Let this be read

Looks like this blog is already dying.

Been almost a week since I last posted another same ol freakin survey.

Alright. Alright.

I know! I need a pretty serious update in here.

So, where do I start?

Hmmm.. This is the third day of this week that suspension of classes must be done. Wheeeeee. It feels like vacation is just around the corner already.

So I really need to enjoy this days that I still have time to think and worry about nothing. Because next week and the week after next week.. *sighs* ..will be a really hectic one.

--- Presentation of Sponsors and Promotion of Officers aka P.O.S. Not that I'm part of it, mind you. Just emphasizing the fact that long chapter tests and final graded recitations will be rushed.

--- Teacher's Day. Actually, I just wished nobody would ask me to be a student teacher. Cross-fingers please. Not that I'm sure I would be asked. Modesty aside, I was once a student teacher before I graduated from my elem years. And I taught kindergarten. How pathetic is that! Those kids are the most hard-headed one I met in my entire life. Ooops.. with the exemption of my two younger brothers of course.

--- Third Periodical Examinations. How quick time flies! It was as if yesterday was just the first day of school. And now this? Two weeks and it will be our third quarter exams. The bad thing is that I still haven't done any reviewers for myself yet. You know what, I could now see myself cramming two days before the exam. Great. Just great.

--- End of third grading. Start of new resolutions for the New Year. And of course, start of the Fourth Quarter. Which means, I'll be back to my old self again. I wanna graduate from my HS years with flying colors. Flying rainbow colors actually. So prepare everyone! Coz next year, there will come Airah the Geek and all that. Awww!! Great. But I won't exaggerate myself to the point of becoming a nerd literally. With all the big eyeglasses, ultra-preppy outfit, eye bugs, aloof personality and stuffs. I still wanna have a partner for the prom.

Did I forgot anything else? Hmmm... *still thinking*

Is there anything else left for me to say?

Oh yeah! I almost forgot!

Just wanna invite everybody to pray for the dear souls of those people who are victim of the Typhoon Violeta, Typhoon Winnie and of course, the current, Super typhoon Yoyong.

I pity those people I see on television. Especially the children. They are crying. For hunger. For the warmth of their parents. For shelter.

By the way, I was touched last night. Especially when a teenage boy cried in front of the camera and said: "Inanod na iyong bahay namin, pati mga magulang ko nawala na rin. Magpapasko pero ako lang ang natira sa amin. Grabe naman 'to. Sunud-sunod."

That time I thought I am still very lucky. I am here in our home, safe. Not like them, especially the ones who live near the different bodies of water. There's still doubt na baka alurin iyong dampang tinitirhan nila.

I even thought sila na nga itong nagpapakamatay para mabuhay yet sila pa iyong pinahihirapan. Sounds unfair, right? Naiiyak na nga ako sa mga petty problems ko. What more pa kaya sila na halos wala na talagang natira for them? On second thought, maybe life has to be really unfair at times. Sabi nga nila, it's a way to strengthen one's body and mind.

I just wanna appeal in behalf of my countrymen, na it's just another pagsubok. We are strong at malalampasan rin natin iyon. We can do it, guys! Every nation in the world look up to us. Even though, I'm just your ordinary senior student, given the chance, I'll help pack/distribute the goods for you.

It would be an amazing thing to be able to help. Besides, consider the adventure of going to a secluded place. That's another experience!

So, before I could win the majority of votes to become the newest and the youngest president President of the Philippines, I'll end this post na. Buh-bye. ;p