt as of 10:07 am accrding 2 MDC. Der wil b classes l8r. *sad* But (tke note) if ur location is floodd, partcularly pque, u hav 2 options 2 chuz from. Eithr u wil atend d class or not. If u chuz not 2 atend d class its also ok coz MDC said dat 8s a valid rison due 2 natural clamities. U wil b xcused on the subjects 4 dz day. But if u chuz 2 atend d class, its also ok. Actually, better. At least, ul clearly understnd d topics evn mor."

The very second I read it, I was smiling from ear to ear. Wahahaha... Thank God talaga!


Due to Thal's insistent request to see our pics from Tagaytay just this Tuesday, you'll get to see more of me. Wahaha... As if I'm that important. ASA!

Before the bus turned left, I caught a glimpse of the sign People's Park. I immediately thought that time was just a field trip, and not a recollection. You see, for me, field trips are more fun than the latter.

The bus stopped the minute it turned left. Some of us went out of the bus to take some pics.

We took pictures every chance we could get. But I think I'll post some of it tomorrow. I'm not in the mood right now.

As I was surfing the net, I stumbled upon Instant Blog Post Generator of Flooble.

"You know how sometimes you feel like you haven't posted anything to your blog for a while, and you should really get around to doing it, but there's nothing to really write about? Now, with just one click of a button, you can have a ready-to-post entry for your blog."


Today my friend and I were writing an essay about the weather in today's cut-throat corporate world. We were very fascinated by the subject, so we started telling my friend Miguel about it, and he answered:

"Damn!.. Whoa! Don't tell me you're into today's cut-throat corporate world too!"

But then when my friend and I got to the part about the the weather, Miguel suddenly got this dangerous look in his eyes. But the next day, Miguel's brother told me that the reason Miguel was so freaked out was because he had to study the weather in class. Occasionally Miguel can be quite unpredictable like that, but I need to make this work...

LOL... Who would ever use that?? So stupid.

It sucks, you know..

When I don't have the time to think of something to post, I'll just leave it as it is. I'll go on hiatus or something until I get the pieces of my mind back. *grins*

At least if a real classmate happened to drop by, I wouldn't be asked: "Airah, I didn't know we had an assignment about corporate world. What subject was that?"

Lol... And to think that the course I'm taking up right now is nursing.


Yeah right

Actually, I was about to blog about what happened yesterday. (I didn't have the chance to post a new entry last night because I was dead tired from the recollection.)

But photobucket is NOT working really well, so right now... I'm having a really hard time uploading the pictures.

Anyway, I'll just share it with you tomorrow if I still have time.


I feel sleepy... *yawns*

And I still need to prepare my things for tomorrow. We'll be going to Villa Luisa, Tagaytay City for the recollection.

Geez...! I can't wait to see the wonderful sights in Tagaytay again. Like the Taal Volcano. I'm so freakin' tired... Wahaha... As always. (geez. sorry for the crappy photo. I'm really not talented at taking pictures.)

Anyway, yesterday, I was a part of Alay-Lakad. After the activity... me, with the rest of the freshman students of Manila Doctor's College, looked wasted. [lol....]

Seriously though, I was excited at first. But the moment I felt the sharp rays of sunshine, I realized it's not really something to be excited about. It was kinda boring. Even the games after the activity was also boring.

Good thing, the activities did not last too long. Soon, we found ourselves in SM Sucat. Wahaha... Me, Thal, Jecha, Mae, Madz and Nini.

Me and Madz ordered food in Pinoy Toppings for lunch. (We are really starving, you know.) The rest bought their food in McDonald's.

Since all of us wanted to save time, we decided to eat our foods inside the theater. All of us except Nini watched Red Eye while she went solo flight to watch The Brothers Grimm.

Only few minutes after seating, I felt really annoyed. After the whole movie, we still can't figure out the fact why it was entitled Red Eye. Actually, correct me if I was wrong but I think it was only mentioned once.

Frankly, it was really disappointing. In its trailer, it looks as though there was some monster inside the plane & I was actually expecting for it. But I only found myself watching the same setting for more than half an hour... The man is so pathetic while always repeating that he is able to kill Rachel's father (told ya... I didn't even know their names in the movie).

We actually went out thinking our eighty pesos only went to waste. That's why I was so glad when I saw my little brother, Tita Myrah and Tito Oseph in front of Watson's, first floor.

Since my friends were all going home, I told them I'll stay with my Tito & Tita. Good choice since they wanted to watch The Brothers Grimm.

For the second time that day, I entered the moviehouse again. (Nakalibre ako ng panood sa sine.)

And today... we just had:

A laboratory activity for Chem Lab.

A boring time in our Chem Lec period.

And ahm... a not-really-that-boring-but-still-boring time in our Filipino class.

Fortunately, Sir Flores dismissed us one hour before the real dismissal time. Good thing, there was a strike among the transportation groups. *smiles happily*


Hurrah! We are now certified "bigkasers"...

The speech choir contest started at 4:30 pm in the Lecture Hall.

And you know what? Up to the very last minute, I cried a lot.

Geez. Maybe you were thinking it was because I was kinda tense. Well, it's also a reason because ako yung pang-entrance. And since I needed to look scared & tired from running while saying "Tulong! Tulungan niyo ako. May humahabol sa akin. Kailangan kong magtago kundi papatayin nila ako!"... internalizing really helped. I was able to burst out my emotions while acting.

We were the last to present so the very minute we finished our speech choir, an intermission number from section 26 began. And after 5 minutes or so... the next moments became so overwhelming.

*drum rolls*

Section 14 got 2nd place. Then, the emcee tried doing a lame suspense in announcing thw next two winners. *chuckles*

She said: "Odd numbers na lang ang nag-aagawan sa pagiging champion & 1st place."

I felt so down the very moment she said that. We are section 24, and for crying out loud. It is not an odd number.

Then, noong ma-feel kong naging useless ang ginawang paghila-hila nila Villy & Glenn sakin as a part of the act... The emcee said: "First place goes to... #5!"

You could just imagine my surprise when I asked: "Five as in us? Hindi section yung sinabi niya right??"

My groupmates were all smiles when Abu received the award. It was on the paper bag. We opened it and found many highlighters... Wahahahaha... We won highlighters, is not that something to laugh at?

But then, the important thing is we won. Even though, mukhang shoongakz yung costume namin dahil nong Monday lang sinabi ni Sir Flores na kami pala ang napili niya from the 7 section under him. And since each section ay may 2 groups, choosing us from 14 groups was a great achivement na. Eh yun pa kayang matanghal na second among the best (because ang nagchampion ay yung 3rd na nagpresent... I forgot their section.)... mas napakalaking achievement na no'n right?

That's why we are really thankful to God na kahit sobrang na-rush kami in all aspects of preparing for a major contest... we still made it. And I'm so proud that I did it. Nagawa kong ilabas iyong best ko sa pag-arte. They told me I did a good job. And I believe we all did a good job.

Thanks kina Marlyn, Ate Fledz, Ate Kathee & of course kay Ate Loriz na tumulong samin. Pati na ang group 1 ng section 24 na tinulungan kaming magbody paint.

Waaah... We love you guys!


And then... this was a pic taken after our last practice outside school last last week...

I will gonna miss those times when we have to attend a practice for Sabayang Pagbigkas early in the morning. At ang meeting place ay sa bilyaran sa tapat ng Heritage.

Anyway, I have to rest na.. We still have Alay-Lakad tomorrow. And on Tuesday, we have recollection in Villa Luisa, Tagaytay City. Geez.. I'm so excited.

I think I'll be on hiatus for many days starting tomorrow. Haha.. ;p


Ten minutes and I'm off...

I still need to prepare. I have to leave before 11:30 am. The class would start at 1 pm.

Oh my gaaad...

3 hours to go before my first period, Logic. And I am still here in my room. In front of the computer. Blogging.

Geez. I am not even sure if the eight rules of syllogism is still stuck on my mind. Hmm... Let us see, then.

First rule: Three terms must be found in a syllogism. (whew... I still remembered!) Second rule: Neither the major nor the minor term can be universal in the conclusion if it is only found particular in the premises. *winks* (I cheated though. I peeked on my copy to finish that sentence. wahaha...)

But I will deal with the other six later.

All I wanted to do right now is go back to my bed. And sleep. I have been awake for five hours now, surfing the net.

And I still have to study chapters one to seven of Matthew for our short Theology quiz. Maybe you are thinking it is quite short and easy. Awww... think again.. The questions could be: who are the two sons of Judah? What are the gifts brought by the Magi? Who are the four fisherman called by Jesus?

And it's not all. I still have to study the outline of the synoptic gospels, and John.

But then, studying could be a lot of fun. Especially if short-term goals have been achieved. I got 95 both in Algebra and General Psychology for our midterm grade. My lowest is Logic which is 87.7

Other subjects range between 95.3 and 87.7

My parents are proud of me. And I am happy to share my midterm grades with you.

I already finished Harry Potter book 6..
I cried when Dumbledore died. But I'll share my thoughts about it next time.

I really really have to end this post right now. Till next time. *hugs*