Goodbye Blogspot

Yeah, finally.

I've Moved.

But no, I won't post the link here.

If I've been a (semi)-regular at your site before, rest assured that I've told you my new URL.

If not, sorry. I don't have bad memories about this blog but I just wanted to start anew.

But if you're really eager to know, you can always ask me.


Bring it on, beyotch!

Gone are the days when I used to wear tees while swimming at the beach. Somehow, I've grown and became confident about myself.

And frankly, I think it's an advantage since I'm a certified camwhore.

Years from now, when my belly bulges from fries and burgers, I'll be looking at my own pictures and realize that at least, I've enjoyed summer during my thinner days.

It's pretty ironic that we went to a beach to enjoy ourselves but end up swimming in the pool most of the time.

You see, walking a bouldery beach is much like a sacrifice because I ended up having two small wounds on the base of my feet.


Blogspot no more

Damsels of Design rocks a new look.

Since I'm still a noob in Wordpress, I used the fLight theme which I saw in the Theme Viewer. Gotta love it!

Btw guys, I'm slowly inching my way to a new home. =)

Oooh, I'm so gonna miss this place.


Summer fun

My blockmates and I went to Sea Breeze Resort in Taguig last Monday. Maybe, you're thinking.. "an outing inside the city? duh."

Me standing on the far right

But what the heck! I believe that it's not the distance naman, it's the people you hang out with that matters.

Anyway, enough of that. I posted pics and two videos in my Multiply. If you're curious, go check it out.

Love yah guys! =P

Aaaaaahh.. One thing I regret about the whole thing was that I totally forgot my digicam. Blame it to my dad who only allowed me to join the outing that very morning. Hmp! =P Anyway, it's ok, at least he allowed me.

I'm so addicted to Multiply. Hehe.. Most of my time online is spent uploading the pics, typing a caption, uploading videos, commenting on my friends' pics, etc.

That explains why I don't blog that much anymore. I don't even bloghop nowadays. Or even if I do, I just read some of your entries but I don't comment.

I don't know. I think that typing words just for the sake of commenting is an old tired trend.

But if I do have something to say, I comment. But that's just that. I don't blog to get comments. On second thought, who am I kidding? But then, I don't expect much. That's just so pompous.

I went to school this afternoon to know if I'm one of the lucky sophomore students who will have a make-up duty in the hospital on the 2nd day of April because of tardiness or absences.

But it seems I wasted my money for nothing. I went to school but I didn't find my name. I'm confused at first since I'm sure I signed something during our Clinical RLE which states that I'll be having my make-up duty.. and the worst thing, the paper in the bulletin board states:
Final Make-up duty schedule will be posted on March 28 30, 2007 at 1pm.
So it seems I'm only looking at a partial list. What the efff! I really just wasted my time and money.

Ross and I ended up eating at Pupung's (SM MOA) then me buying John Grisham's The Rainmaker at Booksale. Yeah, I said goodbye to a couple of hundreds which I wouldn't have done if I only stayed at home.

Goshie nga naman.


Okay.. you'll be bored.

 I had my overnight at Angelie's pad (March 3, Saturday) for our Case Pres..

Then followed by my second at Jordan's pad (March 5, Monday).

And third at Alex's pad (March 16, Friday).

Puro kasi case presentation and defense. Pero saya pala mag-overnight.

But ang daya eh! My parents and Ian, my youngest brother, went to Singapore last night. They will come back on Monday. I wished kasama ako. Kaso may final exams. Shucks.

Pero oks lng.. Because just last night, I had my third overnight for our multimedia presentation. Actually, for our final exam na namin siya.

But instead of doing something, we just watched House and Battle Royal. We started creating the actual presentation at 2am. Wahaha.. walang tulugan talaga, shockie.

Aaaah! I love BSN II-3 talaga! Especially my group members na often kong nakakasama sa mga activities. Whether RLE man yan o sa computer. Hehe.. Drama mode muna. I can't imagine na maghihiwa-hiwalay na naman ng mga landas. =P Shucks, can't believe lapit na ulit magre-shuffle.

Basta, this is all I can say talaga.. BSN II-3 rocks!! \m/ Love yah guys!

Special mention to my best-est friend in the whole wide world, AMAY...

Amay holding the gift I gave to her.. paper art clay!

Thanks for appreciating my gift! Belated happy birthday bez! *hugs*


I need change.


I braved the thought of too many what ifs and switched to Blogger Beta yesterday. Yep, just yesterday. Pathetic.

Then after oodles of minutes uploading files, I finally learned the ins and outs of Wordpress this morning.

"Cool," I thought to myself.

Which I immediately regretted later. Because now all I wanted is to get off Blogspot, pronto!

Holy woe. Now if only money wasn't a problem and definitely won't come from my own pocket.

Btw, don't ask me about my 'rents. They would just say, "if you want to have one, then pay for it yourself."

So any ideas?


Where art thou?

Ta-daaaa. *this is the part where you'll feign some interest aight*

After being gone far too long, I'm now back from my unofficial hiatus. =P

Remember my wishlist post last month?

Hehe... Good thing, dad was a bit of pushover at the best of times. Exactly a week ago, he bought me a new phone. N70. *grins* So yeah, do me a favor and let's salivate. JK.

My New Phone
Teehee. Globe nako. Bow.

...Whoa, so my 2 weeks stint as a student nurse in the hospital was finally over.

It has been a bit of a whirlwind but with the NCP and general quizzes every meeting, I don't think I would gonna miss it.

Besides, I've got the whole summer to spend in MDH. Doh.

While y'all are busy doing nothing under the killer sun of April and May, I'll be working my butt off in the hospital. And I definitely got no "buts" coz I perfectly understand that it's a requirement. A frickin requirement btw.

Pero dyahe naman, would you believe we're not allowed to sit for 8 hours straight except for lunchbreak? It's a part of discipline raw. Ayayay-yayay.

Or maybe, I'm just exaggerating. But I did grab every opportunity to sit even for just a few minutes if sitting is allowed.

Hehe.. In fact, my fave sitting place would be the stairs of the 7th floor. Memorable.

What? Yes, yes.. of course, I won't sit there if I was given another choice.

You see, we're soooo not allowed to hang out in the Nurses' Station, unless of course if we're certified hospital staff na. But we're not. So....

Whatever. Antok nako.