Took a nap at 12nn w/o eating my lunch and woke up at 3pm. Obviously, my stomach grumbled so I ate my lunch.

Rice and green leafy vegetable dish. Even though I'm not into veggies, I still ate.

If the food in my plate is equivalent to a hundred percent, then I'm in my 30% of finishing my food when all of a sudden, I saw a little wiggly green worm in my spoon. Must have come from the lettuce.

And guess what? I just lost my sense and freaked out.

Total ewwwww... As in a big yuck! I immediately went into our kitchen sink and puked.

And since I thought I might have already ingested one, I shoved my hand down the back of my throat as far as it will go. Then again, I throw up.

After that, I felt soooo weak.

Dang! That scared me down to my esophagus.

I tried not to cry but I couldn't help it! Btw, thinking of calling me names? Why not add crybaby in the list?

So back to the topic.

Just thinking of that little worm makes me want to puke again. I even googled "green worm" and found an image that looks exactly on my spoon awhile ago:

*puke puke*

I'm not tripping. That's gotta be the most horrifying thing ever.