This and that

Ayun.. ala lng..

It's been five days since I last posted..

Mom kept the modem.


Shoo-nga-kers talaga!!

So I really have to go to a computer rental to update my blog..

I've got no choice.

So, there's nothing worth surprising in my life aside from the fact that I got a new hair do' last Sunday.

Bukod pa iyon sa haircut no'ng Thursday. Inaasar kasi ako nong mga classmates koh. Para raw bunot sa sobrang straight at walang shape or style.

So iyon nga, I decided to cut my hair again. Visited David's.

Then the result, ultra-nice hair do.

Many appreciated my hair. Ayun..

Ala lng.. I'm not in the mood to create an interesting post.

Sorry, people.. Hope you understand.

Anyways, till next time.. Goodbye!