Fill in the blanks

If you are a sane person, then you know that there is a big difference between the nice way of bragging and the obnoxious way of bragging.

And of course, you are familiar with the importance of subtlety.

Unfortunately, *one of my prof. hasn't realized that he's not sane enough when he entered our room.

Man, I swear to <insert the name of an omnipotent being here> that I really wanted to walk out 15 minutes after that nonstop "me, myself & I" mode. Oh well, actually it's not just me but most of the class too... Aaaaahh!! He's a certified egotistical.

Kudos to him! *note sarcasm ok*

Seriously though, I just hope he's generous in giving grades. That's in exchange for the minutes we've got to endure when he's talking. =P

*I would never tell the name of that prof, not even the subject he's teaching. It's a small cyberworld. If he reads this, my grades are so dead.