In between a nice day and a bad day

Got a petty silent war with Anna May. Curious about the reason why?

Well, it's because I'm talking to someone. Then, she spoke. I can't just ignore Jhen because I was the one who approached her and asked her if she had already put my things inside the locker. Then, it was only a jiffy when I make lingon to Anna May. She was talking to her hand. Acting very much the drama queen.

What made the things worse was when I said, "Noh ba yan? Sobrang drama naman."

I said it not only with an exasperated voice, but also a frowning face with walk-back-inside-the-room effect. I'm the leader of the cleaners for that day, you know. And I'm also in my unpleasant mood, so konting drama-effect ng kahit sino could really make me blow up.

Anyways, that's it. When it was time to go, she didn't spoke to me. I know the way we're acting was very childish. Treating each other as hangin. But then, I think it's time for her to grow up. Not the drama thing. Because I also make drama kung minsan. Pero na-maaaaan!! I wish nasa lugar sana siya kung mag-drama. It isn't everyday that I really must endure her kind of acting. Medyo nakakaasar na rin eh.

Pero at least, I'm being true. I promise to tell her about this once we talk to each other again. I know she couldn't resist to talking to me tomorrow, she's one of my bestfriends. And I couldn't resist talking to her either. But if she'll continue ignoring me, I'll ignore her also. That simple.

The conversation that made me smile until now just by thinking about it:

Who : Airah, Katy, Hanz, Anna May
Where : On the basketball court, walking back to the room
When : After Physics time. Economics time.

"Ah iyan si Anna May? Kamay ko iyan," Katy said.
"Ganoon? Ang corny," Hanz said.
"Bayaan mo na. Kaw naman hands ko eh," Katy said.
"Unfair! Kayo meron. Ako, ano?" I asked.
"Hangin. Si Air ka diba?" Katy told me.
"An---yeeeee.. (in my nangbabara mode) Corny nga," I commented.

Oh, before I sign out.. I have good news to share.

He approached me! But that's because I smiled at him first. Damn! But still, he approached me. Didn't you read it? He A-P-P-R-O-A-C-H-E-D me??? Girl, that was so kilig!!

Hehe.. Babooooosh! (I still haven't given Hanz the bracelet. Maybe I'll bring it back to her tomorrow. I forgot. Sorry for her.)