This. Post. Is. Two. Days. Late.

I'm not in the mood that's why. Things are so much blah-blah-blah at home and it's very much getting on my last nerve's last nerve.

For blahs sake, whoever is reading this crap, it's sembreak and it's the only time in a year when I could just sit in a corner, read a good book or surf the net. Please spare me from doing household chores.. just please.

Anyway, moving on...

Michi dearest accompanied me the other day (duh, you do the math) to get my classcards from my school, MDC.

Hehe. The moment I saw her I let out a high-pitched call to her name, "Chi!!!" It's been more than a year since I last saw her and we only keep in touch through YM.

So... off we go to my school.

Room-to-room, we proceed (it's per subject you know). Endured long lines. Waited for at least 2 effing hours just to get those class cards. That pissed us both to the nth power.

But before I continue, let me share my grades for this sem (I worked hard for this so might as well be proud of what I accomplished):

Grades for Second Year - 1st semester:
P.E. - 91
RLE - 92
English - 89
Computer - 91
Statistics - 90
Health Care - 91
Microbiology - 88
Health Ethics - 91
Politics & Governance - 93
After getting all my class cards, we went to the nearest mall, SM MOA.

Funny, and I'm grateful, how things change but some people do not. I love Chi! :))

[EDIT - 10/30/06]
Change the template for the holiday.
I dunno, but I hope the violet doesn't blind y'all that much.



Took a nap at 12nn w/o eating my lunch and woke up at 3pm. Obviously, my stomach grumbled so I ate my lunch.

Rice and green leafy vegetable dish. Even though I'm not into veggies, I still ate.

If the food in my plate is equivalent to a hundred percent, then I'm in my 30% of finishing my food when all of a sudden, I saw a little wiggly green worm in my spoon. Must have come from the lettuce.

And guess what? I just lost my sense and freaked out.

Total ewwwww... As in a big yuck! I immediately went into our kitchen sink and puked.

And since I thought I might have already ingested one, I shoved my hand down the back of my throat as far as it will go. Then again, I throw up.

After that, I felt soooo weak.

Dang! That scared me down to my esophagus.

I tried not to cry but I couldn't help it! Btw, thinking of calling me names? Why not add crybaby in the list?

So back to the topic.

Just thinking of that little worm makes me want to puke again. I even googled "green worm" and found an image that looks exactly on my spoon awhile ago:

*puke puke*

I'm not tripping. That's gotta be the most horrifying thing ever.


Am I making sense?

I attended just ONE subject today - from 8am to 10am.

Just one subject, would you believe that!!

It's mandatory that we attend College of Nursing aka CON subject/s before the day of the Final exam, and since we're just sophomore students, we've got only 1 CON subject and that's Health Care (w/c is the 4-units subject I'm telling you before).

The only thing needed was attendance and everyone can go.

So well, obviously, it seems that I just wasted my transport fare, time and energy for nothing.

And to compensate, our Prof. told us that she'll give two additional points to whatever score we'll have in our exam tomorrow.

Two points?! What the eff! Like somebody really gives a rat's turd.

No additional points less than 10 can amount to the effort I've exerted from waking up so early when sleep was in fact all over me. :-(

But anyway, past is past. Moving on...

My blog was reviewed by Mrs. Ribbit at Frog My Blog.

The template looks sort of like a typepad template but in Blogger. The header image has absolutely nothing to do with what she is writing about, and there's no title or tagline. How are you expecting people to know where they are? "Oh, yeah, I read the girl with the funny stick people header, too!" There's gotta' be a title in there somewhere. The background doesn't go with the header, but I do like it. It's not overwhelming and there's a nice white space for the posts. There aren't too many on the front page. The title you see above is from a meme type post, which was one of her first. And, while there are two sidebars, they are both nice and neat.

There's some foreign language thrown in (I have no idea what is spoken in the Phillipines, and I'm really too lazy to look), and I think you need to be able to read it in order to get the point of the post. So, I'm not getting it. There's no about me section, just a rehash of something on friendster (?). She is a fairly proficient writer for a 17 year old. The posts are pretty well thought out, and there are some meme's thrown in, again, from friendster, but overall it's not as painful as some other teenager's blogs with all the angst and the white writing on black backgrounds and red words and autoplay music. She's a cut above in that respect. But it's still a teenager's blog.

  • So ok, I do realized the need for a concrete title inside my template.

  • The language is Filipino, btw.

  • I've got an "about me" section... it's from the "Want more?" link just above the "Blogs I dig". Unfortunately, I haven't updated it for about 9 months. Useless right?

  • The last line made me think though. Just a question everyone... What's worse? A mommy blog or a teenage blog? You decide.
Thanks for the review Mrs. Ribbit!! Rock on!

Yesterday, after the 2nd day of our Final examination week, we went to Bluewave Macapagal (walking distance lang, one block away from school)..

We just ate dinner before going home. Haha.. I remembered, back when I was growing up, getting to eat away from home was a treat that was better than new toys and cool cartoon shows.


Can't shut my mouth...

I was so pissed off.

You see, my usual travel time from school to home is only 1 hour.

Just this afternoon, my urinary bladder was talking tongues already but because of the effing traffic, I have no choice but to wait for an added 30 minutes or so to get home.


Philippines is just so hopeless.

Anyway for those cyberpeople who actually care, I just wanted to share that I've already registered a .com somewhere.. hehe.. Guess where? Nvm.

My new baby is up; although, it's still under construction.

So this is it! I'm quite serious with my hobby here. Hehe.. ;)

Anyway, if you're curious, you can take a look: Damsels of Design.

Got starstruck!! Hehe..

We saw Paolo Bediones (of the defunct Extra Challenge) in SM Mall of Asia just this noon.

He was memorizing his script in Pinoy Meets World.

Actually, I wasn't pretty much excited when I saw him in person. He looks like just another tv guy, this time standing in flesh among the crowds.

But when we went closer, I changed my mind. He's actually handsome pala. Not to mention the fact that he's genuinely super duper nice and approachable.

Hehe.. He even acknowledged us.. almost like saying "Wag na kayong mahiya". In the end, we just asked him if we could have a snapshot with him.

He agreed.

L-R: Chelle, Ariel, Taj, Bona, PAOLO & me

It's not everyday that you get to meet a star.


Thin is in?

You know how when you were a kid or a teen and you visit your parent's province during a holiday, your relatives would comment about the same thing over and over again.

Like how tall you are now, how beautiful/handsome/cute you became, etc...

Duh. I suppose that's the only greeting they know about city human beings.

Well, mine is always about being thin. People say things like "you still haven't changed, you're still skinny", stuff like that. It appears to be really negative for me especially when I eat a lot and still not gain a pound. I hate it.

You see, contrary to what most people think, waif-like figure isn't really cool.

When I was on my pre-teen years, almost all of my classmates back in 1st year highschool have boobs and some curves. While me... well, I almost passed as a walking flagpole, but thanks to my short stature, I was the walking stick.

It's hard to choose clothes without appearing to be so flat-chested and hips-less, if there's such a term.

Hmmm... But looking at Nicole Richie's picture and mine makes me feel good about myself:

At least I'm not all bones and that's all that matters. :-)

Awwwww... Me missus much mah former blockmates!

Btw, I'm the third person from the right. The one who laughed first. Can't control it eh. Haha..

Finals exam next next week. Goodluck to all Madocians!!


Nonsense rant

Four days without electricity.

And I'm being welcomed by this fugly horizontal scroll bar!!

No, you don't have to comment.

I'll try to fix this. Wish me luck.

[edit - 10:25am]