Autism, shout out and 3 smacks!

Just finished a fight with my 13 y/o autistic brother.

He didn't like a certain tv show and sort of freaked out... resulting to a small scratch on the back of my hand (and not to mention, redness on my arms).

I was so pissed off that I hit him back.

That started it all. But mostly, I'm in the defense while he's on the offense.

*sighs* I know. You cannot for the life of you understand why I (a 17 y/o college girl) hit my younger brother back.

But you can't blame me. When you're being physically abused by an autistic child (e.g. scratches, bites), your initial reaction is to defend yourself.

And that's just what I did. I mean do everyday.

Honestly, I think I'm too smart for this everyday insanity. Two years from now, I'll get my BS in Nursing from MDC. *crosses fingers*

But I guess there are some things they just haven't teach me yet in college. Like how to cope with autism 24/7.

Don't get me wrong though, I love my younger bro. But temper tantrums are just not worth it.

My blog was nominated Filipino Blog of the Week at The Composed Gentleman.

Since you've read this far, might as well click that link above and vote for me.

That demanding huh! LOL.. At least, please indulge me.

Thanks! ;)

After eons of waiting, my blog was finally re-reviewed by Charles, the Asian Blog Consultant, at IT2M!

Here's a real blast from the past - an IT2M blog review last December.

And now, the re-review:

Okay, I will be biased on this one. I like this blog so I don't give a shit if someone said that I had a lapsed of judgment.

The template is clean and quite virginal but I have a slight problem with the sibebars. It is too busy for my standards. I kindly suggest that you find ways to clean it to match the template. In addition, the tagboard has to go since you have your comments' section and you really have to utilise it.

I like her entries and she seems to be a really sweet girl with a sweet smile. Okay, enough said.
Charles gave me 3 smacks!

Three smacks, wow!! I could now point a pistol against my temple and be done with this blog! LOL

Anyway, seriously, I highly appreciate the review but the sidebars will remain.. Still, thanks Charles! Big hug for you!