New look

After fifteen years, three months and two days of my life..


I was able to have my hair relaxed/straightened.

But before everything else.. Let me tell you what happened before that.

My mom woke me up at 5:30 am. However, I'm still sleepy. So I went back to bed and told myself, "Iidlip lang ako.. Five minutes."

Unfortunately, the five minute that I promised to myself became half an hour. So when I woke up, I was a bit surprised that it was already a minute past six in the morning. And to think, our first class for that day starts at 6:20 am.

I hurried. Left the house at 6:30 a.m. Arrived on the school five minutes before seven in the morning. And to my relief, when I headed for the classroom, I saw some of my classmates outside the room. Good thing because I thought I was the only person on our class to come late for that day. Actually, there were eight of us: Me, Katy, Alet, Jana, Cia, Andallo, KJ, Dui.

Our Computer teacher told us that we must do anything to let our adviser sign our tardy slip. So, we did. But before Ma'm Cortez signed the slip, she gave us
"sermon". I was a bit annoyed and touched at the same time.

Annoyed because it took the "sermon" for about fifteen minutes. On my mind, "Eh kung sina-sign na lang ni Ma'm. Eh di sana nakapasok na kami sa first class namin. Hassle naman. Haaaay!! Buhay nga talaga!!"

Touched because I think Ma'm Cortez looks like she's ready to cry in a minute. Kahit naman papaano, I still understand her. Kasi tuwing may mga ganitong bagay, siya lagi ang sumasagot sa amin. Well, she has an obligation for the sake of the whole class. So, hindi ko siya masisisi kung concern siya sa amin.

She even said to me, "Hay naku. Lagi ka na lang late. Diyan bumababa ang grades mo eh."

I just smiled. Iyong nahihiyang ngiti. Wishing to bring back the morning at hindi na talaga ako babalik sa kama. But then, old habits die hard. Eversince I started schooling, lagi na akong late. So, hirap na talagang baguhin.

But then, I'll try that next week. It's not yet to late to make a change, right?

Change the topic. Next topic is about him.

So, ayun.. He's really playing his part of making deadma to me. You know what's on my mind lately? Gusto kong malaman kung anong gusto niyang palabasin! As in..

This is a promise. If ever hindi pa rin niya ako pansinin hanggang Friday lang ha, ayoko na talaga! I swear to God and to other saints out there. (Sorry for using God's name in vain. Sobrang inis lang talaga. Pagbigyan niyo na ako! Ngayon lang..)

So, that's it na talaga! Pasensiyahan na lang.. Deadmahan na kung deadmahan! I may give a damn but I won't let him see that I give a damn! Hmmm... Intiendes?

So, change topic again. Hehehe.. =)

Left the school at 12 noon. I waited for my mom on the elem canteen for about an hour. Then, we rode an FX. Arrived on Micah Med Clinic at exactly 1:30 pm. There's this television on the waiting area. I had started and finished the whole story of The Medallion of Jackie Chan and yet, hindi pa rin tinatawag ang pangalan ko.

Talk about shoo-nga-kers!!

Then, after ten years, my name was called. But the time was already 3:30รข€¦ which means we waited for exactly two hours. Geeeeeeez...

Dr. Ching checked for my heartbeat. Then said, "Magpa-A.S.O. ka every year para ma-check kung okay ka na talaga."

Then she wrote something on a piece of paper that says A.S.O. (Forgot what it stands for.) Then, there's the date and her signature.

Oh great of all greatness!

That's all that we've waited for about 2 hours?? Could you believe that?

But after it, my mom and I decided to fetch my younger bro. While on the FX, I opened the topic of me wanting to have my hair permed.

Then, of all miracles, she said: "Alright."

So, bumaba na siyang mag-isa sa tapat ng school namin para masundo si Adrian. Then me, I went to Bench Fix Salon (somewhere in Jaka Plaza) and ask for some stylist to have my hair straightened.

First, the stylist cut my hair for a new 'do. Simple shoulder-length. Then, the stylist put some treatments, something like it to have my hair straightened.

After almost four hours, we're through. The cost: 1, 585 Pesos. Because haircut is 185 while hair relaxing is 1, 400.

Anyways, I've got a new look for tomorrow's class. And I'll make hula na that tomorrow, my classmates would make asar to me, like this: "Akala ko ba may check-up ka? Nagpa-relax ka lang naman pala."

And my would-be reply: "Syempre pagkatapos ng check-up. Bakit? Buong araw ba nagpapa-check up ang isang person? Hmp!"

Ayun.. Scripted na. Wala lang! Ni-ready ko lang para sure. Mga shoo-nga-kers kasi eh!!

Anyways, I'm so antok na talaga. I woke up early naman kanina kahit paano tapos supah late pa akong nakatulog kagabi.

That's why I'm sleepy na. Goodbye guys! Till next time.. ;p