Webby stuff

Contrary to what I've said before, I downloaded Firefox 2 awhile ago.

I'm sooo loving it. :P

Oh btw, I remembered Charles post about desktop customization.

Then later downloaded Longhorn Inspirat here for myself. Waaaah!! I dig those large desktop icons. Way too cool. *grins*

Mah uber cool desktop

Thanks Charles!

I was surfing through sites when I've read about the newest acquisition of Microsoft. It's none other than Firefox.

Even I myself was shocked you know. :P

Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional

The new award-winning browser from Microsoft is now faster, securer and quicker anything else on the market. Why use anything else?

MS Firefox 2007 delivers a dramatic boost in the download speeds of online pornography. By utilising a proprietary dynamic algorithm - anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster. Fun at the speed of light!

Download Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional

Just a warning though, it says that if you happen to visit sites like google.com, gmail.com, apple.com, itunes.com and yahoo.com... your computer will shut down unexpectedly.

Man, can you think of anything cooler than that?

And to think that they have a pending lawsuit from Adobe, not that it's true or whatever, but.. you just have to salute to the people behind this idea.

Such guts!

[EDIT - 11/06/06 9:02am]
I think some people got me wrong. *grins* Like what AskStudent said:

"This is obviously a major spoof mocking Microsoft and its latest browser IE7."