I'm missing somebody

He's absent today.

Hee--p! Don't ask me why. I've got not even a slightest idea. Actually, I've never seen him, not even his shadow mind you, for exactly a week now.

He promised me the other night that he'll call me yesterday pero until now, wala pa rin. I'm making tampo na nga eh. I thought I'm special. But now, I think everything was a mistake. From making friends with him, then being my best boy bud..


But just as what Hansy told me, maybe what I'm feeling right now is far from losing my feelings for him. Maybe, I just really cared for him a lot that I feel so much annoyed when I can't reach him on the phone.

You know what's on my mind? I really feel like cussing his older brother for the overusage of the internet. But then, I still have my respect for my future ______. Haha! Just joking.

Anyway, I'll be really true to myself. I really do miss him.

Our serious and candid talks...

Our corny jokes...

Our fascinating conversations...

Our out-of-this-world topics...

Our lambingan (that could beat the movie Serendipity.. How I wish!)...

I also missed the way he laughs. The way he say how much he misses me everytime I actually forgot calling him because of valid reasons: hectic schedules, overloaded assignments, etc.. (the usual reasons that are related to the word geek.. No shit really.)

And oh! I almost forgot. PMS also counts. Sometimes. When I just don't feel like talking to anyone on the phone. Not even to him.

In short, when I'm not on the mood.