SMS Messages

There was the time when text messaging aka "penge-nman-ng-qotz" became popular. Minsan nga, may trade system pa eh.

"4ward ko sau 3 qotz, mag-4ward ka rin ng 3. No more, no less ha? Walang dayaan!"

I make it a habit to write every love quotations in my black notebook. Kaya nga everytime I scan the pages on my journal, I long for the times when my cellphone beeps... then later finding out that a culprit is sending me love quotes...

Now, bihira na ang may mang-send sa iyo ng love quotes... Philippines is now experiencing fiscal crisis. (Actually, ma at pa if ever that was really true until now...) Consequently, people really need to be thrifty.

But the frowning part about owning a cellphone is that when it beeps, you became too excited to open the inbox. Then really get disappointed upon knowing that GIRLTXT is the only one who remembers you. Kaasar tuloy!

Anyways, let me share to you my ultimate fave love quotes that I received since I became a part of "penge-nman-ng-qotz" club:

"I hav a s2ry about u and me... i'm in luv and so r u. In fact, we fil d same way. But ders a difference, i'm in luv w/ u while ur desperately in luv w/ som1 else..."

"I'm xori if u can't luv me d way u luv d 1 b4 me, so I'll let u go & find her. I jaz hope dat someday ul see dat d 1 tru luv ur lukin 4 was d 1 who set u free..."

"I hate smilin' jaz 2 pretend i'm not hurt... I hate gigglin' jaz 2 show u I'll be ok... I hate laughin' after I cry, wen I stil luv u and u hav said goodbye!"

"If ur hart fils empty, tel me & I'll step insyd gladly but if 1 day ul be needin' space 4 som1 else, don't wori coz I'll step out quickly & give up my space jaz 2 c u hapi..."

"Jaz wonderin' wen is d ryt tym 2 say i luv u? & if I tel u diz, wat wud u do? Wud u accept it & say i luv u 2 or wud u fil stupid & say, 'problema mo?!"

"I decided 2 go 2 diz war even if I don't know how 2 fyt d enemy... Dey told me not 2 coz I'll surely die! Well... fuck dem ol! Hu d hell cares? I'll be fightin' 4 u..."

"Bein' hapi doesn't mean dat everythin' is perfect. It jaz means u hav decided 2 c lyf beyond d imperfections. So don't say ur hapi coz everythin's alryt. Be hapi coz everything sucks but ur doin' jaz fyn..."

"Mnsan ur gettin' so matigas ang ulo, u make gawa watever u gus2! But wen u get tapilok, don't worry... I'm jaz hir 2 say: 'yan ur so engot kasi eh... come hir nga, I'll make u yakap!"

Actually, I've got plenty of faves but since I'm gettin' tamad na in just thinkin' of typing all of it, hanggang dito na lang muna. There's still tomorrow pa naman. Or maybe next day. Last day na ng "sembreak" ng mga highschool kaya baka busy na ako sa mga next few days. But I'll try my best to post an entry tomorrow.

I just only hope that blogger.com would exist forever... :)

So I could still read my blogs when I reach the age of 50 or still higher. Haha! Anyways, that would really be so cool ya know. Being able to read the things you did when you were younger. The only thing I resented was that I didn't discover that there's this word free blog on google.

Anyways, until the next minutes or even seconds I feel like blogging. Gtg, I'll prepare myself a merienda. I'm a bit hungry na. Ciao!