Certain issues

Well, what I'll gonna say is beyond my shallow self.

I don't normally share issues that do not pertain to me (pretty narcissistic for a person who doesn't claim to be one, right?) ...but then i just wanted to say that:

I hate unworthy policemen.

And to think that I don't use the word hate too often. Hate isn't healthy.

But... grrrr... if only a curse could give them a knock on the head, I'd be willing to swear the world out from here to eternity.

I mean, seriously, some of them are just so unfair, unfair, unfair!

Ever heard of their "palit-ulo" principle - "we'll keep the innocent until we get our man"?

That's what the goodhearted son of my family's laundrywoman (of more than 10 years) have experienced.


Just because they're poor.. it doesn't mean that they should be deprived of certain rights.

I wish them goodluck. And somehow, may they attain justice.

It really breaks my heart to see somebody crying so hard. :-(

I downloaded the latest version of Yahoo Messenger last Thursday.

Everything seem to be so cool until I saw that one of the categories in my YM list - the Friend's list (those people I know personally) - was near empty.

Stupid YM!

"Friends (0/1)"

Tsk.. tsk... I was really so pissed that time. And when I say pissed, I mean really really pissed. My degree of pissitivity rose to its highest possible level. Honestly.

But awhile ago, I opened my YM again and imagine my happiness when I saw that it's back. My friend's list is back! Woohoooooo!! LOL

"Friends (4/48)"

Just sharin'. ;p