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Unseal My Lips was completed just recently. Well, at first, I thought light pastel would suit Miss Shoshana perfectly. And I was not mistaken. *grins*

Miss Shoshana was very patient with me, so again thank you miss... I just hope that you'll like your new blog design for a long time to come.

Anyway, c'mon guys, go visit Unseal My Lips and tell Miss Shoshana what you think of her blog's new look.

[EDIT - 11/04/06 3:39pm]
It looks like Miss Shoshana is in the middle of resizing her blog template. :P

Unseal My Lips

Oh btw, believe it or not, I love her tagline - "I am a wife, mother of 5, and all things in between" - simple yet it has so many things to say.

Now, I wonder when my mom would start a blog? Hehe..

Me and the rest of my mother's side went to Lipa, Batangas last November 2. Of course, we went to my grandpa's grave.

Me & LenLen in a Batangas cemetery

And haven't I mention before that my late grandpa owned a piece of land? Well, we went there again and sort of did some nature tripping. :P Coolness.

Bring it on! Kuya LJ and Kuya Empoy for a wacky shot

Unfortunately, when grandpa died, the land was not maintained regularly. So when we went there, you can just imagine our fear that there might be lots of snakes.

But we've got three guys (one cousin, the other 2 were his friends) to keep us company.. so for two hours, we're like workers chopping down those tall hideous grasses.

It was one hella hot and stuffy afternoon. Sun was dancing on the top of our heads, making us feel like a, erm, like an 18-inch New York's finest pizza under a Yellow Cab's heat lamp.

*yum yum ~the first food that came to my mind~ yum yum*

L-R: Me, Lenlen & Ate Anna (taking a break from our voluntary grasswork)

It was like a super success story when we survived wading through long blades of grass, low lying branches and annoying weeds.

There was no snake, not even a shadow thank God, aaaarggh just those stupid ants.

Oh btw, we went to a pansol.. I dunno what it's called in English, maybe a shallow river? I really don't know. :P

L-R: Tita Mariz, me & Lenlen

Me & Lenlen (Us and nature, how's that sounds?)

Man, I'm so beat right now, my brain's not functioning well.

My mom accompanied me to school for my enrollment yesterday and guess what, I was the last one in line, literally. And to think that there's nothing more pathetic than being the last one to leave. Unfortunately, reality bites, we went there 2pm and finished at exactly 6:20pm.

Gotta go to bed. I can't believe it's already past midnight. Time flies for sure. Zzzzzsss..

P.S.: Last thing though, you might wanna check out Yahoo Time Capsule and contribute something, an image or a video perhaps. You'll never know, you might see it your contribution in the future being preserved for historical purposes.

Well, mine's here and here. Hmmp! Too bad, not all of my photos were approved though. :P :P

Yahoo Time Capsule Contribution is until November 8 only.