The Keeper of the Heart

As lonely as a drifter is my heart
Wanting a lullabye to be sung for me
Every second of the day, I am preparing
To be complete for your unexpected coming

Then slowly... very slowly you crept in
And so I thought you would fill that empty space...
That one last missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle
But alas! Fate, do you always have to be cruel?

Now, my heart is a face scarred by pain
Sucking the hope out of my very being
A year from now, it will only be a ghost from the past
For it will soon fade away from giving almost everything

...Actually, it was a poem that I submitted as my English project last July. We were asked to present it in front of the classroom and explain the meaning of the poem.

As you can very well see, it's all about lost love...

Uhmmm, well, lost infatuation actually. I have this crush on my classmate since I was a freshman, but then... I realized that if you're attracted to somebody, you musn't expect that somebody to be attracted to you in return.

But if ever that somebody felt something for you, then you must be truly grateful..