Yeah, big deal

Last Friday night, I was busy arranging my bag when I realized that my kikay kit was gone.

Actually, I spent at least five minutes (or less) thinking where I accidentally left it. And then it hit me. I left it in the girl's CR of our gym (after our P.E. class).

Naturally, I hit my forehead with the base of my palm. Stupid me!

Aaaahhhhh! I really can't believe this.

I'm not a makeup junkie but I value the cosmetics I bought with my own allowance (esp. Body Shop's lip and cheek stain).

The worst part is... when I went yesterday afternoon in The Body Shop, SM Sucat and asked the saleslady when will the next 50% sale of Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain... she told me that there'll be no more since they already change the packaging of the said makeup.

Now if ever I'll buy that makeup this month, it will cost me 750Php. And that's just a single makeup, what about the others? (Gaaaaah.. and to think I wanted to save money.)

Until now, positive thoughts have failed to lift me from the gloom that has descended around me.

I know you noticed the exaggeration just before this sentence.. it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Actually, I'm not sorry for being exaggerated because that's just me. ;p

Now, I think that I just need to have athazagoraphobia so I'll be more careful of my things.

Lawd haf mercy.

Refer me to the right gods and may they help me find it tomorrow (because I still haven't talked to the janitress assigned on that CR).

Btw, happy 42nd birthday to my dearest mom, Lourdes.

Ma, I hope you'll have more and more birthdays to come! Thanks for being the best-est mom in the world! *hugs*