Totally random

Holy brocolli!

I've studied Epi Info like a super real geek the day before the other day (yes, that's last Tuesday) and to my total surprise (and happiness), the placement exam was cancelled.

You: Hip hip
Me: ...hooray!


Before, riding FX taxi going to Lawton (but actually sa Hyatt, after nong Baclaran, ako nababa) is just a snap.

Now, it's not that easy anymore.

Grrrrrr. I still need to walk 30 meters (more or less) just to increase my chances of riding FX.

And if ever there's one, I really have to be quick (tulakan na toh! wahaha..) or else, I'll be just another face on the bunch of people who are not so fast enough, still standing and waiting for the next FX.

Tsk... tsk...

Anyway, has anybody experience that?

I, whatever...

I AM: blogging (what else?)
I WANT: to sleep (geez.. my class tomorrow will start at 7am)
I WISH: my life is different (awww... drama!)
I HATE: nonsense people (especially ****)
I MISS: my Papa.. and of course, my good old friends..
I FEAR: flying roaches (ewww)
I HEAR: creepy whispers (lol! just joking)
I WONDER: so much
I REGRET: losing some of my close friends
I AM NOT: easily provoked
I DANCE: rarely
I SING: off-key most of the time
I CRY: when I'm hurt (of course)
I WRITE: with my right hand
I CONFUSE: my younger bro sometimes (hehe)
I SHOULD: sleep early more often
I START: rewriting my notes in Stat the other day
I FINISH: everything I put my heart to
I TAG: you! (just kidding! *chuckles*)

Today's snapshot:

Inside the library: Bona and me