I'm loving...

...the company of these three people: Ate Rosie, Ate Kathee and Marlyn.

They're so fun to be with. Seriously. ;p

Actually, Gerard, my blockmate, was also with us awhile ago kaso he's very tahimik.. pero sige na nga.. Kasali na rin siya. Wahahaha.

Distribution of class cards namin kanina. My grades for this summer sem?

But before that.. dagdag info lang for those na first timer dito sa aking humble abode, summer sem ang tawag naming mga MDC sa summer na may pasok para i-take up ang ilang minor subjects dahil fully loaded na kami last sem. ;p

Okay.. now, my final grades:

♥ Rizal - 93 (1.25)
♥ STS - 91 (1.50)
♥ Philippine Literature - hmp! I haven't received my class card yet.

Kainis kasi si Ma'm Razon. Ayaw ibigay hanggang wala pang clearance. What time ba naayos iyong clearance ko? After lunch na. Eh 8 to 12 lang ang bigayan ng class card sa mga first year. Tuloy... baka sa enrollment ko na makuha..

Speaking of enrollment, incoming college sophomore na ako! Wohoooooo...

And because it's still early to go home, we decided to go to the mall.

We prefer Glorietta than SM Mall of Asia even though the latter is closer to our school. Mas okay kasi. Hehe.. ;p

1. Yellow Cab rocks. For me, it's better than Pizza Hut talaga.

In fact, I ate two slices of Manhattan Meat Lovers. Si Ate Kathee, naka-3 slices. Ang takaw raw ni Ate Kathee kaso hindi tumataba.. Hehe.. Actually, may 2 slices pang natira, kaso hindi ko na kaya.. I'm not picky when it comes to food, pero mahina talaga ako kumain.

2. The Body Shop also rocks.

I bought The Body Shop's Lip and Cheek Stain. 50% sale.. so 347.50pesos na lang siya.

*grins* Who doesn't love 50% sale?

3. I bought a book entitled Shadow of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann and Rae Lawrence.

After I finish this post, I'll start reading it na. ;p

I got tagged by Yuri dearest.. *smiles*

Instructions: Name ten (10) of life's simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten (10) people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.
1. DVD Marathons.
2. Malling.
3. Surfing the net.
4. McFloat.
5. Sleeping.
6. Reading mags.
7. Hanging out with my barkada.
8. Making blog templates.
9. Editing videos.
10. Corn Bits.

No need to explain na, right? *grins*

Here comes the most awaited part! (oh really.. hehe..)

I'm tagging 10 people (grabe, dami yata?):
Arvin, Lica, Terry, /iambrew, Magi, Athena, Mikmik, Mark, Kevin and Michi.


I hate blogging


Simply because I just don't have anything to say.

"Eh what about this post?" you ask.

Well, a while ago, I realized these three things:

1. Nobody cares what my next section is...

There was a re-shuffle of MDC Incoming Level II students, my section next semester is section 3.

*sighs* I'll be missing my blockmates-turned-superfriends so much.

2. Nobody gives a damn why I still haven't watched The Da Vinci Code...

Actually, I was in Glorietta last Friday night after our Finals, bibili na sana ako ng ticket to watch the movie (hoping na kahit hindi pa ako 18 y/o ay makalusot sa mga guards), but when I saw na hanggang 10pm or 11pm yata ang tapos non, I called my Mom.. telling her na baka gabihin ako ng uwi. Unfortunately, ayaw nga niya ng ginagabi ako ng uwi especially dahil doon sa nangyari kay Alet. Kung iyon nga raw tanghali nangyari, eh what more pa raw kapag gabi??

"Mas maraming gago pag gabi."

So, kahit na andoon na ako at nakapila, I just followed what my Mom said. Mother knows best, remember? Saka hindi ko ugali na hindi sumunod. I was always the good girl. *frowns*

So I have no choice but to wait until May 31 para panoorin iyang DVC na iyan. Sasamahan na lang raw ako ni Marlyn. Kainis kasi si Mama, ayaw akong samahan manood. Na-influence na rin ng CFC Group niya.

An email she got na pinabasa sa akin:

From Bro Frank Padilla please pass....

Hello Brethren!

We have sent out many emails regarding the Da vinci Code, and how this book now the movie, is blasphemous and an attack on the Catholic faith. Some say it should not affect the faith of those who are well grounded. But that is not the point. The point is that it is blasphemous and so we should reject it. This is not about an intellectual discussion on fact or fiction or on its value just as entertainment, but this is about the evil foces that are using all to destroy the work of God.

So for our members in CFC, the BEST RESPONSE IS NOT TO SEE THE MOVIE.

Do not contribute your money to funding the secular and liberal forces, especially in media, that seek to weaken or even destroy what we hold dear. As evangelizers, we proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, and do not promote the lies and blasphemy against our God.

God bless you all,

Grabe! Until now, hindi pa rin tapos ang issue about DVC.

Anyway, I don't have anything against the CFC people, pero sana naman huwag nilang bigyan ng malaking issue iyong movie. I mean, kaya nga tayo binigyan ng knowledge ni God to know the difference between fiction and nonfiction. Hmp. Amen.

3. Nobody understands that I have to hate blogging in order to love blogging.

"Blogging: If minds had anuses, blogging would be what your mind would do when it had to take a dump."

- Maddox
Gosh. I super love The Best Page in the Universe.

Click the link. You won't regret visiting it.


Justice for Alet

A good friend of mine passed away last May 10.

Please pray for the soul of Miss Marielet "Alet" Asentado.

She was raped and killed. According to Junil, her body was found in a creek somewhere in Alabang.

Honestly, no amount of words can describe what I feel right now. Magde-debut pa naman sana siya ngayong May. Unfortunately, iyon nga ang nangyari. It's a really tragic loss for us.

When I first learned about it, sobrang na-shocked talaga ako. My first reaction was like this: "Si Alet? Wala na?? Anong wala na?!"

I really couldn't believe it.

Grabe talaga. Whoever did that to her must rot in jail. Or kaya ma-death sentence sana siya. Lethal injection o bitay o kung ano man! Pero bago ang lahat, sana mahuli muna siya!

We need JUSTICE! As in, hustisya!!

So please, just please, don't just go to sleep tonight. Please include her in your prayers.

That's all I ask from you. Thank you. Thank you talaga.

I visited my Friendster account and read Jenel's bulletin post awhile ago.

Sa lahat po ng taong gustong pmunta sa kanyang burol mgpunta po kau sa Sympathy Memorial Chapel.. Sa my Golden City, Cavite..

Sya po ay ililibing sa Manila Memorial sa P'que.. Inaasahan po namen na mkapunta kau..

Ipagdasal po nten na mahuli ang gumawa sa knya non.. Sana po mkapunta kau..
Anyway, before I end this post, I wanted to greet the greatest mom in the world, my mom Lourdes.... a Super Happy Mother's Day!

Pati na rin sa ibang mother, mahmu, inay, nanay, momsy, mother, mader, mommy... Happy Mother's Day!

...Pati na rin kay Alet, na ang tawag namin ay "Mami Let" kasi lagi siyang president ng class namin since 1st year highschool ako at saka dahil naging boyfriend niya ang aming "Dadi Vic"... Happy "Mami's" Day for you.. *smiles*

Pag natapos na ang lahat, may you rest in peace.

[EDIT ~ 05/17/06] Actually, her body was found on a creek in Daang-Hari, Cavite. Her death was televised thrice (once in Unang Hirit and twice in "24 Oras")..

I only wish na if ever napanood nong mga suspek iyon o kahit hindi na.. sana makonsensiya na sila. [/EDIT]


Someone I used to know

...change is good but does it have to happen so quickly?

I know that there are a lot of things I should be doing right now instead of facing the PC all day but I can't help myself... I feel sad. Really.

For the past five months Jecha and I have sat around, watched DVDs, took pics of our wacky selves, ranted and talked about everything from our ambitions, to the coolest guy in the MDC campus, to how our day went, to OPM songs, to whatever the hell was going on at the time...

I almost considered her to be one of my BFF lifetime club.

Unfortunately, there was a sudden change of heart. *sighs*

I mean, I know change is good, but does it have to happen so quickly?

I dunno but I think it all started in Chowking. While we were doing some barkada bonding.

Big mistake.

I should have kept on eating the leche flan in my halo-halo instead of opening the topic about the continuation of the barkada's "open forum". Then I would have avoided saying the wrong phrases. (For Thal, it's the phrase "ewan ko ba.. minsan ang plastic ko..." and for Jecha: "parang nag-iba ka.. basta!")

I mean, I should have said those elaborately and not left things hanging. Unfortunately, I'm not great in friendship fixes.

Honestly, that's one thing I hate about me.. whenever there's BFF-gone-awry, I feel immediately uncomfortable with that person. Yeah, maybe she's still the same Jecha and I'm still the same me but there's already distance. By distance, I mean we never had a fight but we just don't have that much in common right now. It's like the phrase "not close anymore" is seeping in its highest conscious level. Please, go figure.

So now.. here I am. Nobody to latch on to whenever I need to feel better about myself. Just like the last time. *sighs again*

Good thing, I learned another lesson:

We can't all inhabit a perfect world, much as we'd like to.
Whoever said that was definitely right.

Now, I realized that I don't need a best friend just for the idea of "having a best friend". (Hehe.. Sounds familiar? You see, it's the very same idea about love, silly.)

It's the quality of friendship naman that counts, right?

Quote of the day:

We call that person who has lost his father, an orphan; and a widower that man who has lost his wife. But that man who has known the immense unhappiness of losing a friend, by what name do we call him? Here every language is silent and holds its peace in impotence.

- Joseph Roux
Btw, I saw my blog url in the Final Asian Blog Awards 2005 Nominee List through Sitemeter.

Weird... I never visited Kineda before to even nominate myself. Maybe that was some good ol joke.

Anyway, have a nice week to all!