Hurrah for Anna May


After almost eleven months of having this super crush on him, or maybe, loving him.. You know who he is, I mean you definitely know what I mean.. his codename: Ickoman!

I bet, you're now nearing the day you could eventually reap the advantages of keeping a crucial secret...

And that is, him knowing you are actually crushing on him or falling for him.

Undeniably, the hardest part pero I think it's the most kilig part. Why? It's because he just mention it na if ever he'll know who's crushing on him.. he promised to continue it to the getting-to-know-each-other stage then eventually inviting that someone to make labas for a romantic date.. That future recognition, fortunately, belongs to Anna May, my dear best-est friend!

OMG! I'm really very happy for you.

After fifty golden years, you could now actually have a future to look into. Geez.. I wish I could say that my social life is still the same. Unfortunately, it's not because he had actually forgotten me. How pathetic!

But then, that same old story still WON'T change my happy mode for Anna May. You rock, girl! I'm proud of you. So proud of you.

Basta if ever you're reading this, remember: No matter what happens, Airah is still here if they're not with you! *grins* Through thick and thin ha??

Love you, friend. Mwaaaah!! I know, this should have been a letter that must be sent for you but you know me namaaaan... the ever tamad girl that you used to know. I'm tired of just thinking of putting this into a piece of a stationary paper with my own handwriting.

Anyway, what's the use of this weblog, right?

GEEZ.. I'm currently exultant. I really am.

Good luck.

But for now, goodbye fellow bloggers. I'm very hungry. I just ate three spoonful of carbs and a viand. Then, I haven't been able to eat lunch because five minutes was the only time left when Ma'm Villoso dismissed us on her CW class.

The reason: She turned into her usual foul mood whenever the class became too boisterous.

I'll eat now. For the last time of this day, goodbye! Till the next day I feel like blogging..