Whew... Watta day!

Hiya! I bought a red.. not just your ordinary dreary kind of red.. but a bright RED shoulder bag with a black-and-white star on the right side yesterday evening.

And when I went to our PEHM room, many told me that they like my bag. One even told me I've got a pretty good taste in choosing bags. Coooool!

Agaw pansin iyang bag mo ah! Sobra sa red!" Katy told me.

Haha!! I know it's kinda cute. Because if it's not, I won't waste hundreds of pesos just to have it. Ipambibili ko na lang ng mga comfort foods ko iyon.. Eh di nabusog pa ako, di bah???

Anyway, got curious on what's my current rant today?

Well, for the last time, let me tell you this.. He did NOT call (again!). And maybe, I'm a bit unreasonable. Because.. Sheesh. What the heck is the matter anyway? I mean, I still don't know the real score and now, I'm being very unreasonable..

Great! Just great. *frowning*

Of course, maybe he had been very busy. Or an important thing came up. As in more important than me. (Me? Important? Dream on, Airah!) Or he just lost my number. Or worst, he suffered from permanent loss of memory that he actually forgot to make paramdam. He might have an amnesia for all I know.

Whew! What an OA thing to say.

But then, I saw him in the campus. He saw me, too. We even make kindat to each other and all that. He even said my name when he asked me about that varnish thing that must be put on our rat-tail joint Physics project.

Geez.. I really dunno why. Maybe he had just fed up talking to me that calling one another doesn't bring that same old sparks anymore. Just as I thought there's a future ahead of us. But then again, for the many times around.. I was wrong! Dead wrong.

Hmmm.. I got tired of mentioning him na. Baka nga, he's not worth the typing efforts. Just as I thought, that in this age of mine.. prince charmings usually turns into frogs even before you get to get near them. Mabuti na lang, I have not yet fallen too much. Or am I really? Basta ang sure ko lang, nasa ground pa rin ako at this point of time. (Wish ko!)

Change topic.

Oh, I'm thankful that Hanz had let me borrow her bracelet. It was kinda nice. Actually, I'm not accustomed to putting any jewelries aside from earrings. (FYI: I can't live without earrings.) But then, seeing the simple bracelet.. ('twas very simple, beads and all..) I didn't have second thoughts of wearing it. Kinda girly, you know.

Haven't I shared to you that I topped again in the class? I received my card last Friday.

Oh, of course. We've got no phone line since Friday night up to Saturday night. One day of hell. Not having to talked with my best of friends. PLDT is so shoo-nga-kers!!! :) As in, sobra!

I don't know but we had already paid our screaming telephone bills. And oh, we're not alone nga pala. I found out from a pleasant neighbor that all the phone numbers beginning with "820---" won't have a line for one day. She even shared that all of the "825---" the other, other month had their phone line gone for exactly a month.

Anyways, before I go too far, this are my grades for the second quarter:

Filipino - 86
English IV - 88
Mathematics IV (Trigonometry) - 87
Science IV (Physics) - 85
Elective : Creative Writing - 85
RHGP or Conduct - 92


Note: MAKABAYAN* includes:
Araling Panlipunan - 87
Technology & Livelihood Education รข€“ 86
Music, Arts and Physical Education - 86
Edukasyon sa Pagpapahalaga - 88

My average? 86.14

Got curious why the result on your calcu is different. It's because they've still got some computations "ek-ek". That's why you can't get the average by the usual methods: add and divide.

There's a corresponding unit to each subjects pa pala. Anyways, just sharing.

My real objective to display my grades? So that when I go online and read my blogs then happen to stumble on this one, I could be motivated to study harder (sana!). I'm a graduating student so craving for those almost-perfect or even perfect grades or scores are pretty bountiful.

Goodnight for now. Don't let the bad bugs bite tonight. Haha!! Missed this line already. Whom do ya think I told that line first? Guess..

Anyways, just when I feel like blogging again. Till next time!