A smile of appreciation

I smiled.

Michi never fails to make my day. Never fails to make me feel cherished. She's very thoughtful. I remembered her giving me letters every week.

But just the day after the other yesterday.. (kinda complicated, but then you got a high IQ so it's just a cinch to understand.. hehe!) Well, she let me read her journal. (not online.. but for real.) It was her opinion of all our girl classmates in IV-Dignity. And guess what? I was the first one.

Can you spell A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N?

Exactly what was written on Michi's journal:

"Question: Why have I put her ahead in line? Well, the reason is.. Well, that is to say the reasons are:

She's always ahead in class, literally. And well, because she's the smartest one there is. She seems like the "kahit-walang-review type", but she really does study before a quiz comes up.

She's really optimistic and she speaks well of what's on her mind. That's what makes her interesting to talk to.

Although, she makes mistake like most of us.. (so much for the Perfect Student Theory) she still gets away from everything with her trademark smile, peace sign and "joke lang" quote.

She likes me. And that's enough reason for me to put her up on the top of my list. No offense to Teri, but Airah knows me better than anyone.. (Di bale! Teri know naman most of my SECRETS na di alam ni Airah..."

Note : FYI, Teri is Michi's bestfriend.

That's why I really felt special when she put me ahead of her. Although, it's really no offense to Teri's part but still thanks to Michi for putting me first.

I could really be so exultant just by knowing that I've left mostly positive things to my dear friends.

Anyways, I know Michi can't resist visiting my blog. I've told her to visit mine. So I'm sure she will. She promised me.

So if ever you're reading this right now, I guess my only reply to you is THANKS A LOT! Really.

Maybe, I can't always accompany you because I've still got my own set of barkada.. But always remember that I love you Chi, no matter what happens. We love you.

Me with the rest of the gang (Amay, Hanz and Katy) will always be there for you. Just share your problems with us, that is if you got any, coz that's what real friends are for.

CARDINAL RULE among bonafide friends: Never keep a secret. That won't do any good. Because if you're making "lihim" to somebody, it just only means that you're not trusting that somebody. So, speak what you currently think about anything. Or I mean just share. And please avoid being an untolerable jabber. Good luck.

Anyways, for the last time, I'm telling this to Michi: TY. A lot. And TC. A lot also. *mwaah*