Happy 17th birthday to moi!

Just got home.

After our RLE class, we spent the rest of the afternoon in SM MOA.

Actually, we just ate and then went to Timezone. Haha.. Since I'm the birthday girl, syempre, kailangan manlibre. ;p

I'm short of money today but I still bought Timezone cards for each of us.

Just for celebration's sake. *winks*

Anyway, the highlight of the afternoon was when we did a sing-along in Studio 4 Karaoke chuvaness.

We were rocking side to side and wailing out seriously off-key, foot-stomping version of different songs (e.g. Crazy For You, Chiksilog, Power of Two).

Loved it!

And when I reached home, I was surprised by my mom's hand-clapping version of Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday To You.

Sweet! Wala lang... ;p

Thanks to all who greeted me nga pala! Hehe... Love ya all! *hugs*

Last Friday, I attended the 5th Honors Assembly of our school.

And good news! I'm still in the President's List. ;p

Actually, I'm really happy talaga to share that I was able to maintain my grades, despite of the stress my autistic brother is giving me both physically and emotionally these past few months.

So happy..

Have a nice day to all! *hugs*