The day I was diagnosed of terminal bitchiness


I'm a freaking grouch these days. Figuratively speaking, I can't seem to open my mouth without sticking my foot in it. Really.

Anyway, my period usually comes on the third week of the month so I guess this is just pre-PMS bitching.

Or maybe not.

Shet. You know what, whenever I'm at home, I'm like a troll lurking in my lair.

And actually, hindi naman ako manhid! I also that know that whenever I shout at our maid (to prepare my meals, etc.), naiinis na rin iyon saken. Maybe, she's even cursing me... calling me names or throwing a dirty finger at my back for all I know.

Ha! But the issue here is the real reason why I'm acting this way since.. *thinking* ..the other day? Or was it yesterday? Duh. I dunno.

Curious? I know. But no, I won't tell.

It's too.. superficial. Not to mention the fact that it's pretty embarrassing. Ayoko nga sabihin. Besides, you won't understand. Unless, you're vain. (A clue! Wattaslipofthetongue! Hehe..)

Still, I'll leave another two clues in case you've knocked your head on the wall and suddenly realizes the fact that you actually give a damn about me (you see, reading this stupid post is a proof and.. ohmigod, I can't believe you've actually reached this far).

So now, the 2 clues: About (1) broken promises and (2) girl stuff.

...On second thought, I changed my mind. Don't bother typing your guesses. That's just a waste of time and of course, energy.

Gah. I think I need to move on to the real post. Actually, this should be about beach pics, not bitch fit.

But hey, I'm entitled to one last whine: Shet talaga! I can't believe next week na ang start ng classes namin! Shet shet shet! Nakakainis.

Why is it that nursing students are required to take summer classes? Bakeeeeet??

"Breathe. Yes. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Count backwards. From 10 to 1," you say.

No. Make it 100 to 1. I'm so fricking pissed. As in.

But I will not think about it.

Instead, I'll be positive and I'll just concentrate on my studies, wonderful friends (special mention: Jecha and Marlyn) and new mantra:

"Life sucks through a straw; get over it."
Seriously, next post please.

The beauty of Iba, Zambales

On the way...

The infamous Lahar bridge

Mount Samat on the right side


Inside the beach resort in Iba:

Just changed my template. Thanks to Rachel.

I like this one! Unfortunately, I have one problem with it. Whenever I click on a single post, yeah, the page will load but the image 'framebg' won't continue up to the end. It's like the length of that image depends on the length of the single post. *frowns*

Still, I will be trying this "on" until weekend.

If I won't be able to make my OWN template by the end of the week, the freebie will stay.

Btw, before I end this post.. I just wanna say:

I know I don't have the right to bitch about free services because I'm using them. Yet, I can't help myself.

Fuck NeoCounter for not loading that stupid little flag next to the name of each country!!

Fuck MyShoutbox for not loading my tagboard!!!

And the last but not the least, fuck Blogrolling for not loading my blogroll.

*rolls eye*

Right now, I don't have any choice but follow the old saying: