Life is boring.

Ooops.. Got a mistake in there. Anyway, let me rephrase it.

MY life is boring.

Sorry about that. Just realized that I can't be talking in general because I know that there are some people out there whose life is pretty much OK than me.

In this order, since I wake up:

-- Mystery book. (I read Easier to Kill by Valerie Wesley.)

-- Food. (I ate beef steak and rice.)

-- Television. (I watched morning cartoons. Typical of me every Saturday.)

-- CD player. (I played Sexy Naughty Bitchy by Tata Young. Turned the volume to almost maximum. Result: A brother complaining about his eardrums being too shaken.)

-- Gameboy Advanced. (I played Super Mario part II. I was on my sixth stage when I got annoyed. Yoshi keeps on leaving me because I was accidentally hit by a flying enemy. Feck.)

-- Food. (Bread. For no reason. Just feel like eating something.)

-- DVDs. (I watched Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle for the second time. It's my fave movie mind you. And my second fave? The Prince & Me. Anyways, just sharing.)

-- Food. (This time it's for lunch.)

-- Gameboy Advanced. (Again. Continuing the battle. Hehe.)

-- Computer. (Then this. Blogging again. Can't think of anything to do. So here I am.)

So you see, my life is boring.

I can't go out because in the first place, I don't feel like going out. Besides, I've still got a mission to do. I have to keep my eye on our stay-out maid.

Just last night, before she went out on our house, my mom told me na kapkapan siya. My grandma called us on the phone at nagsumbong raw iyong boy namin sa store. Stay-in kasi iyong boy namin eh.

And you know what he said? Nakita raw niya na may tinago iyon maid namin sa bag niya. Three fishes. Ewan ko kung luto or hilaw. I forgot to ask. So iyon. My mom told me, "Mabuti sana kung nagpaalam siya, eh hindi naman."

It's an act of stealing, right?

And guess what I found nang makapkapan ko siya? Beef and pork na hindi pa luto. Almost one-fourth rin iyon. Sabi ng mom ko ang one-half kilo raw ngayon ay 200 pesos. Eh di, halos 100 rin raw iyong makukuha niya!

Guilt was written on Emie's eyes. (That's the maid's name.) She even said to my mom, "Ate ngayon ko lang naman ginawa iyan. Hindi pa kasi ako kumakain eh. Kaya mag-uuwi ako sa bahay namin."

Liar! She's a freaking liar. She's with us nang kumain kami ng kapatid ko. Kumain rin siya ah. Then she told us na hindi pa? Crap.

And my mom and I already know na hindi lang isang beses niyang ginawa iyon. My mom told me na kabibili lang niya ng ten kilos of rice last Monday. Then now halos two kilos na lang ang natira samantalang pwede pang umabot iyong ng more than a week because hindi naman kami ganon kalakas kumain. Besides, halos kaming tatlo lang ng kapatid ko ang natitira sa bahay. Plus the maid. In fact, my two younger brothers and I literally grew up with the maids. Different maids. My mom is out kasi oftentimes. And my dad's abroad.

So it's really quite intriguing di ba? Plus the fact na kapag pumupunta si Emie sa house namin halos walang kalaman-laman iyong body bag. Then pag-uwi medyo bulky tingnan? Who is she kidding with?

No'ng una hindi lang namin pinansin. Pero habang tumatagal, it feels like she's too much a burden already. My mom said na hindi namin obligasyong pakainin ang family niya. Which is obvious dahil malamang ang mga iyon ang dinadalhan ng maid namin ng pagkain. Alangan namang siya lang ang umubos non right?

So ayun...

Anyways ang kinaiinis ko lang, masyado siyang namimihasa. Ano bang akala niya sa amin? Charitable institution? Feck.

We're not rich naman para ganunin nila noh. That's unfair. Hindi napupulot lang sa tabi ang money na ipambibili ng foods. Sa hirap ng life ngayon, maghirap rin sila noh.

Well.. that's all. Just wanted to share my current thoughts.

But if you're thinking that what I was saying awhile ago was plain rubbish.. think again. Or better yet, close this window.

I know this is such an unbearable post. But this is not rubbish. At least for me.

The things I said awhile ago was the main reason why I can't go out with my friends and enjoy myself.

Arrrrggghhh. Emie is such a pain in the butt. Iyon lang!