Of being grade-conscious

I was lying on the bed, channel-hopping with the remote control.

Mom is out. She went to get my younger bro's card. It's Card Giving Day today. At least for my bro.

Honestly speaking, I like school days better. Eversince the class ended, all I do here inside our house is this: watch tv, eat, sleep, eat, watch tv, surf the net, eat. Haaaay... Actually, not in that order.

Anyway, there were some pesky dancers in two different noontime shows. Kakainis. Honestly speaking, I hate noontime shows. There are also a lot of music videos (na talagang nakakasawa na, as in).

"But wait... there's MORE!!"

Sounds familiar? Yes, you're soooo right. There are also a lot of advertisement channels (or whatever you may call it).

Aaaaahhhh. Nothing on the box seemed to hold my attention for more than a couple of minutes.. so obviously, I turned off the tv.

And tadaaa!!! Here I am. Blogging my heart out. (Is there such an idiom?) *grins*

Anyway, I got my classcards the other day. But I wasn't in the mood to post a new entry so I wasn't able to share my grades. (As if you would care).

This are my grades for the second semester (forgive me for the cute little hearts, but I can't help myself but feel girly right now.. hehe) :
♥ NSTP - 91 (1.50)
♥ English - 88 (1.75)
♥ Filipino - 90 (1.50)
♥ P.E. (swimming) - 92 (1.25)
♥ Philosophy of Man - 91 (1.50)
♥ Organic Chemistry - 90 (1.50)
♥ Sociology and Anthropology - 88 (1.75)
♥ Human Anatomy & Physiology - 89 (1.75)

Unfortunately, my grade in Theology was "on hold". It's because of the MTV project. Medyo malabo raw. I-edit pa raw namin. Kaasar talaga. *frowns*

But all in all, I know naman that I did well. But not really that well compared to my grades during the last semester. (If you actually clicked that link, well, the grades are typed under the letter R of the meme/tag/whatever.)

Anyway, I worked hard for those grades so why should I be falsely modest? But that doesn't mean I have to brag or boast, right? Don't worry. I'm not doing it.

I'm just another one of those grade-conscious freaks.

"Yeah right," you say.

And now having talked your ear off, and made a nuisance of myself, making speeches or whatever (hehe.. I love that word! Whatever!!)... I will now take myself off and eat lunch.

Grabe! Sobrang gutom na ako!!!!

Have a nice day to all! *hugs*

And of course, before I click the "publish post".. advance HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!