Pque City is such a small place...

...you won't be just another face in my photo album.
Yaaaaaaaaay. Familiar faces just kept popping up everywhere.

This morning, I saw Michi dearest waiting for an FX taxi near PATTS.

Hehehe... Actually, I would have waved at her but the FX taxi I'm riding was kinda fast. So, all I could do was comment on her blog and say, "Chi, I saw you kanina! Haha!" ;p

Then, this afternoon... while going home, I saw a blooming Teri descend from an FX taxi (also).

Hmmmm... Actually, she was with this guy that looks really familiar (most probably an AM student back in highschool). So, wanna share anything with us Teri? Hehe..

Okay.. Okay..

Seriously, I thought that when we went to different colleges, I'd never hear from them again. I mean, they'd fall back into their lives and I'd go on with mine.

Yeah, we remember each other from time to time, reach for the cellie, but never get around to making that text message. Like c'mon, I'm a Sun subscriber and Chi's on Globe.. I rarely have a regLoad.

One thing is for sure though: You guys won't be just another face in my highschool photo album.

Miss ya guys! I hope we'll have a kita-kits soon.. together with Amay & Katy..

Gaaaah. If only Hansy isn't so far?

Got tagged by Rudy. The instructions:

When you comment on this post, I will have to:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Challenge you to try something.
3. Pick a color that I associate with you.
4. Tell you something I like about you.
5. Tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. Ask you something I have always wanted to ask you.
8. Pick a song that reminds me of you.

After I have done the 8 tasks above, you will then have to post this same meme and my response on your blog.
Here's what Rudy said when I commented on his blog (copy-pasted) and btw, my response is in italics:

1. Respond with something random about you.
>>u love statistics and mathematics!

Wrong! Hehe.. Actually, I love Physics.

2. Challenge you to try something.
>>come to class on time for 7 straight days

I tried, but I still came late today. Arrrrghh.. *frowns*

3. Pick a color that I associate with you.
>>white, kasi lagi kang naka white! (ang lalem syet)

LOL... Well, I'm more of a "eskwela-bahay" kind of a girl so in the pics, you'll always see me wearing my white uniform unless it's Sunday! Hehe...

4. Tell you something I like about you.
>>u hav a beautiful smile (naks)

*blushes* Thanks. Honestly, I just love smiling. If there's one thing I learned from CandyMag, it's this: always flash that smile! LOL!

5. Tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
>> u were listening to ur statistics prof lecture u and u understood him perfectly hehe

Nope, wrong. I haven't understand perfectly what he's saying AT FIRST. Hmmmm... It seems that you didn't actually read the entire post. Hehe.. Huli ka!

6. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
>>hmmm caT? meow?

Weird! Just curious, bakit?

7. Ask you something I have always wanted to ask you.
>> ay kakahiya naman pero...sige na nga...just tell me honestly ha... can i put a link of ur blog into mine?(ampanget)

LOL... That's funny! Anyway, sure.. sure..

8. Pick a song that reminds me of you.
>> luha by aegis

Ferblogsakes! Of all songs... why naman? Haha!

Want me to do the 8 tasks about you? Then kindly tell me in the comments area! Cheers! ;p


Freakadelic... that's me!

We have classes six days a week. (Hmmmm... so what?)

Well, I always leave our house less than an hour before the first period. (So chances are pretty slim of going to school on time.)

But whatdoyaknow!

I'm always luck-aye (esp. in major subjects).

LOL. Like yesterday, our first subject was Health Care I (a 4-units subject, mind you)... and I came exactly 35 minutes late.

Gah. I hate being late but I can't help myself from being late. ;p

Fortunately, our prof was not yet there... but the second after I enter the room, she also came in.

Hihihihihihihi... All I could say is that God sprayed me tons of luckiness this sem.

That's something I should include in my grateful list. *grins*


Just awhile ago, I opened my Yahoo account and I was so ecstatic to see that I've received a lot of mails...

Only to fricking find out that 99.9% of the new messages in my inbox was effing spam.

Spam... of all things!

Tsk... tsk... I think they were able to send me those through my Free Blogger Templates' Contact Me chuvaness. *frowns*

Wtf is the matter with some people nowadays, huh?

Dear spammers,

I know how hard it is to promote one's site.
But for crying out loud, one comment with a link is enough.
Or better yet, do NOT comment.
Puh-lease stop testing my patience by flooding my Yahoo mail.



No catchy title here

Stat... Stat... Stat...


Just this morning, I had a fricking hard time understanding the lecture in Statistics. Yeah right.

I dunno why, but I swear I'm NOT bad at Math. On the other foot, I'm also NOT great at it. Whatever.

It's just that I'm not accustomed to the way our Stat Professor do her lectures.

I mean, she just spoke, wrote the formulas, spoke again (real fast, you know), then wrote lots of numbers... which resulted to a scattered set of solutions.

Goshie. I'm still catching up with my notes then the next thing I heard, "Next topic, class"...

Honestly, all I could do was frown after saying "Grabeh!".

Although she's very approachable when it comes on the things that seems unintelligible, she doesn't fall on my category of an effective lecturer.

Most of her lectures requiring solutions seem vague to me. It's like she's talking more to herself than to us.

Gah. I miss my Algebra Prof, Mr. Santana. He'll do great in teaching Stat. Too bad he's nowhere to be seen.

As in, zilch. Nada. Zero. Nothing. Zip.



I would've replied to the comments on my previous post, Totally Random; unfortunately, an effing scroll bar appeared at the bottom.

At first, I can't figure out how the hell I could remove it.. it's just so fugly.

But then I realized I did something before it appeared.. I posted a comment as a reply. *oh cripes, stupid me*

So I just erased it. Pffff. Back to "17 watchuthink" below.


Totally random

Holy brocolli!

I've studied Epi Info like a super real geek the day before the other day (yes, that's last Tuesday) and to my total surprise (and happiness), the placement exam was cancelled.

You: Hip hip
Me: ...hooray!


Before, riding FX taxi going to Lawton (but actually sa Hyatt, after nong Baclaran, ako nababa) is just a snap.

Now, it's not that easy anymore.

Grrrrrr. I still need to walk 30 meters (more or less) just to increase my chances of riding FX.

And if ever there's one, I really have to be quick (tulakan na toh! wahaha..) or else, I'll be just another face on the bunch of people who are not so fast enough, still standing and waiting for the next FX.

Tsk... tsk...

Anyway, has anybody experience that?

I, whatever...

I AM: blogging (what else?)
I WANT: to sleep (geez.. my class tomorrow will start at 7am)
I WISH: my life is different (awww... drama!)
I HATE: nonsense people (especially ****)
I MISS: my Papa.. and of course, my good old friends..
I FEAR: flying roaches (ewww)
I HEAR: creepy whispers (lol! just joking)
I WONDER: so much
I REGRET: losing some of my close friends
I AM NOT: easily provoked
I DANCE: rarely
I SING: off-key most of the time
I CRY: when I'm hurt (of course)
I WRITE: with my right hand
I CONFUSE: my younger bro sometimes (hehe)
I SHOULD: sleep early more often
I START: rewriting my notes in Stat the other day
I FINISH: everything I put my heart to
I TAG: you! (just kidding! *chuckles*)

Today's snapshot:

Inside the library: Bona and me


I'm going nuts

In order to liven things up in this ultra pathetic place I call as my blog, I'm back again in my rant mode.

[insert trillion eye rolls here]

Anyway, I'm studying a new software program I've installed because of my Computer placement exam tomorrow. It's called Epi Info.

Everything is going smoothly...

...until I've tried the analysis of data.

Oh, hellwithit really!

But still I can't stop myself from saying that for more than four freaking hours, I still can't find a way to make it appear.

Huwatta exasperating thing!

I'm über beat. I think I'm needing chips. :frowns: