I need change.


I braved the thought of too many what ifs and switched to Blogger Beta yesterday. Yep, just yesterday. Pathetic.

Then after oodles of minutes uploading files, I finally learned the ins and outs of Wordpress this morning.

"Cool," I thought to myself.

Which I immediately regretted later. Because now all I wanted is to get off Blogspot, pronto!

Holy woe. Now if only money wasn't a problem and definitely won't come from my own pocket.

Btw, don't ask me about my 'rents. They would just say, "if you want to have one, then pay for it yourself."

So any ideas?


Where art thou?

Ta-daaaa. *this is the part where you'll feign some interest aight*

After being gone far too long, I'm now back from my unofficial hiatus. =P

Remember my wishlist post last month?

Hehe... Good thing, dad was a bit of pushover at the best of times. Exactly a week ago, he bought me a new phone. N70. *grins* So yeah, do me a favor and let's salivate. JK.

My New Phone
Teehee. Globe nako. Bow.

...Whoa, so my 2 weeks stint as a student nurse in the hospital was finally over.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind but with the NCP and general quizzes every meeting, I don't think I would gonna miss it.

Besides, I've got the whole summer to spend in MDH. Doh.

While y'all are busy doing nothing under the killer sun of April and May, I'll be working my butt off in the hospital. And I definitely got no "buts" coz I perfectly understand that it's a requirement. A frickin requirement btw.

Pero dyahe naman, would you believe we're not allowed to sit for 8 hours straight except for lunchbreak? It's a part of discipline raw. Ayayay-yayay.

Or maybe, I'm just exaggerating. But I did grab every opportunity to sit even for just a few minutes if sitting is allowed.

Hehe.. In fact, my fave sitting place would be the stairs of the 7th floor. Memorable.

What? Yes, yes.. of course, I won't sit there if I was given another choice.

You see, we're soooo not allowed to hang out in the Nurses' Station, unless of course if we're certified hospital staff na. But we're not. So....

Whatever. Antok nako.