I hate him

Yeah. I do.

I hate him so much. He had forgotten me.

That's why, I'll LEARN to forget him also. Easier said than done. But I will! I promise I will!

I'll try forgetting:

that his fave color is blue..
that he loves eating fettucini something..
that his fave number is 1..
that his phone number is 826****..
that he lost his cellphone recently..
that he has this cute li'l cousin named Anes..
that he loves basketball so much..
that his birthday is before mine..
that he loves sleeping..
that we share the same movie as our fave, So Close..
that he has this blue cap..
that from his past, there was a girl named from a fruit (you know who she is, girl friends!)..
that his definition of love is gold.. *nose crinkled*
that he'll soon migrate to abroad (I forgot the country, sorry!) because almost all of the relatives in his mother's side had already migrated there..

and freaking etc..!

Sheesh.. Got too many things to forget about him!

But then, I had already promise, and so I will try to keep that promise. Unless of course, he'll be the ONE to make the move..

Sige, dream on! Knowing him, that's next to impossible. He's really shy! He admits to me na hanggang sa phone lang raw siya.. So, that's all.

I'm not giving any deadline na on when will I call, kasi I promise nga na from now on, hindi na ako tatawag sa kanila. Except na lang, if it's very important like group projects..

Pero kung chat-chat na lang, I don't think so.

I'm FED UP na in trying all the things to be close with him personally. Pero sana if ever wala talagang future ahead of us, at least, we could stay as bestfriends. Siya na rin naman nagsabi na mag-bestfriends na kami talaga, no'ng one time.

Well, that's indeed true. We're really very close naman talaga. Sa phone. We're very open before. So, at least.. if ever I forget him as my crush or infatuation or whatever you may call it, even love.. I dunno!

Basta, wish ko lang, stay pa rin as bestfriends.

He's the best boy bud that I ever had! And even though, I'll forget about him, I'll still cherished those hours we shared on the phone..

Geez.. I'm getting crazy. Anyway, what do you expect? I'm a girl! And a girl could really be very magulo at times.. Especially when it comes to this kind of topic!

Still, I wanted to apologize for being overly sentimental.. again.

But this is me.. thankyouverymuch!