Do you feel grand?

Well, I don't.

Yesterday had been a pretty messed up day.

I woke up at 5:30am (with my temples throbbing like nobody's business) and quickly (I mean, really really quickly) prepared for school because there's a long test in our first period, Stat.

And whatdyuknow! The class started at 7am and I arrived almost 30 minutes late.

I was really worried because some professors actually lock the door for the love of latecomers. Really worried...

Only to fricking find out that the test was rescheduled (so ok, half of the night spent for studying was useless), and there's only individual recitation. Much to my relief.

After Stat was our Homeroom period.

Since it's no major subject (as if it's a "subject"! duh), we asked permission from our Homeroom adviser if we (me, Cydi and Yda) could skip class so we could go to Metropoint Mall in Pasay Rotonda (second nearest to us since SM MOA is not yet opened that time) and have our English report photocopied to an acetate paper.

Well, since our report was not yet complete, we went to an internet café and surf the net for additional information.

It's already 10am (the start of our English class), and we're still in Metropoint Mall, waiting for Copytrade to open. When the photocopying was finished, we went out of the building (apparently) and saw it was raining heavily.

Gaaah... Since we're already half an hour late (again), we didn't waste any precious minutes waiting for the rain to stop. Instead, we braved the chilly rain and immediately rode a jeepney back to school!

And the best part is... when we reach our classroom, the Prof. said that group reports are rescheduled, just a quiz for that day.

The moment I heard those words, I wanted to drop dead face first on the floor.

I mean, we already got soaked wet and then, she's indirectly telling us that our effort *gasp* was *gasp* useless.

Useless, my foot!

Seriously, with all the stress and exhaustion I've experienced since Day 1 of August, I am, it seems, officially ill.

The day before yesterday: me feeling ok

Now: me with fever

You see, with a headache like mine, a temperature soaring and a body feeling like it had been through 12 rounds with Muhammad Ali (yeah, dream on!), it's downright hard to get out of bed this morning.

Still can't relate? Think of jack-hammers in your head, I think that will suffice.

Tsk... tsk...

Honestly, I don't know what or who to blame. The rain, the misfortunes of the day or just me being a certified worrywart.

Until now, I don't know if I should laugh, frown, scream, cry, or ask Almighty God where the reset button was so I could do that one over.