Bo's 18th Birthday!

Venue was in Mango Grill Bar and Restaurant, Valenzuela City.

It was Bo's night. And of course, Miss Debutante was in the stage the whole time so we just made our own kodak moments at our table.

Btw, I was a part of Bo's 18 candles. And yuck. My message to Bona sucks. If my memory serves me right, I think it goes like this:
I wish you good health. And may you have many more birthdays to come. Happy birthday!
Syet! Huwahaha. It was lame. So very lame.

I would have said more if I didn't spend more time lighting the candle. Hassle kasi iyong hangin eh.

Exactly ten hours to go, it's noche buena time!! Merry Xmas everyone!


Ho ho ho!

Xmas is coming. And my week is full.

Now that's good news. My social life is back in the game. =)

I know this is already way too late, knowing that people have already bought gifts and just worrying when to wrap them all (waaah, kapal!!) but here it is...

So ok, here's my version.. my top 5 list:

1. Macbook

Duh. Who doesn't want a Macbook?

2. Any Nokia Nseries Phone

This isn't a matter of "want" anymore. I need a new phone right now. As in.

My current phone is sooooo a year ago. Besides, the #s 3,6 and 9 aren't working. And since that Typhoon Milenyo hit Manila, my Sun sim also didn't worked. It's like that phone is no longer for me. I just charged it everyday, and still it's useless. Its battery would be empty in less than a day. I bought new batteries to no avail.

My phone is so hopeless. So be generous ok.

3. Sony Cybershot DSC-T10

I'm in love. Oh well, any digicam with 7.2 megapixels is worth loving anyway.

4. iPod Video

I have a nano but a video is the ultimate ipod love next to macbook.

5. Books I Like

My Amazon.com Wish List


So this is it...

I didn't post anything for the past seven days since my good ol template is screwed up.

I don't know why but it was that crappy in other ISP and browsers. No background images, no banner image.. nothing, just plain text, flickr pic and some blog pics.

The thing that made me wonder the most though is the fact that it displayed fine on my pc and browsers, both FF and IE.

BFD I know. But you see, a screwy template (much more mine) is my greatest blogosphere pet peeve ever. As in grrrrrr talaga.

So here I am. With a brand new modified look. Yiiiiih! I soooo love change. =)

Anyway, Xmas is coming. Everything is happening so fast. I've got lots of things to do, and lots of things to pay. Now, isn't that exciting?

Minus the latter part ok. Feh.

Good news. January next year, I'll gonna wear my clinical uniform! As in like this:

...but not exactly like this!

Minus the nursing cap of course. We still haven't had our capping. That would be on my 3rd year. Goodluck to me.

Yes yes, I'm super excited and no, the pixels of your monitor couldn't display my excitement.

P.S.: Please tell me if this template doesn't load. It should look like this:

If it's still that crappy, I might as well shut down this blog for good. Better to stop blogging, than seeing the aesthetic part annoying the heck out of me.

Kidding =) slash not.

Seriously, will you do me a small favor? Please send me the screenshot if my blog looks screwy. Thanks!


What's with the silence?

I would have written about how I stupidly knocked my right knee on a chair leaving me with a really nice bruise this afternoon, but I chose not to.

And oh, I would have shared that I'm reading another Sheldon novel, "The Doomsday Conspiracy" which was really one big hokey sci-fi btw, but no... that would be a total yawnfest.

Man, blogging becomes so very humdrum that even I find it really boring by now.

Why! I'm beginning to sound like an emo here. Never mind.

Look, all I'm saying is, or I mean, all I just wanted to say is that I finished another Blogger template.

No, it's not for sale. It's totally free. As in, Blogger template up for grabs. Real 100% freebie. =P

Yeah, yeah. I know. I'm terribly nice and generous like that. *guffaws*

So erm, now you know what takes up most of my time.

Sigh. I'm really quite addicted to designing. That didn't come out as a surprise, wasn't it? So here it is.

The Sound of Silence

Preview and download this in the freebies page of Damsels of Design

I felt a real sense of achievement when I finished this one. Geez, I conquered Blogger Beta. Soon would be Wordpress. Yeah, I wish. =)