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Last Friday, we (me & my classmates and other 4 sections) attended a recollection in Makati City... to be specific, in San Carlos Seminary.

Just a 15-minute trip and yet, the school rented four buses. I mean, duh. I wished they just let us commute. But anyway, past is past.

Well, we did enjoy the recollection since the speaker/facilitator has a great sense of humor... and was able to touched us all with his heartwarming true-to-life experiences.

No matter how I tried, I just can't help myself but shed a tear. I wished him goodluck of course.

I think I flunked my return demonstration about "Bathing A Client" step-by-step procedure just this morning.

Good thing my Clinical Instructor (aka C.I.) was nice enough to let me take a peek into the checklist.

Awww... I hate flunking. That's my worst nightmare. Just the thought of it scares me down to my cuticles.