Oh gawd...

Actually, right now.. I'm missing many people.

Especially, my bestfriends; namely, Amay, Hanz and Katy. It's been four days since I last saw them.

Sayang nga eh. My mom didn't allow me to go out with Hanz when she asked me to accompany her into the mall last Thursday. May ibabalik raw kasi siyang VCD na hiniram niya sa Video City the other week. During that time kasi there's a typhoon coming. Si Yoyong nga. Kaya ayun...

I also missed Grace. It's because in this blogging world.. aside kay Michi, she's the only one I think na ka-close ko rito.

Alright.. there were some links pero iba na rin iyong may few people na ka-close ka.

And the list of people I'm missing goes on.. *winks*

Geez.. I forgot to tell you that my super fave aunt will marry on December 10. Well, not that you really care. Just wanted to share something.

Although, it's just civil wedding.. (they're short of money because my godfather, Tito Oseph will buy a new car tomorrow)... I know naman that the sanctity of marriage is still there.

Currently I know na namomroblema ang Tita Myrah ko. We went to a wedding last night sa Betterliving and I saw the olds na parang niluluto siya. Gawd-forbid! Don't take it literally. Gusto ng mga ito na maghanda after the wedding. Friday yata iyong 10 right? So ayun..

My grandma insists na mag-restaurant na lang raw for the reception. Pero namaaaan.. the budget raw! Sometimes kasi ang mga olds parang bata rin. Kapag hindi mo napagbigyan, sasama ang loob. When in fact napagbigyan na siya ng tita ko. Dapat talaga church wedding. But my grandma is a Pentecostal. Ayaw niya sa isang Catholic church. While the soon-to-be-husband's side ng tita ko ay pure Catholic.

So instead of attending a church wedding na walang maghahatid na mother sa tita ko, they just decided na mag-civil wedding na lang.

And now venue naman ng reception naman ang pinagtatalunan! Yayness. Ang gusto lang kasi talaga ng soon-to-be-couple iyong dalawang for each side na magiging witness at silang dalawa lang for the celebration. Para less expenses. Sabagay this time ay kailangang maging practical ng mga people.

Pero grandma insist na mag-imbita ng mga kamag-anak galing sa Mabini. Hindi man sila immediate family pero baka raw magtampo sabi ni Lola. Kasi no'ng mag-asawa Tita Malou ko, sila-sila rin lang. Ganon rin iyong nangyari. So iniisip ngayon ni Lola na baka raw isipin no'ng mga kamag-anak ng Lolo ko na ipinag-wawalang bahala na lang sila just because our grandfather already died. Para bang wala ng communication.

But my tita doesn't think so. It's just that.. iyong budget ngaaaaaa!

So.. blah and blahs continue.

Still need to prepare myself. Afternoon ang dating ni Tito Oseph and his family. Mamamanhikan kina tita. Syempre the food lover that I am, I'll go to my tita's house later.

Gtg. Goodbye for now... =)

P.S.: Awww shit! I still haven't done my contraceptives report for our PEHM tomorrow morning. WTF? I also haven't finished reading El Fili of Jose Rizal. We've got a long quiz by tomorrow also. And not to mention another quiz on CW.

*sighs* Anyway, I'll just deal with those later. Or much better tonight.



Life is boring.

Ooops.. Got a mistake in there. Anyway, let me rephrase it.

MY life is boring.

Sorry about that. Just realized that I can't be talking in general because I know that there are some people out there whose life is pretty much OK than me.

In this order, since I wake up:

-- Mystery book. (I read Easier to Kill by Valerie Wesley.)

-- Food. (I ate beef steak and rice.)

-- Television. (I watched morning cartoons. Typical of me every Saturday.)

-- CD player. (I played Sexy Naughty Bitchy by Tata Young. Turned the volume to almost maximum. Result: A brother complaining about his eardrums being too shaken.)

-- Gameboy Advanced. (I played Super Mario part II. I was on my sixth stage when I got annoyed. Yoshi keeps on leaving me because I was accidentally hit by a flying enemy. Feck.)

-- Food. (Bread. For no reason. Just feel like eating something.)

-- DVDs. (I watched Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle for the second time. It's my fave movie mind you. And my second fave? The Prince & Me. Anyways, just sharing.)

-- Food. (This time it's for lunch.)

-- Gameboy Advanced. (Again. Continuing the battle. Hehe.)

-- Computer. (Then this. Blogging again. Can't think of anything to do. So here I am.)

So you see, my life is boring.

I can't go out because in the first place, I don't feel like going out. Besides, I've still got a mission to do. I have to keep my eye on our stay-out maid.

Just last night, before she went out on our house, my mom told me na kapkapan siya. My grandma called us on the phone at nagsumbong raw iyong boy namin sa store. Stay-in kasi iyong boy namin eh.

And you know what he said? Nakita raw niya na may tinago iyon maid namin sa bag niya. Three fishes. Ewan ko kung luto or hilaw. I forgot to ask. So iyon. My mom told me, "Mabuti sana kung nagpaalam siya, eh hindi naman."

It's an act of stealing, right?

And guess what I found nang makapkapan ko siya? Beef and pork na hindi pa luto. Almost one-fourth rin iyon. Sabi ng mom ko ang one-half kilo raw ngayon ay 200 pesos. Eh di, halos 100 rin raw iyong makukuha niya!

Guilt was written on Emie's eyes. (That's the maid's name.) She even said to my mom, "Ate ngayon ko lang naman ginawa iyan. Hindi pa kasi ako kumakain eh. Kaya mag-uuwi ako sa bahay namin."

Liar! She's a freaking liar. She's with us nang kumain kami ng kapatid ko. Kumain rin siya ah. Then she told us na hindi pa? Crap.

And my mom and I already know na hindi lang isang beses niyang ginawa iyon. My mom told me na kabibili lang niya ng ten kilos of rice last Monday. Then now halos two kilos na lang ang natira samantalang pwede pang umabot iyong ng more than a week because hindi naman kami ganon kalakas kumain. Besides, halos kaming tatlo lang ng kapatid ko ang natitira sa bahay. Plus the maid. In fact, my two younger brothers and I literally grew up with the maids. Different maids. My mom is out kasi oftentimes. And my dad's abroad.

So it's really quite intriguing di ba? Plus the fact na kapag pumupunta si Emie sa house namin halos walang kalaman-laman iyong body bag. Then pag-uwi medyo bulky tingnan? Who is she kidding with?

No'ng una hindi lang namin pinansin. Pero habang tumatagal, it feels like she's too much a burden already. My mom said na hindi namin obligasyong pakainin ang family niya. Which is obvious dahil malamang ang mga iyon ang dinadalhan ng maid namin ng pagkain. Alangan namang siya lang ang umubos non right?

So ayun...

Anyways ang kinaiinis ko lang, masyado siyang namimihasa. Ano bang akala niya sa amin? Charitable institution? Feck.

We're not rich naman para ganunin nila noh. That's unfair. Hindi napupulot lang sa tabi ang money na ipambibili ng foods. Sa hirap ng life ngayon, maghirap rin sila noh.

Well.. that's all. Just wanted to share my current thoughts.

But if you're thinking that what I was saying awhile ago was plain rubbish.. think again. Or better yet, close this window.

I know this is such an unbearable post. But this is not rubbish. At least for me.

The things I said awhile ago was the main reason why I can't go out with my friends and enjoy myself.

Arrrrggghhh. Emie is such a pain in the butt. Iyon lang!


Let this be read

Looks like this blog is already dying.

Been almost a week since I last posted another same ol freakin survey.

Alright. Alright.

I know! I need a pretty serious update in here.

So, where do I start?

Hmmm.. This is the third day of this week that suspension of classes must be done. Wheeeeee. It feels like vacation is just around the corner already.

So I really need to enjoy this days that I still have time to think and worry about nothing. Because next week and the week after next week.. *sighs* ..will be a really hectic one.

--- Presentation of Sponsors and Promotion of Officers aka P.O.S. Not that I'm part of it, mind you. Just emphasizing the fact that long chapter tests and final graded recitations will be rushed.

--- Teacher's Day. Actually, I just wished nobody would ask me to be a student teacher. Cross-fingers please. Not that I'm sure I would be asked. Modesty aside, I was once a student teacher before I graduated from my elem years. And I taught kindergarten. How pathetic is that! Those kids are the most hard-headed one I met in my entire life. Ooops.. with the exemption of my two younger brothers of course.

--- Third Periodical Examinations. How quick time flies! It was as if yesterday was just the first day of school. And now this? Two weeks and it will be our third quarter exams. The bad thing is that I still haven't done any reviewers for myself yet. You know what, I could now see myself cramming two days before the exam. Great. Just great.

--- End of third grading. Start of new resolutions for the New Year. And of course, start of the Fourth Quarter. Which means, I'll be back to my old self again. I wanna graduate from my HS years with flying colors. Flying rainbow colors actually. So prepare everyone! Coz next year, there will come Airah the Geek and all that. Awww!! Great. But I won't exaggerate myself to the point of becoming a nerd literally. With all the big eyeglasses, ultra-preppy outfit, eye bugs, aloof personality and stuffs. I still wanna have a partner for the prom.

Did I forgot anything else? Hmmm... *still thinking*

Is there anything else left for me to say?

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

Just wanna invite everybody to pray for the dear souls of those people who are victim of the Typhoon Violeta, Typhoon Winnie and of course, the current, Super typhoon Yoyong.

I pity those people I see on television. Especially the children. They are crying. For hunger. For the warmth of their parents. For shelter.

By the way, I was touched last night. Especially when a teenage boy cried in front of the camera and said: "Inanod na iyong bahay namin, pati mga magulang ko nawala na rin. Magpapasko pero ako lang ang natira sa amin. Grabe naman 'to. Sunud-sunod."

That time I thought I am still very lucky. I am here in our home, safe. Not like them, especially the ones who live near the different bodies of water. There's still doubt na baka alurin iyong dampang tinitirhan nila.

I even thought sila na nga itong nagpapakamatay para mabuhay yet sila pa iyong pinahihirapan. Sounds unfair, right? Naiiyak na nga ako sa mga petty problems ko. What more pa kaya sila na halos wala na talagang natira for them? On second thought, maybe life has to be really unfair at times. Sabi nga nila, it's a way to strengthen one's body and mind.

I just wanna appeal in behalf of my countrymen, na it's just another pagsubok. We are strong at malalampasan rin natin iyon. We can do it, guys! Every nation in the world look up to us. Even though, I'm just your ordinary senior student, given the chance, I'll help pack/distribute the goods for you.

It would be an amazing thing to be able to help. Besides, consider the adventure of going to a secluded place. That's another experience!

So, before I could win the majority of votes to become the newest and the youngest president President of the Philippines, I'll end this post na. Buh-bye. ;p


This and that

Ayun.. ala lng..

It's been five days since I last posted..

Mom kept the modem.


Shoo-nga-kers talaga!!

So I really have to go to a computer rental to update my blog..

I've got no choice.

So, there's nothing worth surprising in my life aside from the fact that I got a new hair do' last Sunday.

Bukod pa iyon sa haircut no'ng Thursday. Inaasar kasi ako nong mga classmates koh. Para raw bunot sa sobrang straight at walang shape or style.

So iyon nga, I decided to cut my hair again. Visited David's.

Then the result, ultra-nice hair do.

Many appreciated my hair. Ayun..

Ala lng.. I'm not in the mood to create an interesting post.

Sorry, people.. Hope you understand.

Anyways, till next time.. Goodbye!


Bored again

Heya guys!

Here I am again...

Got the questions from Candy Mag August 2004 issue.

Copied the questions that were asked to April Mande. And answered it all by myself on here.

Ready... Set... Go...

If you had an alias, what would it be:
-->hmmm... got an alias already. And it's funk_zyde.

If we wanted a glimpse of Airah, where could we find her:
-->in the waiting shed with my bestfriends after dismissal time... or in my room.

What wouldn't you eat unless your life depended on it(or if you were appearing in Fear Factor):
-->cockroaches and rats!!

What is your ultimate comfort food:
-->Burger McDo.

Are you a clothes/bag/shoe/makeup addict:

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be:
-->Paris Hilton. I adore her so much.

If you were an actress and had to star in a movie, what flick would it be and what character would you play:
-->Julia Stiles in The Prince & Me, or Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle

If you could travel back in time, is there something you'd like to change:
-->yeah. I'll speak for my current fave haircut so my hair wouldn't be this short and dull. I'll just have my hair trimmed and relaxed. That's all.

What book are you reading right now:
-->none. Although I love reading books, I still prefer reading teen mags right now.

What are the three things you can't live without:
-->family, friends, computer (in this order...)

What's in your Discman this month:
-->the CD burn

Do you remember the very first friend you made:

What's your cheap thrill:
-->surfing on the 'net and being able to get free web stuffs for my site

What's your fave girl-bonding activity:
-->cathing up on each other's lives

If you could have coffee with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be:
-->Paris Hilton, Oprah and my bestfriends

What do you think makes you a rockin' chick:
-->My smile, my feisty attitude and my brains

What would people be surprised to know about you:
-->i hate singing. Although, this isn't a surprise to my close friends. They know I haven't got the voice that's made for singing. Geez...

Who is your bestfriend/s:
-->Anna May, Hanz, Katy, Michi...

Any message for them:
-->Just wanna say thanks for always being there. And I love y'all so much!

If you can describe friendship as an ice cream flavor, what would it be:
-->rocky road. Because in friendship, we couldn't avoid having arguments... But those friendship who have surpassed every trials of time is indeed one hell rare!

What's the one thing you can do to make your lonely bestfriend/s smile:
-->listen to whatever they have to say. Coz I believe that listening to someone's problems is the best way to ease that someone's loneliness.



Yours truly, a crybaby

Even though I know that you won't care..

I still wanted to share what I feel.

Right now, I feel like crying.

I just really hate him so much that I wanted to cry.


If you would just give a damn and read my past entries, I know you would be both surprised and annoyed because I have said the phrase "I hate him" too many times. In fact, I had already lost count of them.

And maybe, you were thinking that I didn't mean it because I keep on repeating it.

But the real thing is that, this time around.. I do mean it. I swear I do.

Just a minute ago, I have broken the promise (to myself) that I won't call him ever again. Why? Because for the last time, I just wanted to know where I really stand.

And also.. just a minute ago, I had realize where I now stand.

I had realized it when I called his landline number and his sister picked up the phone:

Her sister : Hello.
Me : Hello. Pwede ba kay ****?
Her sister : Sino toh?
Me : Pakisabi si Airah.
Her sister : Ay, wala po eh.
Me : Ah okay.. thanks na lang. Bye.

Now, you maybe thinking that I was a bit unreasonable. Malay ko nga ba kung talagang wala. Pero deep inside, I know he's there. He just didn't want to answer the goddamn phone himself.

And you know what? I'm hurt. Terribly.

Kahit naman paano, gusto ko kaming maging close sa school.. I mean hindi lang sa phone! But before it happened, parang deadmahan na kaagad..

I think there's something wrong.. I just can't figure out what it is. I dunno if it's just me or him or whatever. I just don't know, you know.

Tears fell down nang ibalita ni Hanz na like ni Vampy si Him. Sabi pa raw ni Djo, medyo feel niya na like rin ni Him si Vampy. (Both are codenames, guys! Hope you understand.. May ibang mga classmates ko rin kasi na nakakabasa nito. Mahirap magbitaw ng names! Sorry talaga..)


Na-open up ko na kay Him iyon dati. Sabi niya okay lang iyon... Like lang naman. Pero after almost three weeks na hindi namin pagto-talk.. Baka totoo nga iyon. Hindi ko pa naco-confirm sa kanya because I couldn't reach him on the phone anymore. Besides, wala akong balak i-confirm sa kanya iyon.

Truth hurts. I know that. Pero what I don't know that comes from him wouldn't hurt me, right?

Kaya mabuti pang di ko malaman. At least, hindi ganoon kalakas iyong impact no'ng hurt.

So, ayun¦ Another reason why I thought I'm not special anymore is because he's not replying to the letter that I had given to him last week. Take note: LAST WEEK.

As in no reaction pa rin talaga! And I'm fed up being excited everyday about expecting even just a SINGLE reply from him.

Kahit naman for me special siya.. Nakakasawa na rin noh!

That's why for the past minutes, I had already come up with a decision.

[to be continued]

P.S. aka Pahabol Sulat: Wala pa talaga kasi akong makitang "solid" na sign na he's not liking me anymore. So, may next post pa about this.

Wish ko lang, people.. na whatever the results maybe.. either a good news or bad news.. Sana lang, andiyan pa rin kayo beside me!

Thanks talaga. *hugs*


New look

After fifteen years, three months and two days of my life..


I was able to have my hair relaxed/straightened.

But before everything else.. Let me tell you what happened before that.

My mom woke me up at 5:30 am. However, I'm still sleepy. So I went back to bed and told myself, "Iidlip lang ako.. Five minutes."

Unfortunately, the five minute that I promised to myself became half an hour. So when I woke up, I was a bit surprised that it was already a minute past six in the morning. And to think, our first class for that day starts at 6:20 am.

I hurried. Left the house at 6:30 a.m. Arrived on the school five minutes before seven in the morning. And to my relief, when I headed for the classroom, I saw some of my classmates outside the room. Good thing because I thought I was the only person on our class to come late for that day. Actually, there were eight of us: Me, Katy, Alet, Jana, Cia, Andallo, KJ, Dui.

Our Computer teacher told us that we must do anything to let our adviser sign our tardy slip. So, we did. But before Ma'm Cortez signed the slip, she gave us
"sermon". I was a bit annoyed and touched at the same time.

Annoyed because it took the "sermon" for about fifteen minutes. On my mind, "Eh kung sina-sign na lang ni Ma'm. Eh di sana nakapasok na kami sa first class namin. Hassle naman. Haaaay!! Buhay nga talaga!!"

Touched because I think Ma'm Cortez looks like she's ready to cry in a minute. Kahit naman papaano, I still understand her. Kasi tuwing may mga ganitong bagay, siya lagi ang sumasagot sa amin. Well, she has an obligation for the sake of the whole class. So, hindi ko siya masisisi kung concern siya sa amin.

She even said to me, "Hay naku. Lagi ka na lang late. Diyan bumababa ang grades mo eh."

I just smiled. Iyong nahihiyang ngiti. Wishing to bring back the morning at hindi na talaga ako babalik sa kama. But then, old habits die hard. Eversince I started schooling, lagi na akong late. So, hirap na talagang baguhin.

But then, I'll try that next week. It's not yet to late to make a change, right?

Change the topic. Next topic is about him.

So, ayun.. He's really playing his part of making deadma to me. You know what's on my mind lately? Gusto kong malaman kung anong gusto niyang palabasin! As in..

This is a promise. If ever hindi pa rin niya ako pansinin hanggang Friday lang ha, ayoko na talaga! I swear to God and to other saints out there. (Sorry for using God's name in vain. Sobrang inis lang talaga. Pagbigyan niyo na ako! Ngayon lang..)

So, that's it na talaga! Pasensiyahan na lang.. Deadmahan na kung deadmahan! I may give a damn but I won't let him see that I give a damn! Hmmm... Intiendes?

So, change topic again. Hehehe.. =)

Left the school at 12 noon. I waited for my mom on the elem canteen for about an hour. Then, we rode an FX. Arrived on Micah Med Clinic at exactly 1:30 pm. There's this television on the waiting area. I had started and finished the whole story of The Medallion of Jackie Chan and yet, hindi pa rin tinatawag ang pangalan ko.

Talk about shoo-nga-kers!!

Then, after ten years, my name was called. But the time was already 3:30… which means we waited for exactly two hours. Geeeeeeez...

Dr. Ching checked for my heartbeat. Then said, "Magpa-A.S.O. ka every year para ma-check kung okay ka na talaga."

Then she wrote something on a piece of paper that says A.S.O. (Forgot what it stands for.) Then, there's the date and her signature.

Oh great of all greatness!

That's all that we've waited for about 2 hours?? Could you believe that?

But after it, my mom and I decided to fetch my younger bro. While on the FX, I opened the topic of me wanting to have my hair permed.

Then, of all miracles, she said: "Alright."

So, bumaba na siyang mag-isa sa tapat ng school namin para masundo si Adrian. Then me, I went to Bench Fix Salon (somewhere in Jaka Plaza) and ask for some stylist to have my hair straightened.

First, the stylist cut my hair for a new 'do. Simple shoulder-length. Then, the stylist put some treatments, something like it to have my hair straightened.

After almost four hours, we're through. The cost: 1, 585 Pesos. Because haircut is 185 while hair relaxing is 1, 400.

Anyways, I've got a new look for tomorrow's class. And I'll make hula na that tomorrow, my classmates would make asar to me, like this: "Akala ko ba may check-up ka? Nagpa-relax ka lang naman pala."

And my would-be reply: "Syempre pagkatapos ng check-up. Bakit? Buong araw ba nagpapa-check up ang isang person? Hmp!"

Ayun.. Scripted na. Wala lang! Ni-ready ko lang para sure. Mga shoo-nga-kers kasi eh!!

Anyways, I'm so antok na talaga. I woke up early naman kanina kahit paano tapos supah late pa akong nakatulog kagabi.

That's why I'm sleepy na. Goodbye guys! Till next time.. ;p


I'm bored.. what do ya expect?

Since, I can't find something worthwhile doing...

I just copied the questions I got from my Friendster bulletin board.

Name the last three things you have bought:
-->footlong hotdog, coke, and 1/4 illustration board

Name three drinks you regularly drink:
-->mineral water, softdrinks, iced tea

Last time you actually cried:
-->last night...

What's in your CD player:
-->a Maroon 5 cd

What's under your bed:

What time did you wake up today:
-->8:00 am

Current clothes:
-->pink blouse and white capri pants

Current desktop picture:
-->see my header... I copied it and set as wallpaper.

Current worry:
-->I'll have my very first absent tomorrow because of check-up

Current hate:

Most favorite place:
-->my room

Least favorite place:

Could you play an instrument:

Favorite color:

How tall are you:
-->about 5'1...

Current favorite word:

One person from your past whom you wish you could go back and talk to:

Favorite day:

Where would you like to go now:
-->bed (wanted to get some zzzzz's...)

Where do you want to live when you get married:
-->Paris or New York

Favorite food:

Color of most clothes you own:
-->dark colors

Number of pillows you sleep with:
-->just three

What do you wear when you go to sleep:
-->typical sleepwear... a tee and pajama

What were you doing 12AM last night:
-->editing this site, sountrippin', breathing

How old will you be after 10 yrs:
-->hmmm... 25 y/o

What do you think you'll be doing 10 years from now:
-->working abroad and enjoying myself to the fullest

Do you have braces:

Are you paranoid:

Do you burn or tan:
-->huh? my skin color is tan already.. heller!

What is the brand of your wallet:

Color of your alarm clock:
-->grayish, I think...

Your hair:

Brand of computer:

Brand of notebook:

First real memory of something:
-->hmmm.. got a bad memory! forgotten... sorry!

First screen name:
-->funk_zyde still.. I was a part of a clan on fuse about two years ago.

First piercing/tattoo:
-->on piercing: just ears... on tattoo: never thought of it..

First enemy:
-->maybe, there was someone way back my childhood years.. but that was centuries ago! so I dunno...

Last person you yelled at:
-->my younger bro

Last crush:

Last disappointment:
-->Him for not making the moves

Last thing you wrote:

Last ice cream eaten:

Last CD/song played:
-->Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch

Last thing you ate:
-->food =)

Last annoyance:
-->my younger bro

Last words spoken:
:-->haaaaayy!! one last more!

...Finished!! Whew... I'm so sleepy...

I need to sleep now...

Jumbled thoughts


Miracle of all miracles!!

Today.. *drum rolls please*

I'm not loaded with assignments.

Obviously, because here I am.. as usual, blogging.

Even though I started the day with a bad mood:

I woke up past eight. When in fact, I told myself to wake up earlier (set the alarm clock to 7 am) because I thought we're having a long quiz in Physics and in CW. During that time, I'm not yet reviewing a single damn lecture, mind you.

Then, got finished about 10:30 am. Fixed myself for about 40 minutes before I could actually leave the house. Believe it or not, 40 minutes for me was way too quick to prepare. But since we're now having DST (arrival time must be 11:40 am), I've got no choice but to hurry. I might be late you know.

I left the house at exactly 11:15 am. As you can very well see, 25 minutes was the only time left before I could actually be called a latecomer. To be quick, I decided na sumakay na lang sa FX.

But I was wrong. Because sa lahat naman ng kamalasan, the FX driver was really too swapang. Lahat yata ng taong makita niyang disenteng manamit ay hinihintuan. Feeling lahat ay sasakay sa FX niya! Pati pa iyong mga nasa gitna ng kalsada at tatawid pa lang ay hinihintuan.


I arrived in school about five minutes before twelve noon. Can you spell A-S-A-R?

Anyways, I still wanted to end my day feeling happy.

That's why I'm counting the good things that happened:

  • I was able to complete all the required splices and joints for our Physics project. Ten minutes was the only time left before the actual submission, but I still managed to beautify it. That is, if you can call the glitters, fabric paint, and cottons as decorations. Oh! I passed it on time. I mean, seconds before the actual time. Hehe.

  • It was me who recited mostly about Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. A story of Jean Valjean, a poor fellow who stole a bread but was imprisoned for 19 years. Good grief! Life's like that. Good thing there's this good Samaritan who have helped him to start a new life. Sheesh.. Can't help myself. Love the plot of this story. Maybe common, but still has a great relevance nowadays.

  • There was no long quiz in Physics. Not even on CW. Whew!

  • During our Filipino time, Ma'm Cortez discussed about the story, "May Iba-t Ibang Kulay Ang BahagHari" by Ruth something (forgot the family name. Sorry!). A great topic for relationships. I admire the way Ma'm Cortez discusses in front of the class. She has this unique thing on her that makes our ears glue to what she is saying.

Best things learned from today's Filipino topic:

  • In relationships, don't make haste. Teens like me are still young. Who knows? Maybe in the future, I could even meet someone much better than those guys I hang-out with.

  • Today, teenagers often misunderstood love for infatuation. But remember, if you can't give up something for someone, then it's not love.

  • Don't suffocate a man too much by being overly possessive. Give him space. And of course, get a life. So you could be able to think some things over.

  • If you and him are meant to be, whatever happens, you'll end up together for a happily-ever-after.

Hmmmmm... *thinking*

Oh! Before I forgot, greetings to Hanz who just came back from Baguio yesterday. Dami ng strawberries na nakain ko ah! Isa!

And to Amay na rin! Actually, biglaan raw. Galing sila ng Manaoag. Then her tita said na ididiretso na lang raw sa Baguio.

Hmp! Daya niyong dalawa! Buti hindi kayo nagkita.. Iinggitin niyo pa kami ni Katy ah!

Hehehe.. =) Just jokin!

Noh pa ba?? Ah! Baka hindi ako makapag-whole day tomorrow. Morning class lang ang papasukin ko. I still have a check-up with Dr. Ching. Actually, dapat no'ng November 11 pa kami pumunta. Iyon talaga iyong appointment. Kaso, I really need to finish my Physics project. Kaya ayun..

May prolapse something raw kasi ako. Kaya pala ako hindi tumataba kahit kain ako ng kain. Oh well. Just look at the pic that I posted last Sunday.

Anyways, ayun nga.. My mom told me health must always come first.

Hmmm.. I've heard that line somewhere. Isn't it "God must always come first?" ;p

Hehehe.. Wala lang.. Pero agree naman ako sa sinabi ng mom ko. But I'll have my very first absent for the Third Quarter kung aabsent ako bukas..


I-DON'T-LIKE. Period.

Pero sabi nga nila, "mother knows best".

So, a daughter has no choice.

Wawa!! May absent! Di na perfect ang attendance.. *Shut up self!*


SMS Messages

There was the time when text messaging aka "penge-nman-ng-qotz" became popular. Minsan nga, may trade system pa eh.

"4ward ko sau 3 qotz, mag-4ward ka rin ng 3. No more, no less ha? Walang dayaan!"

I make it a habit to write every love quotations in my black notebook. Kaya nga everytime I scan the pages on my journal, I long for the times when my cellphone beeps... then later finding out that a culprit is sending me love quotes...

Now, bihira na ang may mang-send sa iyo ng love quotes... Philippines is now experiencing fiscal crisis. (Actually, ma at pa if ever that was really true until now...) Consequently, people really need to be thrifty.

But the frowning part about owning a cellphone is that when it beeps, you became too excited to open the inbox. Then really get disappointed upon knowing that GIRLTXT is the only one who remembers you. Kaasar tuloy!

Anyways, let me share to you my ultimate fave love quotes that I received since I became a part of "penge-nman-ng-qotz" club:

"I hav a s2ry about u and me... i'm in luv and so r u. In fact, we fil d same way. But ders a difference, i'm in luv w/ u while ur desperately in luv w/ som1 else..."

"I'm xori if u can't luv me d way u luv d 1 b4 me, so I'll let u go & find her. I jaz hope dat someday ul see dat d 1 tru luv ur lukin 4 was d 1 who set u free..."

"I hate smilin' jaz 2 pretend i'm not hurt... I hate gigglin' jaz 2 show u I'll be ok... I hate laughin' after I cry, wen I stil luv u and u hav said goodbye!"

"If ur hart fils empty, tel me & I'll step insyd gladly but if 1 day ul be needin' space 4 som1 else, don't wori coz I'll step out quickly & give up my space jaz 2 c u hapi..."

"Jaz wonderin' wen is d ryt tym 2 say i luv u? & if I tel u diz, wat wud u do? Wud u accept it & say i luv u 2 or wud u fil stupid & say, 'problema mo?!"

"I decided 2 go 2 diz war even if I don't know how 2 fyt d enemy... Dey told me not 2 coz I'll surely die! Well... fuck dem ol! Hu d hell cares? I'll be fightin' 4 u..."

"Bein' hapi doesn't mean dat everythin' is perfect. It jaz means u hav decided 2 c lyf beyond d imperfections. So don't say ur hapi coz everythin's alryt. Be hapi coz everything sucks but ur doin' jaz fyn..."

"Mnsan ur gettin' so matigas ang ulo, u make gawa watever u gus2! But wen u get tapilok, don't worry... I'm jaz hir 2 say: 'yan ur so engot kasi eh... come hir nga, I'll make u yakap!"

Actually, I've got plenty of faves but since I'm gettin' tamad na in just thinkin' of typing all of it, hanggang dito na lang muna. There's still tomorrow pa naman. Or maybe next day. Last day na ng "sembreak" ng mga highschool kaya baka busy na ako sa mga next few days. But I'll try my best to post an entry tomorrow.

I just only hope that blogger.com would exist forever... :)

So I could still read my blogs when I reach the age of 50 or still higher. Haha! Anyways, that would really be so cool ya know. Being able to read the things you did when you were younger. The only thing I resented was that I didn't discover that there's this word free blog on google.

Anyways, until the next minutes or even seconds I feel like blogging. Gtg, I'll prepare myself a merienda. I'm a bit hungry na. Ciao!

Love ko 'to

"Paparapapap... Love Ko 'To!"

I'm not an avid fan.

I just love the way Jasmine Trias conquered Hollywood. With her trademark flower, charming smile and wholesome personality, she is indeed one hell unique.

A Smart and Mcdo endorser.

Not bad.At least, we're sharing some things in common.

I'm a Smart user and a Mcdo lover.

Not a happy ending

But that SMS message was gazillions of years ago..

I received it during those times I'm still crazy in like..

Or was it really "like"??

Now, my life's pretty boring. Without someone to talk to about your day..

Just like a bubble, he easily faded away.

Current song in my head:

Let's talk this over
It's not like we're dead
Was it something I did?
Was it something you said?
Don't leave me hanging
In a city so dead
Held up so high
On such a breakable thread

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be

You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all of the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

*got teary-eyed*

"I need a hanky!! Somebody give me a fecking hanky!" I say.

Just wanted to forget him.. And crying is the best way to forget someone.. right?

Don't worry, guys.. After each time that I cry, a smile will always form in my lips!

In my uber-kissable lips.. ^_^

Now, slowly.. very slowly..

I am smiling! Enough of schmaltzy¦

It's a good thing I'm back to my normal self. ;p


Why, for the love of Allah, am I so happy?

Hmmm... Repeat.

Why, for the love of allah, am I happy?

Once again.

Hahaha.. Just fooling around!

But seriously speaking, I am happy.

And please note, in this order:

  • I finally mustered enough courage to express what I'm feeling right now for him.. through letter, of course! (you know who he is, close girl friends!) I'll clue you in: the content was purely about his shortcomings as 'mah' dear special friend.. =(

  • Hanz, Anna May and I ate kwek-kwek while sitting on the mini-store floor inside Caltex. Btw, it's one of our cheap thrills. We just ate, chatted and drank lots of soda. Best things we do during hang-outs. As if anybody cares.

  • I finished the 14th wire project: the fixture joint. Whew! Just as I thought that I'll be having my very first X mark in Sir Navarro's record, Junil came into the rescue. He helped me tighten those solid wires until my fixture joint became a success! Haha..

    Current question on my mind: What would life be without a guy who willingly do the 'guy work' for you?

  • I had actually photocopied the front cover of my DVD version of The Prince & Me. FYI, it's a must for a Lyceean contributor like me. Especially, when I was the one assigned for the film review.

  • It's Friday night. Meaning, no classes tomorrow until Monday because of that Ramadan thing. I'll be able to catch some sleep because since the start of this week, I became every inch a nocturnal sleeper.

    Hitting the bed at one o'clock in the morning. Because it took me more than fifteen minutes just to pull that insulator off a solid wire.. And to think that since Monday, I had been doing at least ten meters already.

    Feck! That was so grrrrr!

    But then, I'm forgetting the whole thing. It's Friday night. Hehe.. ^_^

..But of course, there are also things that made me frown a bit:

"A bit". Ferchrissakes! Who am I joking??

  • Still no reaction from him since I gave my letter during our dismissal time. Talk about ultra-mega-super-great! Why can't he be tired? He's been running on my mind eversince he had forgotten to lift the speaker first.

  • Our English professor made us write a poem...

    Exactly what was written on the board:

    Choose any of this topics:
    Month of the Holy Rosary
    Intrams '04
    All Souls' Day
    Field Trip
    Christmas Day

    Well, I chose All Souls' Day. Reason? None. I just thought it's the easiest. Actually, I'm not in the mood to write a poem that time, especially when I'm pressured.

    I don't like pressures. Although, I work well under pressures. But my poem didn't justified my performance about working well under pressures:

    Through the willows of misery
    The eyes of hope are fading slowly
    Tears are falling ceaselessly
    Blah... Blah... Blah...

    I forgot the next lines. Sorry. Even the title. I know this is very inane. Well, it will be given back to us for more corrections. I'm sure of it. I maybe a sucker for poems but I don't write poems very well. Just read the Keeper of the Heart, and you'll know what I mean. I'll just post the results after I re-write my poem on Tuesday. Wait for it in four days' time. That is, if you like.

  • As I followed Sir Navarro to the faculty room to pass my last splice (for that day).. for more scrutiny, all I was thinking was to be able to complete all the required splices and joints. I actually ignored the fact that we still have Economics subject after our Physics time.

    So, when we walk back to the room..


    We found out that the door was closed. And we can't go inside because our Eco prof said we didn't ask for her permission first before going out. Just talk about bad things happening after a good one. We were stuck outside for about twenty minutes or so.. Goddamn! I missed the freaking lectures!

    And worst, I actually missed my seat where I could make a nakaw-glance at him. Talk about shoo-nga-kers!

Right now...

I am missing that word.. SHOO-NGA-KERS! Haha!

Now, I'm smiling.. Yes, yes! I'm actually smiling!

Back to my smiley mode once again..


I hate him

Yeah. I do.

I hate him so much. He had forgotten me.

That's why, I'll LEARN to forget him also. Easier said than done. But I will! I promise I will!

I'll try forgetting:

that his fave color is blue..
that he loves eating fettucini something..
that his fave number is 1..
that his phone number is 826****..
that he lost his cellphone recently..
that he has this cute li'l cousin named Anes..
that he loves basketball so much..
that his birthday is before mine..
that he loves sleeping..
that we share the same movie as our fave, So Close..
that he has this blue cap..
that from his past, there was a girl named from a fruit (you know who she is, girl friends!)..
that his definition of love is gold.. *nose crinkled*
that he'll soon migrate to abroad (I forgot the country, sorry!) because almost all of the relatives in his mother's side had already migrated there..

and freaking etc..!

Sheesh.. Got too many things to forget about him!

But then, I had already promise, and so I will try to keep that promise. Unless of course, he'll be the ONE to make the move..

Sige, dream on! Knowing him, that's next to impossible. He's really shy! He admits to me na hanggang sa phone lang raw siya.. So, that's all.

I'm not giving any deadline na on when will I call, kasi I promise nga na from now on, hindi na ako tatawag sa kanila. Except na lang, if it's very important like group projects..

Pero kung chat-chat na lang, I don't think so.

I'm FED UP na in trying all the things to be close with him personally. Pero sana if ever wala talagang future ahead of us, at least, we could stay as bestfriends. Siya na rin naman nagsabi na mag-bestfriends na kami talaga, no'ng one time.

Well, that's indeed true. We're really very close naman talaga. Sa phone. We're very open before. So, at least.. if ever I forget him as my crush or infatuation or whatever you may call it, even love.. I dunno!

Basta, wish ko lang, stay pa rin as bestfriends.

He's the best boy bud that I ever had! And even though, I'll forget about him, I'll still cherished those hours we shared on the phone..

Geez.. I'm getting crazy. Anyway, what do you expect? I'm a girl! And a girl could really be very magulo at times.. Especially when it comes to this kind of topic!

Still, I wanted to apologize for being overly sentimental.. again.

But this is me.. thankyouverymuch!


Hurrah for Anna May


After almost eleven months of having this super crush on him, or maybe, loving him.. You know who he is, I mean you definitely know what I mean.. his codename: Ickoman!

I bet, you're now nearing the day you could eventually reap the advantages of keeping a crucial secret...

And that is, him knowing you are actually crushing on him or falling for him.

Undeniably, the hardest part pero I think it's the most kilig part. Why? It's because he just mention it na if ever he'll know who's crushing on him.. he promised to continue it to the getting-to-know-each-other stage then eventually inviting that someone to make labas for a romantic date.. That future recognition, fortunately, belongs to Anna May, my dear best-est friend!

OMG! I'm really very happy for you.

After fifty golden years, you could now actually have a future to look into. Geez.. I wish I could say that my social life is still the same. Unfortunately, it's not because he had actually forgotten me. How pathetic!

But then, that same old story still WON'T change my happy mode for Anna May. You rock, girl! I'm proud of you. So proud of you.

Basta if ever you're reading this, remember: No matter what happens, Airah is still here if they're not with you! *grins* Through thick and thin ha??

Love you, friend. Mwaaaah!! I know, this should have been a letter that must be sent for you but you know me namaaaan... the ever tamad girl that you used to know. I'm tired of just thinking of putting this into a piece of a stationary paper with my own handwriting.

Anyway, what's the use of this weblog, right?

GEEZ.. I'm currently exultant. I really am.

Good luck.

But for now, goodbye fellow bloggers. I'm very hungry. I just ate three spoonful of carbs and a viand. Then, I haven't been able to eat lunch because five minutes was the only time left when Ma'm Villoso dismissed us on her CW class.

The reason: She turned into her usual foul mood whenever the class became too boisterous.

I'll eat now. For the last time of this day, goodbye! Till the next day I feel like blogging..


In between a nice day and a bad day

Got a petty silent war with Anna May. Curious about the reason why?

Well, it's because I'm talking to someone. Then, she spoke. I can't just ignore Jhen because I was the one who approached her and asked her if she had already put my things inside the locker. Then, it was only a jiffy when I make lingon to Anna May. She was talking to her hand. Acting very much the drama queen.

What made the things worse was when I said, "Noh ba yan? Sobrang drama naman."

I said it not only with an exasperated voice, but also a frowning face with walk-back-inside-the-room effect. I'm the leader of the cleaners for that day, you know. And I'm also in my unpleasant mood, so konting drama-effect ng kahit sino could really make me blow up.

Anyways, that's it. When it was time to go, she didn't spoke to me. I know the way we're acting was very childish. Treating each other as hangin. But then, I think it's time for her to grow up. Not the drama thing. Because I also make drama kung minsan. Pero na-maaaaan!! I wish nasa lugar sana siya kung mag-drama. It isn't everyday that I really must endure her kind of acting. Medyo nakakaasar na rin eh.

Pero at least, I'm being true. I promise to tell her about this once we talk to each other again. I know she couldn't resist to talking to me tomorrow, she's one of my bestfriends. And I couldn't resist talking to her either. But if she'll continue ignoring me, I'll ignore her also. That simple.

The conversation that made me smile until now just by thinking about it:

Who : Airah, Katy, Hanz, Anna May
Where : On the basketball court, walking back to the room
When : After Physics time. Economics time.

"Ah iyan si Anna May? Kamay ko iyan," Katy said.
"Ganoon? Ang corny," Hanz said.
"Bayaan mo na. Kaw naman hands ko eh," Katy said.
"Unfair! Kayo meron. Ako, ano?" I asked.
"Hangin. Si Air ka diba?" Katy told me.
"An---yeeeee.. (in my nangbabara mode) Corny nga," I commented.

Oh, before I sign out.. I have good news to share.

He approached me! But that's because I smiled at him first. Damn! But still, he approached me. Didn't you read it? He A-P-P-R-O-A-C-H-E-D me??? Girl, that was so kilig!!

Hehe.. Babooooosh! (I still haven't given Hanz the bracelet. Maybe I'll bring it back to her tomorrow. I forgot. Sorry for her.)



Whew... Watta day!

Hiya! I bought a red.. not just your ordinary dreary kind of red.. but a bright RED shoulder bag with a black-and-white star on the right side yesterday evening.

And when I went to our PEHM room, many told me that they like my bag. One even told me I've got a pretty good taste in choosing bags. Coooool!

Agaw pansin iyang bag mo ah! Sobra sa red!" Katy told me.

Haha!! I know it's kinda cute. Because if it's not, I won't waste hundreds of pesos just to have it. Ipambibili ko na lang ng mga comfort foods ko iyon.. Eh di nabusog pa ako, di bah???

Anyway, got curious on what's my current rant today?

Well, for the last time, let me tell you this.. He did NOT call (again!). And maybe, I'm a bit unreasonable. Because.. Sheesh. What the heck is the matter anyway? I mean, I still don't know the real score and now, I'm being very unreasonable..

Great! Just great. *frowning*

Of course, maybe he had been very busy. Or an important thing came up. As in more important than me. (Me? Important? Dream on, Airah!) Or he just lost my number. Or worst, he suffered from permanent loss of memory that he actually forgot to make paramdam. He might have an amnesia for all I know.

Whew! What an OA thing to say.

But then, I saw him in the campus. He saw me, too. We even make kindat to each other and all that. He even said my name when he asked me about that varnish thing that must be put on our rat-tail joint Physics project.

Geez.. I really dunno why. Maybe he had just fed up talking to me that calling one another doesn't bring that same old sparks anymore. Just as I thought there's a future ahead of us. But then again, for the many times around.. I was wrong! Dead wrong.

Hmmm.. I got tired of mentioning him na. Baka nga, he's not worth the typing efforts. Just as I thought, that in this age of mine.. prince charmings usually turns into frogs even before you get to get near them. Mabuti na lang, I have not yet fallen too much. Or am I really? Basta ang sure ko lang, nasa ground pa rin ako at this point of time. (Wish ko!)

Change topic.

Oh, I'm thankful that Hanz had let me borrow her bracelet. It was kinda nice. Actually, I'm not accustomed to putting any jewelries aside from earrings. (FYI: I can't live without earrings.) But then, seeing the simple bracelet.. ('twas very simple, beads and all..) I didn't have second thoughts of wearing it. Kinda girly, you know.

Haven't I shared to you that I topped again in the class? I received my card last Friday.

Oh, of course. We've got no phone line since Friday night up to Saturday night. One day of hell. Not having to talked with my best of friends. PLDT is so shoo-nga-kers!!! :) As in, sobra!

I don't know but we had already paid our screaming telephone bills. And oh, we're not alone nga pala. I found out from a pleasant neighbor that all the phone numbers beginning with "820---" won't have a line for one day. She even shared that all of the "825---" the other, other month had their phone line gone for exactly a month.

Anyways, before I go too far, this are my grades for the second quarter:

Filipino - 86
English IV - 88
Mathematics IV (Trigonometry) - 87
Science IV (Physics) - 85
Elective : Creative Writing - 85
RHGP or Conduct - 92


Note: MAKABAYAN* includes:
Araling Panlipunan - 87
Technology & Livelihood Education – 86
Music, Arts and Physical Education - 86
Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga - 88

My average? 86.14

Got curious why the result on your calcu is different. It's because they've still got some computations "ek-ek". That's why you can't get the average by the usual methods: add and divide.

There's a corresponding unit to each subjects pa pala. Anyways, just sharing.

My real objective to display my grades? So that when I go online and read my blogs then happen to stumble on this one, I could be motivated to study harder (sana!). I'm a graduating student so craving for those almost-perfect or even perfect grades or scores are pretty bountiful.

Goodnight for now. Don't let the bad bugs bite tonight. Haha!! Missed this line already. Whom do ya think I told that line first? Guess..

Anyways, just when I feel like blogging again. Till next time!

A smile of appreciation

I smiled.

Michi never fails to make my day. Never fails to make me feel cherished. She's very thoughtful. I remembered her giving me letters every week.

But just the day after the other yesterday.. (kinda complicated, but then you got a high IQ so it's just a cinch to understand.. hehe!) Well, she let me read her journal. (not online.. but for real.) It was her opinion of all our girl classmates in IV-Dignity. And guess what? I was the first one.

Can you spell A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N?

Exactly what was written on Michi's journal:

"Question: Why have I put her ahead in line? Well, the reason is.. Well, that is to say the reasons are:

She's always ahead in class, literally. And well, because she's the smartest one there is. She seems like the "kahit-walang-review type", but she really does study before a quiz comes up.

She's really optimistic and she speaks well of what's on her mind. That's what makes her interesting to talk to.

Although, she makes mistake like most of us.. (so much for the Perfect Student Theory) she still gets away from everything with her trademark smile, peace sign and "joke lang" quote.

She likes me. And that's enough reason for me to put her up on the top of my list. No offense to Teri, but Airah knows me better than anyone.. (Di bale! Teri know naman most of my SECRETS na di alam ni Airah..."

Note : FYI, Teri is Michi's bestfriend.

That's why I really felt special when she put me ahead of her. Although, it's really no offense to Teri's part but still thanks to Michi for putting me first.

I could really be so exultant just by knowing that I've left mostly positive things to my dear friends.

Anyways, I know Michi can't resist visiting my blog. I've told her to visit mine. So I'm sure she will. She promised me.

So if ever you're reading this right now, I guess my only reply to you is THANKS A LOT! Really.

Maybe, I can't always accompany you because I've still got my own set of barkada.. But always remember that I love you Chi, no matter what happens. We love you.

Me with the rest of the gang (Amay, Hanz and Katy) will always be there for you. Just share your problems with us, that is if you got any, coz that's what real friends are for.

CARDINAL RULE among bonafide friends: Never keep a secret. That won't do any good. Because if you're making "lihim" to somebody, it just only means that you're not trusting that somebody. So, speak what you currently think about anything. Or I mean just share. And please avoid being an untolerable jabber. Good luck.

Anyways, for the last time, I'm telling this to Michi: TY. A lot. And TC. A lot also. *mwaah*


Into the life of an ordinary senior student


Our English prof made us write a composition everything about the French literature during the 18th century. Could you believe it?

Oh well, aside from my full name, year and section, date, and the aim.. my paper was half-empty for the first fifty minutes. Good thing I was able to bring back my sanity the minute I heard that there's only ten minutes left before the submission time.

You could only have one wild guess what I wrote in there. And I could feel that what you were thinking first was right.


Dull logarithmic equations.
Supah silent seatmate.
Messing HP calculator.
Time-consuming lectures that could rival the Great Wall of China.
An annoying seatwork.
An empty stomach.

And if only it could talk, it would say: "Wanna have that tuna sandwich and that mineral water! Canteen here I comes!"

I haven't eaten my lunch that time when in fact it's almost two in the afternoon. I was really hungry. Soooo hungry that I could eat a whole boar in front of me.

Bad thing, my hog-like classmate is two rows and four seats from me. Really bad. =(


I directly went to the locker room to put my English and Math books and notebooks.

I waited for Anna May to come out to the comfort room.

I paid my younger brother's tuition fee on the accounting office.

I went to our English prof's table to submit our informal themes to him. And guess what he said?

"Find a rubber band to compile them all in one place. Mamaya kakalat iyan."


He gave me the job of collecting the informal themes. That was semi-aight. But making me feel obliged to find some damn rubber band?? Geez.. Abuso na talaga iyan!

The worst thing: I wasn't able to eat some goddamn food! **eyeballs rolling**


Our Science prof, Mr. Navarro, discussed the introduction about electricity. I felt I came back to my elementary years where protons and electrons are pretty abundant. Haha..

Seriously speaking, I'm not into Physics. But since it's a two-unit subject, I really need to learn liking it. Or else my greatest nightmare would come: to flunk a subject.

**knock on wood**

Puh-lease! I'm a graduating student. The word flunking is far from my mind.


Social Science was my fave since I started highschool. I'm a walking memory. I love memorizing.

Dates.. Famous people.. Places.. Historical events.. You name it.

World History was actually my favorite when I was a junior student. But now, I changed my mind.

Economics as a subject is awful. Aside from the fact that production, consumption and distribution was said a million times already, I find Eco as mind-numbing. Calculations are easy as one, two & three that it doesn't give any thrill anymore.

Maybe, I'm not having a full-blast smartness here. But I'm just stating the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Amen to that!


Still the same.

Well, when will it not be the same? It's always the same.

Lectures, discussions, projects and scrapbooking. Aside from that, no more else. Pretty boring. Yet somehow interesting as a subject.

How ironic.


Since, Filipino time ito, I'm required to speak in pure Tagalog. Hehe..

Walang magandang maipamamahagi. Nagsagot lang kami sa libro. Isinulat namin sa kuwaderno. Gamit ang bolpeng may tinta syempre pa. Kaya nga lang ay dinaldal ako ng aking katabi, si Hanz nga. Nagkwentuhan lang yata kami buong peryud (hehe.. di ko alam iyong mismong Tagalog. Ipagpaumanhin. Pasensiya.) ng Filipino. Kaya ng magpasahan na ay nagkanda-baliw-baliw ako sa katatapos ng gawaing pang-upuan. Nakakaasar! Pero okay lang. Masaya naman ang naging kwentuhan. Hanggang dito na lang. Malapit na akong magawan ng monumento. Baka matalo ko si Gat Jose Rizal sa pananagalog.

Whew! I could still feel my brain perspire. Lol!
Anyways, I decided to make Taglish as my mother tongue. Kasi it's easier to say everything I wanted to say kapag Taglish.

Final Verdict : This is one hell of a bunkum post.

I'm in my usual SABOG mode because it's past midnight already. Oh sorry if I forgot to warning y'all before you read this blog.

But then, what the hell! You had read it anyway. Till next time.. Hasta la vista, girl friends and boy friends!

I'm missing somebody

He's absent today.

Hee--p! Don't ask me why. I've got not even a slightest idea. Actually, I've never seen him, not even his shadow mind you, for exactly a week now.

He promised me the other night that he'll call me yesterday pero until now, wala pa rin. I'm making tampo na nga eh. I thought I'm special. But now, I think everything was a mistake. From making friends with him, then being my best boy bud..


But just as what Hansy told me, maybe what I'm feeling right now is far from losing my feelings for him. Maybe, I just really cared for him a lot that I feel so much annoyed when I can't reach him on the phone.

You know what's on my mind? I really feel like cussing his older brother for the overusage of the internet. But then, I still have my respect for my future ______. Haha! Just joking.

Anyway, I'll be really true to myself. I really do miss him.

Our serious and candid talks...

Our corny jokes...

Our fascinating conversations...

Our out-of-this-world topics...

Our lambingan (that could beat the movie Serendipity.. How I wish!)...

I also missed the way he laughs. The way he say how much he misses me everytime I actually forgot calling him because of valid reasons: hectic schedules, overloaded assignments, etc.. (the usual reasons that are related to the word geek.. No shit really.)

And oh! I almost forgot. PMS also counts. Sometimes. When I just don't feel like talking to anyone on the phone. Not even to him.

In short, when I'm not on the mood.


The Keeper of the Heart

As lonely as a drifter is my heart
Wanting a lullabye to be sung for me
Every second of the day, I am preparing
To be complete for your unexpected coming

Then slowly... very slowly you crept in
And so I thought you would fill that empty space...
That one last missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle
But alas! Fate, do you always have to be cruel?

Now, my heart is a face scarred by pain
Sucking the hope out of my very being
A year from now, it will only be a ghost from the past
For it will soon fade away from giving almost everything

...Actually, it was a poem that I submitted as my English project last July. We were asked to present it in front of the classroom and explain the meaning of the poem.

As you can very well see, it's all about lost love...

Uhmmm, well, lost infatuation actually. I have this crush on my classmate since I was a freshman, but then... I realized that if you're attracted to somebody, you musn't expect that somebody to be attracted to you in return.

But if ever that somebody felt something for you, then you must be truly grateful..