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Stat... Stat... Stat...


Just this morning, I had a fricking hard time understanding the lecture in Statistics. Yeah right.

I dunno why, but I swear I'm NOT bad at Math. On the other foot, I'm also NOT great at it. Whatever.

It's just that I'm not accustomed to the way our Stat Professor do her lectures.

I mean, she just spoke, wrote the formulas, spoke again (real fast, you know), then wrote lots of numbers... which resulted to a scattered set of solutions.

Goshie. I'm still catching up with my notes then the next thing I heard, "Next topic, class"...

Honestly, all I could do was frown after saying "Grabeh!".

Although she's very approachable when it comes on the things that seems unintelligible, she doesn't fall on my category of an effective lecturer.

Most of her lectures requiring solutions seem vague to me. It's like she's talking more to herself than to us.

Gah. I miss my Algebra Prof, Mr. Santana. He'll do great in teaching Stat. Too bad he's nowhere to be seen.

As in, zilch. Nada. Zero. Nothing. Zip.