Why, for the love of Allah, am I so happy?

Hmmm... Repeat.

Why, for the love of allah, am I happy?

Once again.

Hahaha.. Just fooling around!

But seriously speaking, I am happy.

And please note, in this order:

  • I finally mustered enough courage to express what I'm feeling right now for him.. through letter, of course! (you know who he is, close girl friends!) I'll clue you in: the content was purely about his shortcomings as 'mah' dear special friend.. =(

  • Hanz, Anna May and I ate kwek-kwek while sitting on the mini-store floor inside Caltex. Btw, it's one of our cheap thrills. We just ate, chatted and drank lots of soda. Best things we do during hang-outs. As if anybody cares.

  • I finished the 14th wire project: the fixture joint. Whew! Just as I thought that I'll be having my very first X mark in Sir Navarro's record, Junil came into the rescue. He helped me tighten those solid wires until my fixture joint became a success! Haha..

    Current question on my mind: What would life be without a guy who willingly do the 'guy work' for you?

  • I had actually photocopied the front cover of my DVD version of The Prince & Me. FYI, it's a must for a Lyceean contributor like me. Especially, when I was the one assigned for the film review.

  • It's Friday night. Meaning, no classes tomorrow until Monday because of that Ramadan thing. I'll be able to catch some sleep because since the start of this week, I became every inch a nocturnal sleeper.

    Hitting the bed at one o'clock in the morning. Because it took me more than fifteen minutes just to pull that insulator off a solid wire.. And to think that since Monday, I had been doing at least ten meters already.

    Feck! That was so grrrrr!

    But then, I'm forgetting the whole thing. It's Friday night. Hehe.. ^_^

..But of course, there are also things that made me frown a bit:

"A bit". Ferchrissakes! Who am I joking??

  • Still no reaction from him since I gave my letter during our dismissal time. Talk about ultra-mega-super-great! Why can't he be tired? He's been running on my mind eversince he had forgotten to lift the speaker first.

  • Our English professor made us write a poem...

    Exactly what was written on the board:

    Choose any of this topics:
    Month of the Holy Rosary
    Intrams '04
    All Souls' Day
    Field Trip
    Christmas Day

    Well, I chose All Souls' Day. Reason? None. I just thought it's the easiest. Actually, I'm not in the mood to write a poem that time, especially when I'm pressured.

    I don't like pressures. Although, I work well under pressures. But my poem didn't justified my performance about working well under pressures:

    Through the willows of misery
    The eyes of hope are fading slowly
    Tears are falling ceaselessly
    Blah... Blah... Blah...

    I forgot the next lines. Sorry. Even the title. I know this is very inane. Well, it will be given back to us for more corrections. I'm sure of it. I maybe a sucker for poems but I don't write poems very well. Just read the Keeper of the Heart, and you'll know what I mean. I'll just post the results after I re-write my poem on Tuesday. Wait for it in four days' time. That is, if you like.

  • As I followed Sir Navarro to the faculty room to pass my last splice (for that day).. for more scrutiny, all I was thinking was to be able to complete all the required splices and joints. I actually ignored the fact that we still have Economics subject after our Physics time.

    So, when we walk back to the room..


    We found out that the door was closed. And we can't go inside because our Eco prof said we didn't ask for her permission first before going out. Just talk about bad things happening after a good one. We were stuck outside for about twenty minutes or so.. Goddamn! I missed the freaking lectures!

    And worst, I actually missed my seat where I could make a nakaw-glance at him. Talk about shoo-nga-kers!

Right now...

I am missing that word.. SHOO-NGA-KERS! Haha!

Now, I'm smiling.. Yes, yes! I'm actually smiling!

Back to my smiley mode once again..