Jumbled thoughts


Miracle of all miracles!!

Today.. *drum rolls please*

I'm not loaded with assignments.

Obviously, because here I am.. as usual, blogging.

Even though I started the day with a bad mood:

I woke up past eight. When in fact, I told myself to wake up earlier (set the alarm clock to 7 am) because I thought we're having a long quiz in Physics and in CW. During that time, I'm not yet reviewing a single damn lecture, mind you.

Then, got finished about 10:30 am. Fixed myself for about 40 minutes before I could actually leave the house. Believe it or not, 40 minutes for me was way too quick to prepare. But since we're now having DST (arrival time must be 11:40 am), I've got no choice but to hurry. I might be late you know.

I left the house at exactly 11:15 am. As you can very well see, 25 minutes was the only time left before I could actually be called a latecomer. To be quick, I decided na sumakay na lang sa FX.

But I was wrong. Because sa lahat naman ng kamalasan, the FX driver was really too swapang. Lahat yata ng taong makita niyang disenteng manamit ay hinihintuan. Feeling lahat ay sasakay sa FX niya! Pati pa iyong mga nasa gitna ng kalsada at tatawid pa lang ay hinihintuan.


I arrived in school about five minutes before twelve noon. Can you spell A-S-A-R?

Anyways, I still wanted to end my day feeling happy.

That's why I'm counting the good things that happened:

  • I was able to complete all the required splices and joints for our Physics project. Ten minutes was the only time left before the actual submission, but I still managed to beautify it. That is, if you can call the glitters, fabric paint, and cottons as decorations. Oh! I passed it on time. I mean, seconds before the actual time. Hehe.

  • It was me who recited mostly about Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. A story of Jean Valjean, a poor fellow who stole a bread but was imprisoned for 19 years. Good grief! Life's like that. Good thing there's this good Samaritan who have helped him to start a new life. Sheesh.. Can't help myself. Love the plot of this story. Maybe common, but still has a great relevance nowadays.

  • There was no long quiz in Physics. Not even on CW. Whew!

  • During our Filipino time, Ma'm Cortez discussed about the story, "May Iba-t Ibang Kulay Ang BahagHari" by Ruth something (forgot the family name. Sorry!). A great topic for relationships. I admire the way Ma'm Cortez discusses in front of the class. She has this unique thing on her that makes our ears glue to what she is saying.

Best things learned from today's Filipino topic:

  • In relationships, don't make haste. Teens like me are still young. Who knows? Maybe in the future, I could even meet someone much better than those guys I hang-out with.

  • Today, teenagers often misunderstood love for infatuation. But remember, if you can't give up something for someone, then it's not love.

  • Don't suffocate a man too much by being overly possessive. Give him space. And of course, get a life. So you could be able to think some things over.

  • If you and him are meant to be, whatever happens, you'll end up together for a happily-ever-after.

Hmmmmm... *thinking*

Oh! Before I forgot, greetings to Hanz who just came back from Baguio yesterday. Dami ng strawberries na nakain ko ah! Isa!

And to Amay na rin! Actually, biglaan raw. Galing sila ng Manaoag. Then her tita said na ididiretso na lang raw sa Baguio.

Hmp! Daya niyong dalawa! Buti hindi kayo nagkita.. Iinggitin niyo pa kami ni Katy ah!

Hehehe.. =) Just jokin!

Noh pa ba?? Ah! Baka hindi ako makapag-whole day tomorrow. Morning class lang ang papasukin ko. I still have a check-up with Dr. Ching. Actually, dapat no'ng November 11 pa kami pumunta. Iyon talaga iyong appointment. Kaso, I really need to finish my Physics project. Kaya ayun..

May prolapse something raw kasi ako. Kaya pala ako hindi tumataba kahit kain ako ng kain. Oh well. Just look at the pic that I posted last Sunday.

Anyways, ayun nga.. My mom told me health must always come first.

Hmmm.. I've heard that line somewhere. Isn't it "God must always come first?" ;p

Hehehe.. Wala lang.. Pero agree naman ako sa sinabi ng mom ko. But I'll have my very first absent for the Third Quarter kung aabsent ako bukas..


I-DON'T-LIKE. Period.

Pero sabi nga nila, "mother knows best".

So, a daughter has no choice.

Wawa!! May absent! Di na perfect ang attendance.. *Shut up self!*